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SECRETS OF THE DEEP STATE: Why the U.S. government regards Christian conservatives as enemies

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“There is nothing the political establishment will not do, and no lie they will not tell to hold on to their prestige and power at your expense. The Washington establishment, and the financial and media corporations that fund it, exists for only one reason: to protect and enrich itself.”

That was Donald J. Trump speaking the most forbidden truth of all, just days before the historic November 2016 election that, to the dismay of the “Washington establishment,” made the brash billionaire outsider America’s 45th president.

Today, as the nation approaches a truly life-or-death election, it is coming to light that an extraordinary revolution has been secretly taking place in the United States of America under everyone’s noses – a revolution that could largely determine the outcome of November's election.

Consider the undeniable truth that not only Donald Trump, but also the tens of millions of decent, law-abiding, America-loving citizens who intend to vote for him this November, somehow inspire unending fear and loathing throughout the Washington, D.C. ruling class. That would include not only the ever-more-deranged Democratic Party and the entire “mainstream media” (today a virtual clone of the former Soviet Union’s fake news organs Pravda and Izvestia, which published only official government propaganda), but also the “Deep State,” the permanent federal government bureaucracy that remains – and grows ever larger, like “The Blob” in the classic horror film – regardless of which party is currently “in power.”

One key part of this gargantuan permanent bureaucracy, which operates largely in darkness, has recently been dragged into the light, exposing its hidden but central role in the censorship and silencing of all who oppose the Deep State and its increasingly totalitarian agenda. That highly influential entity, about which most people know very little, is the federal defense/foreign-policy establishment widely referred to within the Capital Beltway simply as … “The Blob.”

Recently, former Trump State Department official Mike Benz, who currently serves as executive director of the Foundation for Freedom Online, turned whistleblower and dramatically went public with exactly how the Western defense and foreign policy establishment has been turned against America, the Bill of Rights and democracy itself.

This massive bureaucracy headed up by the Central Intelligence Agency, explains Benz, literally funded and developed the technology years ago that enabled internet free speech – and then encouraged dissident groups worldwide to use that new free-speech capability to organize and network with other patriots and help them overthrow oppressive regimes.

Yet incredibly, says Benz, the CIA has in more recent times turned against the concept of free speech – it least, when it comes to what it considers dangerous and subversive groups within America! Some of the most “dangerous” groups include conservatives, Republicans, constitutionalists, “MAGA” Trump supporters and politically active Christians.

One of the chief pretexts for this suppression of domestic speech has been the claim that supposedly subversive domestic groups and individuals were spreading “Russian disinformation,” which of course was a key focal point for the years-long near-destruction of Trump’s presidency. As it turned out, of course, the claim that Trump “colluded with the Russians” was not only definitively proven to be entirely false; it was created (and the damning “Trump dossier” actually paid for) by the presidential campaign of Hillary Clinton, who actually did collude big-time with the Russians.

Nevertheless, the claim that Donald Trump somehow had been ushered into the presidency by Russia – and the corollary accusation that virtually anyone defending Trump was a “Putin ally” – defamed and marginalized good people for years.

Not just ‘Putin allies,’ but ‘domestic terrorists’ too

Normal Americans have long wondered how and why law-abiding citizens – including, for example, parents who would stand up and speak their minds at school board meetings to complain about teachers brainwashing their children with Marxist propaganda – could possibly be maligned by the Biden administration as “violent extremists” and possible “domestic terrorists.” (Yes, that actually happened.)

A previously hidden dimension to this surreal spectacle of branding regular Americans as “terrorists” has now emerged, and it has to do with “The Blob.”

The vast foreign-policy establishment (Pentagon, CIA, State Department, etc.) seemingly was on the right track when promoting internet free speech to democratic resistance movements in other countries – perhaps the most memorable example being the “Arab Spring” in 2010-2012. Dissident groups were aided in throwing off tyrannical regimes by being enabled to communicate, strategize and organize via social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. Literally, internet free speech was helping freedom-loving peoples around the world throw off oppressive ruling regimes.

Sounds good, but even that didn’t always work out so well. William J. Burns, the current CIA director since 2021, took the time in 2020, when he was out of government, to write an article for The Atlantic, headlined “The Blob Meets the Heartland,” in which he expressed some doubts and misgivings about what the agency had been doing:

For most of my three and a half decades as an American diplomat, the foreign-policy establishment (known unaffectionately in some quarters as “the blob”) took for granted that expansive U.S. leadership abroad would deliver peace and prosperity at home. That assumption was lazy, and often flawed.

Riding the waves of globalization and American geopolitical dominance, we overreached. We deluded ourselves with magical thinking about our capacity to remake other societies, while neglecting the urgent need to remake our own. Unsurprisingly, the disconnect widened between the Washington policy establishment and the citizens it is meant to serve.

Ironically, in light of Burns’ comment about “the citizens” whom the Washington policy establishment “is meant to serve,” it turns out that permanent Washington’s stateside activities took a dark turn shortly before Donald Trump became president.

“The Blob,” which up until 2014 or 2015 had been targeting ISIS and other actual terror groups in foreign nations by facilitating the free speech and activism of freedom-loving dissident groups, somehow determined that within America itself, certain groups of people and certain ideas and speech – including being considered a conduit for “Russian disinformation” – were dangerous and needed to be suppressed, censored and thereby defeated.

So when leftist elites today malign and degrade conservatives, Christians, Republicans, pro-lifers and MAGA folks as “violent extremists,” “domestic terrorists” or – as Biden called Trump and his supporters in a major speech, “semi-fascists” – this is not simply hyper-partisan election-year name-calling. Somehow, thoroughly decent and law-abiding American citizens, if they oppose the narratives and agendas of the Deep State, are now apparently regarded as the newest ISIS-type threat needing to be suppressed.

How can that possibly be? How can good people ridiculously be likened to “domestic terrorists”? What’s really behind the official government obsession with targeting for censorship large swaths of political and cultural views they label “misinformation,” “disinformation,” and an Orwellian term that never before existed – “malinformation,” defined as “truth used to inflict harm”?

It’s all because, according to the permanent government in Washington, D.C., all of this “mis-,” “dis-” and “mal”-information represents a huge threat to … wait for it … “democracy.”

But wait, rational people might respond: Democracy simply means the will of the people! The Oxford Dictionary defines democracy as “a system of government by the whole population or all the eligible members of a state, typically through elected representatives.” In fact, the word democracy itself derives from the Greek words “demos,” meaning people, and “kratos,” meaning power. Democracy is, and always has been, a system wherein the governing power depends on the will of the common people – which is precisely how Americans have always understood the term.

However, in today’s “1984”-style world where, as George Orwell wrote, “War is peace,” “Freedom is slavery,” “Ignorance is strength” and everything means its opposite, “democracy” today has been given an entirely new and precisely opposite definition.

What the Deep State has determined, Benz explained to Tucker Carlson during their epic hour-long February interview, is that “preserving democracy” no longer has anything to do with enabling and honoring the will of American citizens/voters, but rather, it is all about preserving the sanctity of so-called “democratic institutions.”

"And who are the democratic institutions?” Benz asks rhetorically. “Oh, ‘it's us’: It's the military, it's NATO, it's the IMF and the World Bank. It's the mainstream media, it is the NGOs [non-governmental organizations]. And of course, these NGOs are largely State Department-funded or CIA-funded. It's essentially all of the elite establishments” that have felt threatened by “the rise of domestic populism,” Benz explained, and who have “declared their own consensus to be the new definition of democracy.”

In light of this new official definition of democracy – which has literally nothing to do with the will of the people – it finally becomes clear what politicians from Joe Biden and Kamala Harris to Chuck Schumer and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez really mean when they continually warn that Donald Trump and his tens of millions of law-abiding, taxpaying, America-loving supporters somehow “threaten our democracy.”

The key word is “our.”

In reality, of course, they loathe true democracy, the idea that “the rabble” might choose their own leaders. In fact, a shocking new Rasmussen survey shows that when polled, more than two-thirds of America’s wealthiest and most politically engaged elites – 69% – admitted they would be willing to win an election by cheating. That kind of attitude, the willingness to literally lie, cheat and steal one’s way into gaining and holding power, helps explain not only the entire “Trump-Russia collusion” hoax, which became a Deep State pretext for censoring and defaming all of Trump’s supporters, but also the continual and ever-expanding persecution and mass lawfare campaign directed at Donald Trump himself.

The Washington establishment being described here, which as Trump boldly proclaimed days before the 2016 election, will do literally anything “to hold on to their prestige and power at your expense,” are obviously not people who believe in “democracy.” Rather, they openly embrace political corruption, oppression and an explicitly undemocratic ruling system.

But then, just as in the famous horror movie, bad things happen when you encounter “The Blob.”

All this is just the “tip of the iceberg” of the mind-blowing information and revelations packed into the May Whistleblower issue, “SECRETS OF THE DEEP STATE: Why the U.S. government regards Christian conservatives as enemies.”

Issue highlights include:

* “How ‘The Blob’ is consuming free speech, a free press and democracy itself” by David Kupelian

* “NBC News reports 'Deep State' plot for 'military coup' against Trump – amid fear of alleged 'retribution' if he regains White House” by Jim Hoft

* “State Department whistleblower: ‘What I'm essentially describing is military rule’ in the U.S.: Interview with Mike Benz

* ‘What's happened with the rise of the censorship industry is a total inversion of the idea of democracy itself’”

* “Why the CIA is hiding the 'Putin Loves Hillary' report: Spotlighting journalists' assertion that 50-page document is under lock and key” by Jack Cashill

* “New forms of Deep State censorship revealed in unnerving new report: Targeting not only ‘misinformation,’ but truthful and accurate details deemed ‘wrongthink'” by Bob Unruh

* “Biden administration sought advice on how to censor people: Met with group that claims 'human rights' are being lost because of 'disinformation'” by Robert Schmad

* “Expert: Withheld JFK docs show CIA had role in his death: Tucker Carlson explains why ‘Americans have trusted their government less with every passing year’” by Art Moore

* “RFK Jr.: ‘There is overwhelming evidence that the CIA was involved’ in the murder of JFK”

* “RFK Jr. implored Biden for Secret Service protection after 2 brushes with intruder: Man arrested at Kennedy's home twice in 1 day” by Jack Davis

* “Ike’s dual prophecies come true – threatening Americans’ freedoms in unprecedented way: President’s parting words warned not just of ‘military-industrial complex,’ but ‘scientific-technological complex’ as well” by Joseph Farah

* “Is the CIA America’s ‘1984’-style ‘Big Brother’? Assassination, stealing elections, manipulating media, trafficking drugs, spying on Americans” by Richard Blakley

* “'Deep State FBI' interfered in 2020 presidential election, says top lawyer: 'It wasn't Russia that put their thumb on the scale'” by Bob Unruh

* “Putin wanted Hillary to win in 2016, not Trump, but the CIA created the whole Trump-Russia ‘collusion’ hoax”

* “IRS reportedly spying on taxpayers 'en masse' via AI: House Judiciary Committee investigating accusations tax agency illegally surveilling Americans’ bank accounts” by Bob Unruh

* “Peter Navarro reveals real reason the Deep State hates Trump so much: 'The special interests in Washington, they can't make money under him'”

* “'Head of the snake': Vivek Ramaswamy weighs in on how to unravel the Deep State: To stop 'spread of wokeism, transgenderism, indoctrination of our kids'” by Harold Hutchison

* “Onward, Christian soldiers” by Laura Hollis.


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    Whistleblower Mag review

    Posted by Colin Basye on 3rd Jan 2020

    Best political and world affairs mag I have ever read, by far. Non-partisan articles, comments only on the facts and interpretations from a Christian viewpoint. Nice work!

  • 5
    Everyone who is serious about morality needs this magazine

    Posted by Jacob Oliver on 25th Oct 2019

    This magazine has no ads, no fluff. All the stories are relevant and contribute a valuable perspective on the current state of American politics. I highly recommend readers to purchase the physical print version of Whistleblower magazine—it's the perfect piece of media content you want to have on the coffee table in your home!