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November 2019 – GREEN NEW STEAL: The Democrat Party's ultimate coup d'etat

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Before the Ukraine-gate impeachment hysteria suddenly descended like a massive toxic cloud engulfing Washington, D.C., the really big issue preoccupying America's governmental and media elites was "climate change," characterized by ever-more-apocalyptic predictions of extinction and planetary destruction.

Although most Americans imagine "climate change" has to do with a scientific and political debate over global climate trends and the role of human-caused carbon dioxide emissions, the reality is very different.

Climate change and particularly its "solutions" championed by the Democratic Party actually are the far left's secret weapon – its atomic bomb – for destroying capitalism and America's existing social, moral and economic order and replacing it with an entirely new socialist, globalist order. It is the real ongoing coup d'etat – the attempted overthrow not just of President Donald Trump, but of America.

That's the premise of the sensational November issue of WND's monthly Whistleblower magazine, titled "GREEN NEW STEAL: The Democrat Party's ultimate coup d'etat."

Right now, millions of American school children are terrified, anxious and depressed as a result of being indoctrinated via sensational "news stories" quoting politicians and "experts" who insist human-caused global warming will soon lead to the end of life on earth as we know it.

Little do those kids know that America's most prestigious news organizations have been utterly obsessed with tales of catastrophic climate change for well over 100 years.

Starting way back in 1895 – when Grover Cleveland was president, the sport of volleyball had just been created and "America the Beautiful" was first published – the New York Times announced the coming of a new ice age. That's right. Americans were in danger of freezing to death.

Since then, major U.S. journalism outlets have been swept up into four different eras of near hysteria over supposedly imminent climate crises – from global cooling to global warming, to global cooling again to global warming again – each dire prediction featuring "scientists" and "climate experts" authoritatively warning that seas will rise, entire nations will be wiped out and "billions will die."

With the repeated wild swings between predictions that the earth will burn up and freeze over, no wonder the "global warming" label has more recently given way to the more flexible, all-purpose phrase, "climate change."

Meanwhile, top Democrats are today warning voters that if America doesn't immediately adopt their multi-trillion-dollar "Green New Deal," the earth will be uninhabitable in 12 years.

But wait.

What if the Green New Deal, introduced to Americans by Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, and touted by the elite media and virtually all Democratic presidential candidates, is not really about remedying the supposedly catastrophic effects of climate change? What if it's all just a ploy, a Trojan horse designed to bring about a full-scale socialist revolution in America?

It turns out, that's exactly what Ocasio-Cortez' own former chief of staff, Saikat Chakrabarti – widely acknowledged as the brains behind the socialist New York congresswoman – recently revealed. While being interviewed by the Washington Post, Chakrabarti stunningly admitted: "The interesting thing about the Green New Deal is it wasn't originally a climate thing at all. Do you guys think of it as a climate thing?" asked Chakrabarti of the Post reporter. "Because we really think of it as a how-do-you-change-the-entire-economy thing."

Whistleblower Editor David Kupelian sums it up this way: "We are beholding one of the greatest hoaxes in world history."

Highlights of "GREEN NEW STEAL" include:

  • "Climate control: The left's ultimate power grab" by David Kupelian
  • "Another ice age? Time magazine's dire warning of global cooling
  • "AOC chief of staff: The 'Green New Deal' is all about socialism, not climate change" by Art Moore
  • "If you can't sell your hysteria to adults, try kids" by Dennis Prager, who explains how "whipping people up into a frenzy is 'to the left what oxygen is to biological life'"
  • "The tragedy of Greta Thunberg" by David Harsanyi, on what happens to civilization when "half of voters under 35 believe it is likely we are on the edge of extinction"
  • "Crisis creation: The left's go-to technique for gaining power and control" by David Kupelian
  • "Idiotic environmental predictions: Have we learned nothing?" by Walter Williams, on how, for decades, "grossly wrong" catastrophic forecasts have been "made by respected scientists and government officials"
  • "University dumps prof who revealed polar bears are actually thriving" by Art Moore. She committed the unpardonable sin of expertly refuting a major claim of global-warming activists
  • "'Extinction Rebellion's' true target is not climate. It's the 'delusion' that heterosexuality is 'normal'"
  • "Green New Deal: It's here and it's happening now" by Curtis Ellis, who documents how the weirdest and most totalitarian parts of the plan are already becoming law in California
  • "What the Green New Deal means for medicine" by Jane M. Orient, M.D., in which the president of the Association of American Physicians and Surgeon shows how Democrat solutions to the supposed "climate crisis" will create a massive – and very real – healthcare crisis
  • "Apocalypse not! For some strange reason, the left's forecasts of climate disasters always turn out to be wrong" by Bob Unruh
  • "The 4 fears used to manipulate Americans" by Art Robinson, Ph.D., in which the noted scientist warns against giving away "our freedom and resources to the environmental-industrial complex"
  • "Scaremongering left: From 'population control' to climate change" by Laura Hollis, who shows how, according to many past "experts," we all should have starved to death long ago
  • "Green New Deal means more digging of fossil fuel" by John Stossel, who points out, "There is 1 energy source with no carbon emissions: nuclear"
  • "The Idolatry of environmental extremism" by David Limbaugh, illustrating today's madness by recounting Union Theological Seminary's recent exercise whereby humans confessed their sins to plants. Yes, plants.
  • "The religion of Climate Change and the new doomsday scenario" by Michael Brown, who contrasts Christianity's end-of-the-world scenario with that of warming scaremongers.

"Make no mistake," says Kupelian. "While it may be tempting to dismiss people like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, whose arrogance is exceeded only by her ignorance, just beyond her is the entire elite globalist left, which for decades has been dreaming and scheming about implementing their precious socialist new world order. And they think now is finally their time.

"But first," adds Kupelian, "they have to get rid of the great disrupter of their plans, President Donald J. Trump."

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Indeed, Newt Gingrich recently appeared on Fox News' "Hannity" show to talk about how today's impeachment circus is being handled in precisely "the opposite" way impeachment was handled when House Republicans investigated Bill Clinton in 1998. At that time, Gingrich was House Speaker and Rep. Jim Rogan was a freshman member of the House Judiciary Committee chosen to help lead the prosecution. As Gingrich told Hannity, anybody "who really wants to see the truth" about how fair and bipartisan was the Clinton impeachment, compared to the wildly irresponsible, dishonest and utterly partisan impeachment "inquiry" of Donald Trump, can read the detailed, documented account Rogan wrote in "Catching Our Flag," published by WND Books.

Gingrich, who wrote the book's "Foreword," explained to Hannity's audience that the Clinton impeachment proceedings "were so bipartisan" that he held a joint press conference with Democratic House Minority Leader Dick Gephardt to announce they were going to print the entire Starr report so the American people could see it. No secret tribunals. No kangaroo courts. No mysterious, unnamed "whistleblowers."

"It's the opposite of the way that Speaker Pelosi has done this," the former House Speaker said, emphasizing that the House under his leadership was "forced to act" to impeach Clinton because of "a report from independent counsel Ken Starr that says Bill Clinton is guilty on 11 counts."

From his first day on the House Judiciary Committee, Rogan knew if the Lewinsky scandal ever led to impeachment proceedings, future accounts would suffer from faulty memories or faulty motives. To combat the threat of factual or historical error, Rogan kept copious notes during every significant meeting relating to impeachment from his first day on the committee. He did this so there would be a complete and accurate historical chronicle – the best evidence – of what really happened behind the scenes in the unfolding drama. This historically important archive is unmatched in its thoroughness and integrity. And it provides a stark contrast with today's impeachment mania.

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  • 5
    Whistleblower Mag review

    Posted by Colin Basye on 3rd Jan 2020

    Best political and world affairs mag I have ever read, by far. Non-partisan articles, comments only on the facts and interpretations from a Christian viewpoint. Nice work!

  • 5
    Everyone who is serious about morality needs this magazine

    Posted by Jacob Oliver on 25th Oct 2019

    This magazine has no ads, no fluff. All the stories are relevant and contribute a valuable perspective on the current state of American politics. I highly recommend readers to purchase the physical print version of Whistleblower magazine—it's the perfect piece of media content you want to have on the coffee table in your home!