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Whistleblower Digital Version - May 2023

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“Election denier.” “Science denier.” “Climate-change denier.” “Conspiracy theorist.” “Hate speech.” “Fake news.” “Disinformation.” “Misinformation.” “Malinformation.”

A bizarre new lexicon has been conjured up by America’s elites, the sole purpose of which is to discredit and ridicule – and if at all possible, censor entirely – speech that doesn’t support their increasingly dark and deranged agenda.

In the greatest of ironies, the nation once boasting the most robust culture of freedom of speech and the press, undergirded by the strongest constitutional protections for those rights, is now ground zero for a total war on free expression.

How could this happen in the United States of America?

One fundamental reason lies at the very heart of today’s radical and unprecedented compulsion to crush free speech: The elites – from the permanent “ruling class” in Washington D.C. (aka “the Deep State”) to their propaganda ministry called the “mainstream media” to the Big Tech oligarchs controlling the internet to Big Pharma and other corporate giants, all obsessed with ever-increasing power and wealth – are all lying to Americans continually.

It follows, then, that truthful speech, especially the kind that serves to expose, undermine and annihilate the elites' self-serving agendas, constitutes the greatest threat to their reign, which in turn compels them to crush dissent at all costs – the very essence of totalitarianism.

Whether the forbidden speech comes from a courageous public official, a genuine journalist, a principled doctor, a concerned parent at a school board meeting or a Christian praying outside an abortion clinic, the response of the ruling class is the same: Demonization, suppression and persecution.

Thus are moral, honest Americans daily smeared as “violent extremists,” “domestic terrorists,” “white supremacists” and “ultra-MAGA insurrectionists,” or – as Joe Biden characterized tens of millions of Republicans during a major speech last summer – “semi-fascists.” Biden’s blanket attack on the great American middle class echoes Hillary Clinton’s on-camera remarks just prior to the 2016 election, when she described a very large number of Americans (i.e., those opposing her) as “deplorable” and “irredeemable” – one of the rare times when leaders of the ruling class speak publicly about how they really feel about regular Americans.

Sometimes, as with many of the approximately 1,000 Americans arrested after the January 6, 2021 Capitol riot, decent people are unjustly incarcerated as in brutal Third World dictatorships, simply for holding – and expressing – political views condemned by the ruling elites.

Bottom line: Today’s powers-that-be simply cannot stand truthful expression because it exposes them for what they really are. Thus, truthtellers must be censored and “cancelled.”

Take Tucker Carlson, hands-down the most popular conservative TV commentator in America, ousted by Fox News Channel’s ruling Murdoch family on Monday, April 24 with no prior notice nor reason given. The cable news giant has been seriously hemorrhaging viewers ever since. Recently, insider reports have claimed that despite official denials from all sides, Carlson’s expulsion was part of Fox’s $787.5 million out-of-court settlement of the Dominion voting machine lawsuit.

Regardless, many of America’s elites were delighted to see Fox News kill off its top show, since in their minds, the host was a purveyor of extreme rightwing conspiracy theories, an “election denier,” an ally of Vladimir Putin, and – of course – a racist. Consider:

* Tucker freely expressed the still-forbidden, though wildly obvious, truth that the 2020 presidential election was rigged. After all, totally aside from the mountain of proven election “irregularities” (the last-minute unconstitutional rule changes, the unsavory “ballot harvesting,” the double-counted ballots and so much more), Elon Musk’s public release of the previously suppressed “Twitter files” prove conclusively that the “Deep State” colluded with Big Tech to alter the outcome of the 2020 election. Period. Just weeks prior to the election, the guardians of the internet knowingly suppressed overwhelming evidence of rampant corruption and criminality on the part of the Biden family, very much including “the big guy.” Post-election polling revealed that Biden would have lost and Trump would now be president had Americans simply been allowed to hear the truth about Joe Biden before they cast their ballots.

* Carlson also exposed the Biden administration’s supremely reckless Ukraine policy of sending gargantuan amounts of taxpayer money and advanced weaponry to the epically corrupt eastern European country with no accounting required, while secretly pursuing the overthrow of Russian President Vladimir Putin – that is, a war of regime change in Moscow – thereby risking all-out global nuclear war.

* He exposed the ultra-dark insanity of the current transgender child-grooming craze, including the fact that not only are Hitlerian doctors surgically mutilating untold numbers of mentally fragile American children pursuing the impossible dream of “gender transition,” they are also plying countless more children with the same drugs used to chemically castrate convicted child rapists.

* During the COVID-19 pandemic, Carlson frequently featured experts blowing the whistle on the Biden administration’s heedless and shockingly authoritarian response to the viral outbreak, including its corrupt and incestuous relationship with Big Pharma, who together are still attempting to pressure every American man, woman and child to be injected with an experimental drug they all know is not only ineffective, but dangerous.

* He likewise exposed some of the many outrageous lies and injustices associated with the January 6 Capitol riot, dramatically airing for the first time long-suppressed surveillance video from that fateful day, the aftermath of which saw thousands of essentially innocent people accused of being terrorists, insurrectionists, white supremacists and Nazis.

“Times have radically changed when it comes to free speech in America,” comments author and longtime Whistleblower Editor David Kupelian. “Forty-five years ago, the American Civil Liberties Union took a highly controversial stand for free speech when it defended a group of swastika-wearing neo-Nazis intent on marching through Skokie, Ill., a Chicago suburb where many survivors of the Holocaust resided. Although the electrifying case induced many ACLU members to resign, it ultimately came to exemplify the legal group’s unwavering commitment to the quintessential American principle of nonviolent free speech – for everyone.

“Yet today,” adds Kupelian, “in every area of American life, free speech is suppressed, sometimes violently or with the force of law. And here’s the mind-numbing difference: Unlike in 1978 when even Nazis with their vile ideology were allowed to speak and demonstrate peacefully, today’s most ‘controversial’ and ‘offensive’ speech is almost always the most truthful speech, rendered by decent, law-abiding people, whom the Left liken to terrorists, fascists and Nazis.”

The multifaceted and entirely unprecedented attacks on Americans’ most cherished First Amendment freedoms – and how best to fight back – are illuminated as never before in the May issue of WND’s critically acclaimed Whistleblower magazine, titled “THE ELITES’ ALL-OUT WAR ON FREE SPEECH.”

Issue highlights include:

* “Why today’s elites literally can’t stand free speech” by David Kupelian

* “'We have government-supported censorship unparalleled in history'" by Bob Unruh, in which an expert witness tells Congress the Biden administration "may surpass" censorship systems in Russia and China

* “Biden relaunches Orwellian 'Ministry of Truth'" by Bob Unruh. "The government simply dropped the hot potato, then re-created the same operation with a new name!”

* “Tucker Carlson: ‘That’s the end of the First Amendment’ – ‘Speech that’s been protected for centuries in the United States is no longer protected. It’s now a criminal act’”

* “'We're back': The return of Tucker Carlson – who accuses cable network of fraud and breach of contract” by Joe Kovacs

* “How the extreme left happily destroyed the 1st Amendment" by Joseph Farah. "Just a couple of decades ago, press freedom reigned supreme on the internet"

* “Shameless media censorship" by John Stossel, in which the veteran journalist takes aim at those who revel in suppressing truthful journalism

* “Leftists always suppress dissent – because they have to” by Dennis Prager, who says: “On campus, 'one conservative speaker can undo four years of indoctrination in 90 minutes'”

* “Stunning number of college students OK with using violence to cancel controversial speakers” by Bob Unruh. Survey of 37,000 reveals astonishing acceptance of censorship and worse

* “How the left uses ‘scientific consensus’ to shut down free speech" by Stephen Moore. Alarm bells are sounding over California law threatening doctors’ licenses over “misinformation”

* “Preacher threatened with year in jail for citing Bible verses opposing same-sex 'marriage'" by Bob Unruh. Court hands down 5-year restraining order in deference to LGBT activists "terrorized" by Scriptures

* “Marxism’s founding fathers hated free speech" by Hanne Nabintu Herland. As Vladimir Lenin said, "Why should freedom of speech and freedom of the press be allowed?’"

* “To the left, censoring conservatives is patriotic" by Larry Elder, who chronicles the "pathological lying" of Big Tech big-wigs who've silenced the right

* “Speak your truth: Don’t let the government criminalize free speech” by John and Nisha Whitehead

* “Why questioning elections in America is free speech" by Joseph Farah. For decades, top Democrats have accused Republicans of stealing presidential elections

* “The left's cynical 'speech is violence' ploy" by Ben Shapiro. Countering the notion that "rightwingers" are culpable in nearly every mass shooting

* “Lawsuit against Biden threatens his censorship regime" by Bob Unruh. Says federal judge: ‘Their allegations are more than complaints of past wrongs … The threat of future censorship is substantial’”

* “The 3 pillars of civilization under attack: 'We must fight with everything we have. Or we will lose everything we have'” by Laura Hollis.

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