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SPECIAL DOUBLE OFFER: For a limited time, give a 1-year Whistleblower gift subscription and not only will you get $10 off the already discounted rate (pay only $39.95 instead of the usual $49.95), but as our thank-you you'll receive TWO very special free gifts: essential-2nd-amendment

First, you'll get "The Essential Second Amendment Guide" by Wayne LaPierre.

Despite what is heard from much of the news media, the Second Amendment of the Bill of Rights absolutely guarantees Americans' right to keep and bear arms, says LaPierre, long-time executive vice president of the National Rifle Association. Americans have a right to own firearms for the defense of their family and home. They have a right to own firearms for hunting, shooting or collecting. And they even have a right to own firearms to break the chains of tyranny, if necessary. America's Founding Fathers said it, the Constitution guarantees it, America's courts affirm it, and her laws protect it.

Yet there are politicians, bureaucrats and members of the media elite who want to trample Americans' core freedoms, says LaPierre. They say Americans can't be trusted to own a firearm, and that core freedoms are the cause of crime and terrorism. They say the government has the right to determine whether citizens need to own a gun. They imply Americans have no right to self-defense. And they portray law-abiding gun owners as the members of some lunatic fringe.

This indispensable book contains battle-tested arguments and an arsenal of facts, figures and anecdotes that freedom advocates can use every day to preserve, protect and defend the Second Amendment.

About the Author: Wayne LaPierre has served as the executive vice president and chief executive officer of the National Rifle Association of America since 1991. As the principal spokesman for the NRA’s 5 million members, LaPierre is regularly quoted, debated and interviewed throughout the national and international news media. hero-film

Special bonus! In addition, when you subscribe, renew or give a gift Whistleblower subscription today, you’ll also get the terrific, must-see, inspirational movie "Every Boy Needs a Hero," from the makers of the blockbuster Christian film "Alone Yet Not Alone."

In "Every Boy Needs a Hero," Burgess Jenkins ("Remember the Titans," "Nashville," "The Shunning") stars as Joe Finn, a legendary children’s baseball coach who prioritizes fame and fortune in the big leagues over time with his family. When his wife takes ill, Joe has no choice but to return home and pick up where he left off with his now-adult son, David. In an attempt to reconnect, Joe and David form a new baseball league to reinvigorate an underdog Little League team. In an ironic twist, Joe requires the fathers of his new players to prioritize their sons' baseball games over their own respective careers. The result is a powerful and heartfelt movie about forgiveness, compassion and family.

"’Hero" is a terrific, must-see movie! The themes include forgiveness and the willingness to move forward. … We are most happy to award our Faith Friendly Seal to this movie for all ages. … The ending is terrific. Watch it and be inspired!" – Dove Worldview

"'Hero' is an excellent movie about God turning a man’s heart to his son and a son learning to forgive his father. The opening is powerful. The ending is heartrending. The drama, the acting, the jeopardy work well throughout the whole movie. This is one of the few movies that Movieguide can actually say GO SEE IT." – Dr. Ted Baehr, founder of Movieguide

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  • 5
    Always enjoy Whistleblower, very informative.

    Posted by Grace Bruno on 6th Feb 2020

    Disgraceful that this moron is on the cover. Why conservatives keep giving this girl free PR is beyond me.

  • 5
    Green New Steal

    Posted by BILL MCARTHUR on 3rd Feb 2020

    Great articles. Especially like the ones on failure of previous predictions and those on natural climate events like previous ice age fears.

  • 5

    Posted by Robert Smola on 22nd Nov 2019

    Really enjoy this very informative publication.

  • 5
    Whistleblower Magazine

    Posted by Barney on 21st Nov 2019

    Excellent information and insights on topics important to Americans, our families, our culture, and our government.

  • 5
    Whistleblower periodical

    Posted by Maria Honigschnabel on 3rd Oct 2019

    Best periodical ever! Got a trial 3 mo. sub., over two years ago and have been a real subscriber ever since. Can't wait for the next issue.

  • 5
    Whistleblower Magazine

    Posted by Karen SCHULZE-HALL on 16th Jun 2019

    I am consistently impressed by the balance of the articles in subject matter, and also the abundant amount of information contained in the magazine with copious references to quotes and other items that the reader would have verification questions about. In other words, no "unknown sources".

  • 5

    Posted by Bill Nitardy on 22nd Dec 2018

    Love the magazine, most of all I love David's Kupelian's articles

  • 5
    Wonderful Publication

    Posted by Douglas Morgan on 21st Dec 2018

    Great articles and insight from a Judeo-Christian perspective. One of a rare publication that contains the truth.

  • 5
    Whistleblower Magazine

    Posted by Betty Overstreet on 19th Dec 2018

    This is the only magazine I subscribe to. I feel informed and know I'm not reading fake news. Love it, hope WND can continue to publish.