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Whistleblower (DIGITAL) - July 2013

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URBAN WARFARE: How the left has destroyed America's greatest cities

It's an astonishing fact: America's most vexing problems—crime, widespread human degradation and immorality, dependency on government handouts, rampant political corruption and overwhelming public debt, sky-high taxes and a pervasive socialist mindset—are primarily problems of her big cities.

America's cities are dying—some fast, some slow—but almost all are in great and growing distress.

The poster boy for sick cities right now may be bankrupt Detroit, but there are countless others. Like Chicago, with its legendary murder rate and even more legendary corruption rate (4 of Illinois' last 7 governors went to prison). Or bankrupt Stockton, Calif., with the nation's highest foreclosure rate and among the five worst cities for unemployment and crime. Or even New York City, where perversion has become high-culture and taxes are higher than Manhattan's skyscrapers. Meanwhile, dozens of other great American cities—from Modesto and Vallejo in the West, to Rockford and St. Louis in the heartland, Wilmington and Buffalo in the East and Miami and New Orleans in the South—are similarly afflicted.

Yet overshadowing all these problems is another truly ominous trend: as during the Civil War era, America is again becoming dangerously polarized—but this time not between North and South. Incredibly, the last few elections have demonstrated a historic and growing divide between liberal and conservative America, in which, considered as a whole, America's cities are liberal and the rest of the country is conservative. One glance at any recent electoral red-state/blue-state map makes that conclusion starkly undeniable.

WND's acclaimed monthly Whistleblower magazine explores this stunning phenomenon in its groundbreaking August issue, titled "URBAN WARFARE: How the left has destroyed America's greatest cities."

As Whistleblower documents, if you really want to know what's in store for America under Obama and the progressive left, just look to her cities, where the future is now.

Highlights of "URBAN WARFARE" include:


  • "Why our cities are self-destructing" by David Kupelian, who shows why so many of America's metropolises, once symbols of the nation's greatness, now writhe in a death-grip of crime and bankruptcy


  • "The American city is dying" by Daniel Greenfield, showing how Barack Obama's greatest triumph is 'imposing the irrational social and economic values of the city on the rest of the country'


  • "America's loser black cities" by Walter Williams, who reveals how leaders of failing, violent towns do nothing for ordinary residents


  • "Way underreported, racial violence is growing in America" by Colin Flaherty, who documents how even the U.S. Department of Justice concedes that victims don't tell police about half of violent crimes


  • "News media: Racial violence? What racial violence?"


  • "Are race riots not news?" by Thomas Sowell, on the black-on-white mob violence epidemic in "dozens of cities across America"


  • "U.S. cities as bad as deadliest 3rd World countries" by Garth Kant, who reveals that gun murders, ironically, are worst in urban areas with the toughest gun laws


  • "How the Democrats destroyed Detroit" by Arnold Ahlert, a stunning lesson in what unbridled socialism and corruption can accomplish


  • "'Disturbed personalities' leading America today" by Lyle H. Rossiter, Jr., M.D., in which the renowned psychiatrist explains the psychodynamics of the liberal-left mind


  • "'Insane' progressives in their own words" by Walter Williams, who profiles the bizarrely fear-mongering predictions of prominent left-wing "geniuses" who were dead wrong


  • "10 ways leftist policies harm society's moral character" by Dennis Prager, who shows how, "in the liberal welfare state, one develops a narcissistic, entitlement mentality"


  • "Suburbs secede from Atlanta" by John T. Bennett, revealing how the "Detroit of the South" is bludgeoned by its own troubles


  • "Maybe America should outsource city management" by Joseph Farah, exploring how a municipality of almost 100,000 is run by a staff of only 7


  • "Urban problem bigger than Detroit" by Star Parker, on how to save America's cities via freedom, enterprise and entrepreneurship


  • "The art of political war" by David Horowitz, on winning strategies for promoting conservatism and fighting the left.

As Daniel Greenfield notes in "The American city is dying" in the August Whistleblower: "The Obama administration has won a triumphant victory in imposing the irrational social and economic values of the city on the rest of the country."

In fact, says Whistleblower Editor David Kupelian, "If you want to know what America will look like in the future under the 'enlightened' leadership of progressive Democrats, look at our big cities, which have been run by progressive Democrats for the last century. The only reason you perhaps haven't previously heard this damning correlation is that the news media have also been run, for just about as long, by progressive Democrats, and progressives don't like to publicize their failures.

"But that's OK," adds Kupelian. "Whistleblower is happy to lay out the whole story that the 'mainstream press' is scared to touch."

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