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Whistleblower (DIGITAL) - July 2003

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July 2003 — 'THE CONSTITUTION: America's ultimate battleground.' Whistleblower explores whether USA's founding document is still the law of the land.

While terrorism, weapons of mass destruction, crime, corruption and plagues dominate the headlines, a far greater conflict threatens America — namely, the raging war over the United States Constitution — according to the July edition of WND's acclaimed Whistleblower magazine.

Titled "THE CONSTITUTION: America's ultimate battleground," this special issue shines a bright journalistic spotlight on a critical question: Is the U.S. Constitution, as many today contend, a "living" document whose interpretation can change and evolve over the decades, so that it means whatever legislators and judges want it to mean? Or, is it still the supreme law of the land, which must govern every aspect of government according to the original intent of its framers — a document that severely restricts government, especially at the national level, while guaranteeing the "unalienable rights" of American citizens?

(Note: Although the previous edition of Whistleblower, "THE NEW WORLD RE-ORDER," is dated "May 2003," this issue on "THE CONSTITUTION" is dated "July 2003." There is no issue dated "June." This is a one-time correction to the way our issues are dated to increase their "shelf life." All subscribers will, of course, still receive a full 12 issues.)

Taking readers on a dazzling tour of this most amazing of all national charters in history, and highlighting many of the fierce legal battles currently raging over it, are some of today's most respected constitutional experts and fighters. Included in this issue are:

  • "Contract with the Constitution" by Joseph Farah, wherein WorldNetDaily's founder and author of "Taking America Back" lays out a bold plan for bringing the federal government back within the bounds of the Constitution's original framework and intent.


  • "What happened to the right to property?" by property-rights expert and WND columnist Henry Lamb, showing that although government unconstitutionally owns some 43 percent of America's real estate at present, it has designs on much, much more.


  • "Riding roughshod over the Bill of Rights" by Cheryl K. Chumley, a detailed survey of the Bill of Rights, led by constitutional attorney Herb Titus and other experts, showing — amendment by amendment -- how government systematically violates citizens' most cherished constitutional protections.


  • "How America abandoned the Constitution, and how to reclaim it" — a stunning and groundbreaking, in-depth analysis by one of the nation's few U.S. congressmen who actually attempts to follow the founders' intent of the Constitution in every circumstance, namely Rep. Ron Paul, R-Texas. In this wide-ranging and insightful look at America and the miracle of the Constitution, the veteran congressman explains in detail the nation's disastrous slide from constitutional republic into unprincipled, anything-goes, majority-rule democracy -- and most importantly, the way out. This 7,000-word blockbuster is an education in itself.


  • "Jack and Jeannette's pursuit of happiness" by Henry Lamb, a mind-numbing, real-life horror story of government destruction of the American dream.


  • "Putting God back in the public square" by Alabama Supreme Court Chief Justice Roy S. Moore. In this powerful and meaningful article, Alabama's highest jurist — the so-called "10 Commandments judge" because of the high-profile lawsuits against him for daring to post the Decalogue in his courthouse -- explains to Whistleblower's readers what the 1st Amendment is really all about.


  • "Not yours to give" by Edward S. Ellis. This classic story about how Congressman Davy Crockett (of Alamo fame) learned what the Constitution really means is not only an inspired primer for people of all ages; it is arguably the best existing historical illustration of the difference between constitutional and unconstitutional government.

"This issue of Whistleblower contains some priceless journalistic gems," said Farah. "It's simply a must-read for every American. If we're ever going to return America to its original, intended constitutional framework, that effort has to start with a real education, to counteract the brainwashing most of us experienced in government schools. This Whistleblower edition is not only a fantastic education, it is a clear call to action."

"The time has come," adds "10 Commandments Judge" Roy Moore, "to recover the valiant courage of our forefathers, who understood that faith and freedom are inseparable and that they are worth fighting for."

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