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Whistleblower (DIGITAL) - February 2006

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February 2006 — SUPREME FRAUD: Unmasking Roe v Wade, America's most outrageous judicial decision

For months, Americans have watched the "abortion dance" on TV. First, Supreme Court nominee John Roberts, and later Samuel Alito politely fended off prying questions — couched in code words like "privacy" and "super-precedents" — about their views on Roe v Wade.

But the one thing that was left completely out of the high-profile national debate was the issue of abortion itself, or the actual merits of the infamous court ruling that delivered unrestricted abortion to America.

But what if this nation finally had, for the first time ever, a real national dialogue about abortion?

What would happen if we stopped the "abortion dance"? What if Supreme Court nominees did what Sen. Zell Miller advised on Hannity & Colmes when questioned about the Samuel Alito hearings:

"I yearn for the day ... when somebody is asked what their position is on abortion, they just look right at the person who asked them and said, 'Abortion is an abomination in the eyes of God, and there's nothing in the United States Constitution that protects it,' and not just dance around, tiptoe around the issue."

In an effort to jump-start that national dialogue, this month's groundbreaking issue of Whistleblower, titled "SUPREME FRAUD," exposes the fraudulent, immoral and unconstitutional reality of Roe v Wade.

"Readers will be amazed at what they read in this issue," said Whistleblower Managing Editor David Kupelian. "Roe v Wade is simply a judicial hoax — one that has cost the lives of tens of millions of innocent American children and destroyed millions of American women."

Highlights of February's issue include:

  • "The real Planned Parenthood" by Joseph Farah, unmasking the world's largest abortion provider.


  • "The fraud of Roe v Wade" by David Kupelian, exposing the shocking lies and deceit that led to the Supreme Court's 1973 abortion ruling.


  • "Roe v Roe" by Art Moore, showing how three decades later, the "winner" of the landmark abortion case is struggling valiantly to overturn it.


  • "How 'cunning, wicked lawyers' legalized abortion," in which Sandra Cano, plaintiff of Roe's companion abortion case, Doe v Bolton, reveals how activist attorneys manipulated an "uneducated, defenseless pregnant woman."


  • "I dissent!" Scathing insight from two justices on the Roe court who blew the whistle on the activist majority's contempt for the Constitution.


  • "Pro-lifers hail Supreme Court ruling" by Art Moore, about a recent decision that many say "lays the foundation to chip away at Roe."


  • "Harry Blackmun's abortion secret" by David Kupelian, revealing the hidden reasons today's Supreme Court so easily and willingly ignores the Constitution.


  • "So much for 'super-duper' precedents" by Jane Chastain, on the hypocrisy of the Supreme Court confirmation process.


  • "Hush, little fetus ..." by Jill Stanek, in which the veteran nurse reveals that unborn babies do indeed feel pain — a fact too painful for many to face.


  • "Associated Press' bogus abortion poll" by Sarah Kupelian, on how major pollsters are deceiving Americans with flagrantly misleading poll questions.


  • 'The Constitution does not explicitly mention any right of privacy.'


  • "Making a bloody fortune" by Dr. Kelly Hollowell, a shocking and in-depth expose of how your tax dollars and twisted science are targeting the unborn.


  • "7 in 10 Americans want greater abortion restrictions."


  • "Babies and blacks not human?


  • "The real 'Jane Roe'" by Julie Foster, an exclusive interview in which the famed abortion lawsuit plaintiff says uncaring attorneys "used" her.


  • ... and much more.

"Fortunately, Roe v Wade is on a collision course with reality," said WorldNetDaily and Whistleblower Editor Joseph Farah. "Science is on the side of life, the facts are on the side of life, and the Constitution is on the side of life. This issue of Whistleblower may well hasten the day Roe v Wade joins the Dred Scott decision in the trash heap of corrupt and inhuman Supreme Court decisions we finally realized were wrong."

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