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Whistleblower (DIGITAL) - February 2008

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February 2008 — THE NEW PLAGUES

Americans have long taken the wonders of medical science for granted, watching as disease after disease has been conquered with antibiotics, vaccines, better nutrition and pharmaceutical "miracle drugs." But today, the magic isn't working and something scary is happening.

Thanks to self-destructive "alternative lifestyles," out-of-control immigration, the overuse of antibiotics and other causes, long-"vanquished" illnesses are once again ravaging the U.S., puzzling scientists and terrifying millions of victims and their loved ones.

That's the explosive subject of the February edition of WND's elite monthly Whistleblower magazine, titled "THE NEW PLAGUES."

Consider this:

  • The once-"conquered" scourge of tuberculosis has made a terrifying comeback, especially in America's inner cities (the American Lung Association has called TB "out of control"), and drug-resistant TB accounts for more and more new cases. The reason? Record legal and illegal immigration levels. Indeed, the highest numbers of multi-drug-resistant TB cases are in New York, California, Texas and Florida — states with the highest populations of new immigrants.


  • Leprosy, the contagious skin disease evoking thoughts of biblical and medieval times, is now making its mark in the United States, and many believe the influx of illegal aliens is the main factor.


  • A new study reveals that homosexuals are much more likely to become infected with the dreaded "superbug" MRSA — methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus — than are heterosexuals. Some are even calling MRSA the "new HIV." Although previous MRSA contagion has been confined primarily to hospitals, it is now being spread in major cities through homosexual contact. But since staph is also transmissible through nonsexual contact, the University of California researcher who headed up the study warns: "Once this reaches the general population, it will be truly unstoppable."


  • Avian influenza — or "bird flu" — has caused such concern at the highest level of the U.S. government that in 2005, the Congressional Budget Office reported that a severe pandemic of avian flu hitting the U.S. would kill 2 million Americans and throw the country into a major recession.


  • Other diseases once virtually unknown in America, like Chagas disease and Dengue fever, are cropping up in southern border areas, while old and much-feared plagues like polio and malaria are also on the upswing.

Compounding all of this, the astronomical number of illegal aliens swarming into the United States is forcing the closure of dozens of hospitals, spreading previously vanquished diseases and threatening to destroy America's prized health care system.

"This special issue of Whistleblower reveals new dangers facing America and the whole world as a result of changing trends in morality, ethics, medicine, lifestyle and politics," said WND and Whistleblower founder Joseph Farah. "Take a good hard look. It's a matter of life and death."

Issue highlights include:

  • "America's immunity system under attack" by Joseph Farah


  • "Avoiding the next plague" by David Kupelian, on why infectious disease is making a comeback and how to stop it


  • "Avian flu could kill 2 million Americans," in which the Congressional Budget Office reports on the potential devastating economic impact of the bird flu virus


  • "Homosexuals spreading new super-staph bacteria" by Bob Unruh, showing that society hasn't learned much from the AIDS pandemic


  • "How to prevent MRSA infection"


  • "Illegal aliens threaten U.S. medical system," in which a doctors' journal reports hospitals are closing and previously vanquished diseases spreading


  • "Florida hospitals face crisis of treating uninsured illegals"


  • "U.S. immigrants pose TB threat," revealing that from coast to coast, more cases are surfacing, raising fears of a new drug-resistant strain


  • "Doctors, unfamiliar with TB, find it difficult to diagnose"


  • "Chicken-plant workers test 'positive' for TB" — revealing that while 212 out of 765 processing employees were infected, the company said HIV-privacy laws prohibit screening


  • "Untreatable TB threat 'apocalyptic scenario'" by Bob Unruh, documenting how 30,000 are infected annually now, but toll could become 8 million 'time bombs'


  • "Is CDC covering up skyrocketing TB rate?" Insiders say center is trying to 'cook the books,' 'spin the numbers'


  • "Are illegals making the U.S. a leper colony?" — in which official warns: "This is a real phenomenon. It's a public health threat. New York is endemic now, and nobody's noticed"


  • "In pandemic, U.S. will come under U.N. law" by Jerome R. Corsi, documenting how President George W. Bush's policies have set the stage for the military to manage flu threats


  • ... and much more.

Despite the troubling upsurge in infectious disease in the U.S. and even the threats of new epidemics, the situation is far from hopeless, reports Whistleblower.

"If America is paying the price for its self-destructive and foolish behaviors that have together conspired to bring about today's new plagues, there's a lot individuals can do to protect themselves and their loved ones," said David Kupelian, managing editor of WND and Whistleblower. "This issue of Whistleblower takes a good look at prevention — which, believe me, is much better than relying on the cure, especially these days."

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