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Whistleblower (DIGITAL) - February 2005

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February 2005 — MULTICULTURAL MADNESS: How Western Civilization has been turned upside down in one generation

Multiculturalism — the reigning philosophy of American culture, where Satanists and witches are equal to Christians and Jews, where a rat is equal to a boy, where ruthless, repressive, backward cultures are equal to Western Civilization — is explored as never before in this groundbreaking edition of Whistleblower.

"We've been planning this for a long time, and it's a real treat," said WND editor and founder Joseph Farah. "In this wonderful issue, multiculturalism is sliced, diced and roasted up as shish kabob and served up to our readers as a delicious journalistic feast. It's not only a stunning expose of multiculturalism and political correctness, but also a memorable celebration and affirmation of all that is truly American."

"MULTICULTURAL MADNESS" documents how multiculturalism, which started on college campuses during the "cultural revolution" of the '60s, has succeeded in making America so confused, "politically correct" and "minority-sensitive" that it has all but forgotten its original, core, Judeo-Christian values. Because of rampant multiculturalism:


  • American heroes from Christopher Columbus to the Pilgrims are now likened to genocidal racists and maniacal bigots.


  • "Whiteness studies" — the latest incarnation of multiculturalism on America's college campuses — teaches that "whiteness" is the underlying cause of practically every conceivable social ill and that white people are almost inherently evil.


  • Devil-worship and witchcraft are now afforded the same respect as worship of God. For example, a Virginia judge ruled that officials in Chesterfield County discriminated against a Wiccan when they barred her from opening a government meeting with prayer. And Britain's Royal Navy allowed a noncommissioned officer to conduct satanic rituals on board one of its ships, giving him his own satanic altar where he could dress up in black robes and perform ceremonies to worship the devil using bells and candles.


  • Perversion and sexual criminality are now equated with traditional, monogamous marriage. In 2004, thousands of same-sex marriage ceremonies were conducted throughout the U.S. — in open defiance of the law — under the banner of fundamental fairness and nondiscrimination. Polygamy may soon be legalized in Utah. Even adult-child sex — euphemistically called "intergenerational sex" — is making surprising headway into the mainstream, based on today's pervasive climate of moral equivalence among all forms of consensual "love."

This worldview whereby we declare all human cultures and moral codes, from the fairest to the foulest, to be equal in value is made possible only by the total abandonment of any objective standard of right and wrong.

And this confusion is now even compromising America's ability to fight and win the "terror war," hindering the government from clearly identifying who the enemy actually is:

From the Beltway snipers (who had praised 9-11 and threatened jihadi violence) to the Muslim pilot of Egypt Air Flight 990 (who intentionally crashed his plane into the Atlantic killing all aboard while praising Allah), to the killers who executed all four members of a New Jersey Christian family in the ritualistic Islamist way (multiple knife attacks and near-beheading) — the official response is always the same: reluctance, in the face of overwhelming evidence, to conclude that "Islamic jihad" was the crime's motive.

Likewise, the press — the filter through which Americans receive their information — is also paralyzed by political correctness. Stephen Jukes, Reuters' global head of news, decreed that the giant wire service's 2,500 journalists should not use the word "terrorist" to describe terrorist acts.

"We all know that one man's terrorist is another man's freedom fighter and that Reuters upholds the principle that we do not use the word terrorist," he wrote in an internal memo. "We're trying to treat everyone on a level playing field. To be frank, it adds little to call the attack on the World Trade Center a terrorist attack."

9-11 was not "a terrorist attack"?!

At least one media organization is not in the grip of political correctness, says WND/Whistleblower managing editor David Kupelian.

"Unlike our colleagues at Reuters and CNN and the rest of the so-called 'mainstream' press — which isn't very mainstream — we at WND aren't confused about our loyalties or about what's right and wrong, or about what made America great," said Kupelian. "And this issue proves it. It delivers a sparklingly clear, in-depth expose of what multiculturalism is really all about — namely, hatred of everything Western, white, male and Judeo-Christian."

The issue includes:


  • "Wake up and smell the danger" by Joseph Farah


  • "Multiculturalism as a threat to national security" by Joseph Farah, on how political correctness has paralyzed government in the terror war


  • "Multicultural madness: How Western Civilization has been turned upside down in one generation" by David Kupelian


  • "What does 'Judeo-Christian' mean?" by Dennis Prager, who explains that "everyone talks about it, but few understand its real significance"


  • "Whiteness Studies" by Chris Weinkopf, exposing the latest fad in multiculturalism — teaching outright hatred of white people


  • "Phony diversity" by Walter Williams, who shows that although colleges prize multiculturalism, they rigidly censor one worldview; can you guess which one?


  • "A new way to push 'gay rights' in public schools" by Robert Knight, who reveals how multiculturalism has become a 'Trojan Horse' for advancing the homosexual agenda in the nation's classrooms


  • "For English, please press '1'" by Michelle Malkin, who asks, "Does America have an official language any more?"


  • "Ya'll pray now, ya hear?" in which Barbara Simpson looks at the decision to broadcast Islam over loudspeakers in one Michigan city, while Christian symbols are being extinguished from the same public square


  • "America in 2050: Another country" by Patrick Buchanan, who offers a frightening look at the nation's future if current trends continue

"This issue of Whistleblower is really special," said Kupelian. "Yes, it shows with amazing clarity how and why the nation has gone nuts because of multiculturalism. But in the process, it also poignantly takes readers on a journey to the heart of the real America, to the national 'melting pot,' to the message of the Statue of Liberty, and to the real possibility that we could get the authentic America back again one day."

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