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Whistleblower (DIGITAL) - February 2003

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February 2003 — TAKING AMERICA BACK: An inspired action plan for restoring liberty to 'the land of the free'

"Taking America Back" — the title of WND CEO and editor Joseph Farah's new blockbuster book — is the provocative theme of February 2003's edition of Whistleblower.

This special issue of WND's popular monthly print magazine asks: Is there really hope to make the world a better place? To restore America's lost liberties and constitutional government? Is "taking America back" really possible?

"Yes! Unequivocally yes," insists Farah, who in his book lays out his action plan for reclaiming real freedom in the U.S., for re-establishing self-government and for rejecting creeping totalitarianism. In February's Whistleblower, Farah is joined by Sean Hannity, Michael Savage, G. Gordon Liddy and others, to create a compelling blueprint for a second — and peaceful — American revolution.

Not just another analysis of what's wrong with American politics and culture, the February Whistleblower focuses on action — on specifics — on powerful steps all Americans can and must take to regain freedom and prosperity in their own lives, and to reclaim the embattled soul of their country at the same time.

February's contents include:

  • "The year to take America back?" by Joseph Farah


  • "When I was a kid, this was a free country," from G. Gordon Liddy's new book of the same name, an exclusive, extended excerpt poignantly bringing back a time when America was free, and showing in crystal-clear fashion exactly how those freedoms have been lost over the last 100 years;


  • "From melting pot to chamber pot," by talk radio sensation and New York Times No. 1 best-selling author Michael Savage, on how multiculturalism has put America on the "pathway to apathy and anarchy";


  • "What is self-government?" by Joseph Farah, exploring the core principles of the second American revolution;


  • "We hold these truths," by Rev. Nate Atwood, on understanding and embracing what really motivated America's founders, through an eye-opening walk through the Declaration of Independence;


  • "Fighting back," an inspired 12-point action plan for restoring liberty to America, by Joseph Farah;


  • "Local governments fight USA Patriot Act" by Diana Lynne, showing how city and state governments can still stand up to the federal government when they want to;


  • "The Republican 'lesser evil,'" on whether pro-lifers and other conservatives should stick with the Republican Party or throw their support behind other parties, by columnist Joseph Sobran;


  • "Living the American Dream" by Fox News and ABC radio talk star Sean Hannity, in which he passionately explains how, despite all its flaws, the USA still offers the greatest freedom and opportunity for success of any nation on earth;


  • "Fighting with love" by David Kupelian, identifying the secret, critical ingredient for a successful revolution.

To achieve victory in this peaceful revolution, it is necessary "to go on offense," says Farah. "And that's what this special issue of Whistleblower is all about — formulating a strategy for expanding freedom in America and, thus, throughout the world by attacking the problems we face at the root.

"For too long, freedom-minded Americans have been playing defense only. They react to problems. They react to initiatives from the enemy on dozens of fronts. They content themselves to beating back an encroachment on their freedom — even while a dozen others succeed."

"'Taking America Back,'" says Farah — "both the book and the February issue of Whistleblower — is a blueprint for taking the war to the other side. It's a battle plan for waging an offensive struggle against the forces of darkness. It's an instruction manual for reclaiming our heritage of liberty. It's a guidebook to taking back territory already ceded to the bad guys."

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