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February 2015 – KILLING OBAMACARE: How to dismantle, defund, destroy, repeal and replace the most destructive law in a generation

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While ISIS burns captives alive and illegal aliens flood into the U.S.; while the news media obsess over race relations and global warming; while Americans complain that Barack Obama tramples the Constitution and plays too much golf – in other words, while daily news cycles roll in and out like waves, with crises and scandals cresting, crashing and then receding – all the while, a slow-motion tsunami is washing over America, transforming its landscape profoundly and negatively, and if not stopped, permanently.

That "tsunami" is the infamous "Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act," the focus of the powerful February issue of Whistleblower, titled "KILLING OBAMACARE: How to dismantle, defund, destroy, repeal and replace the most destructive law in a generation."

Highlighting top insiders' best strategies and blueprints for how Obamacare can be overturned despite Obama's certain presidential veto, "KILLING OBAMACARE" also makes a special point of documenting the single worst aspect of the much-reviled system. Worse than the corrupt process by which it became law, worse than the millions losing their insurance after being continually assured they could "keep their doctor or plan," worse than the skyrocketing insurance premiums and deductibles, worse than all the workers' hours cut, jobs lost and businesses destroyed.

The very worst thing about Obamacare, as Whistleblower shows, is that America's elderly – who comprise the soul of the nation, embodying its unique history, values and accumulated wisdom – are more likely than ever to be denied life-saving medical care.

Back in 2009, when Gov. Sarah Palin warned of this inevitability using the colorful phrase "death panels," Politifact condemned it as the "Lie of the Year." A much more accurate characterization would have been "Truth of the Year," as the mighty economic forces unleashed by government-run-and-subsidized Obamacare are indeed leading to denial of service to the elderly and very ill.

Therefore, rather than "pulling the plug on granny," it is essential, according to top medical and legal experts profiled in Whistleblower, that Congress and the Supreme Court pull the plug on Obamacare.

Highlights of "KILLING OBAMACARE" include:

  • "Obamacare's darkest secret: How 'rationing' and 'cost-cutting' equal 'pulling the plug on granny'" by David Kupelian

  • "Not defunding is defending," by Joseph Farah, a brutally honest look at GOP lawmakers' promises – versus their actions – to stop Obamacare

  • "The coming doctor shortage," by Lee Hieb, M.D., an orthopedic surgeon provides a rare insider's view on what government is doing to American medicine

  • "The terrifying reality of socialized medicine," by Amir George, who having grown up in a nation with state-run healthcare, says its underlying purpose is "to create obedient, subservient citizens who live in fear of government"

  • "Beyond wishful thinking: How Obamacare can be stopped" by Garth Kant – a definitive and comprehensive exploration of who, when, where and how Obamacare can be uprooted and replaced

  • "Setting the example: Law's architect wants to 'die at 75': Criticizing the Hippocratic Oath, Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel claims 'living too long is a loss,'" by Jerome R. Corsi

  • "Survival prospects for Obamacare in 2015" by Jane M. Orient, M.D., who asks: "What happens when the medical system can't sustain the load?"

  • "What the meltdown will look like" by Lee Hieb, M.D., who explains why, under Obamacare, "there will be large wastelands where no organized medical care exists"

  • "How to replace Obamacare" by James C. Capretta, in which the healthcare analyst explains why opponents of the Affordable Care Act must make their goal the enactment of a better plan

  • "Time for a re-vote on Obamacare" by Ben Carson, M.D., who says it won't be long before "millions will be screaming in pain as their premiums skyrocket or they lose health insurance altogether"

  • "Ronald Reagan's urgent warning," in which the 40th president of the United States famously forewarned America about government-run healthcare, saying: "One day … we will awake to find that we have socialism," and admonishing that if we didn't put a halt to it, then "you and I are going to spend our sunset years telling our children and our children’s children what it once was like in America, when men were free."

As Whistleblower Editor David Kupelian points out: "The first few weeks of 2015 have given us dire news reports that Britain's National Health Service – a big inspiration for Obamacare – is crumbling under the crushing weight of having to deliver 'free' government-funded medical care to everyone. The British, after decades of socialized medicine, are now admitting they need an entirely different system."

"KILLING OBAMACARE," adds Kupelian, "explores how Americans can – and must – free themselves of the monstrosity of Obamacare and replace it with a truly enlightened approach to healthcare that will draw on the best of American can-do entrepreneurism, free-market dynamism, scientific-technological brilliance, individual responsibility, and a restoration of the sacredness of human life."

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Government healthcare, warns Hieb, has never in the history of the world, anywhere, delivered the same quality of medical care as has the free market. America, she says, is traveling along the path to a centrally controlled Soviet-style system that means doctor shortages, limited availability of procedures, scarcity of specialized drugs, long wait times and an overall increased cost for a decreased quality of our healthcare. Many emergency room surgeons are already retiring early, others are dramatically reducing their patient load, and new regulations required by Obamacare only make it much worse.

Thus, says Hieb, former president of the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons, "You need to be medically prepared."

"Surviving the Medical Meltdown" is a guide to preparing you and your household to prevent and deal with a multitude of medical issues. It explains how we got in this situation, tells how to plan ahead when doctors and insurance aren't there to help, offers the latest medical breakthroughs so you can best maintain good health, and provides a home care handbook full of health tips for everything from rashes and fevers to fractures and chest pain. It will help you prepare for a future where immediate access to the modern medical care of today is simply not available.

Second, you’ll get a copy of the special Whistleblower report, "THE WAR FOR THE GOP: How conservatives plan to take over the Republican Party and stop the Obama juggernaut."

Featuring people ranging from Sen. Ted Cruz, Sean Hannity and Phyllis Schlafly to Richard Viguerie, Jerome Corsi, Joseph Farah and Patrick Buchanan, together Whistleblower's experts map out the path to victory for conservatives.

As Richard Viguerie, one of the key people responsible for Ronald Reagan’s sweeping victories in the 1980s, puts it in "THE WAR FOR THE GOP": “For over a hundred years, we conservatives have had our political guns trained on the wrong target. We’ve been focused on defeating the liberal, big-government Democrats, when the first, and most important, roadblock to our goal of governing America according to conservative principles is the progressive, big-government Republicans.”

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