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Give a friend or loved one a wonderful gift – a subscription to what many people call the world's best newsmagazine, Whistleblower. All you need to do is provide the recipient's name and address in the "SHIPPING ADDRESS" field during checkout, and your own name and address in the "BILLING ADDRESS" field. We'll take care of the rest – including sending a handsome gift card notifying the recipient of your generosity.

SPECIAL OFFER: For a limited time, give a 1-year Whistleblower gift subscription and you'll get $10 off the already discounted rate (pay only $39.95 instead of the usual $49.95), plus as our thank-you you'll receive TWO free gifts:

First, you'll get a FREE copy of "Takedown: From Communists to Progressives, How the Left Has Sabotaged Family and Marriage" by Paul Kengor, Ph.D.

Although far left radicals, for ideological and strategic reasons, have long been trying to undermine and break up the American family, making their arguments and using various tactics over the course of the past century, it wasn't until now that they found the vehicle to make it all happen: same-sex marriage.

Today, as the legal definition of marriage rapidly changes, the floodgates have finally opened and the fundamental transformation of the American family will now take on new speed and new dimensions.

How could this possibly happen?

In "Takedown," Kengor exposes the origins of far left forces and reveals their obsession with redefining marriage and the family structure, starting with Karl Marx. He goes on to reveal to readers the sordid history of people like Margaret Sanger, Wilhelm Reich, Herbert Marcuse and assorted '60s radicals, showing how what were once fringe concepts have become accepted by mainstream thought and are today welcomed by many legislators and judges – including, most recently, a majority of justices on the U.S. Supreme Court.

"Takedown" exposes how gay marriage is serving as a Trojan horse for the far left to secure the final takedown of marriage that it has long wanted, and countless everyday Americans are oblivious to the deeper forces at work. "Takedown" takes no prisoners and bluntly shows the reader that even Karl Marx and his more anti-marriage comrade Engels would be dumbfounded at the mere thought that modern Americans would gladly join them in their rejection of God's design for natural marriage and the family.

Paul Kengor, Ph.D., is a bestselling author whose works include "11 Principles of a Reagan Conservative," "The Crusader: Ronald Reagan and the Fall of Communism" and "The Communist: Frank Marshall Davis: the Untold Story of Barack Obama's Mentor." (An $18.95 value, yours FREE as WND's gift for subscribing to Whistleblower!)

Second, you’ll get a copy of the special Whistleblower issue that many readers have told us is one of the best EVER – namely, “MARXISM, AMERICAN-STYLE.”

To most people, the very idea of “Marxism in America” sounds absurd. After all, this is the “land of the free,” plus we won the Cold War against the Soviet Union and its failed Marxist “utopia,” didn't we?

Yes, but the truth is, the good old USA – after sending hundreds of thousands of its finest young people overseas to fight and die to combat the evils of Marxism – has quietly and steadily succumbed to the same ideological seduction right here at home.

“MARXISM, AMERICAN-STYLE” reveals with jaw-dropping clarity how Marx’s godless, materialist ideology – characterized by an all-consuming obsession with government control of resources and production, as well as the radical “redistribution” of wealth and power to perpetually aggrieved “victim” segments of society – is increasingly dominating America.

EVEN BETTER OFFER: Give a 2-year Whistleblower gift subscription and as our thank-you not only will you receive Paul Kengor's "Takedown" and “MARXISM, AMERICAN-STYLE,” but you'll get $10 off the already discounted two-year rate (pay only $74.95 instead of the usual $84.95).

These special free offers will end without notice and are good in the U.S. only.

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