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August 2015 – SEX, LIES AND VIDEOTAPE: Exposing how Planned Parenthood turned abortion into a multibillion-dollar empire – with taxpayer help

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Virtually everything about the abortion business is normally hidden, secretive and shrouded in euphemism. Only rarely does the breathtakingly disturbing reality – including the huge financial motivation at the heart of the abortion industry – emerge from the shadows and penetrate the American public's consciousness in a major way.

But that's exactly what has happened with the recent release of undercover videos showing Planned Parenthood executives relaxing in restaurants and breezily, callously, even jokingly discussing the finer points of slaughtering unborn American children so as to preserve their most valuable body parts for resale.

The public, having thus caught a rare glimpse of the soul of the abortion industry, has been so repelled that even Planned Parenthood president Cecile Richards was forced to go on TV and apologize – sort of. That was before she launched into an ongoing campaign of defamation against the group behind the recent journalistic investigation, outrageously accusing it of somehow being complicit in murder.

Yet, however shocking and disturbing these revelations regarding trafficking in human baby parts, they represent only the tip of the iceberg of monumental lies, deception, promotion of sexual promiscuity, outright criminality and mass death that constitute the real Planned Parenthood, founded by the racist eugenicist Margaret Sanger. The entire "iceberg" is revealed in the August 2015 issue of WND's acclaimed Whistleblower magazine, titled "SEX, LIES AND VIDEOTAPE."

Issue highlights include:

  • "Look what your tax dollars have done" by Joseph Farah

  • "Planned Parenthood, Gosnell, and the future of abortion" by David Kupelian, on why America's darkest industry is having a hard time snuffing out the light of truth

  • "'Baby parts' orders show requests for brains, heads" by Greg Corombos, in which the head of the Center for Medical Progress promises "even more shocking" footage and eyewitness testimony in upcoming undercover videos

  • "'I want a Lamborghini': Undercover video shows abortion officials haggling over sale of 'intact' baby parts" by Bob Unruh

  • "Selling 'fresh' and 'frozen' baby parts across the U.S. for 20 years!" by Bob Unruh, profiling ghoulish scene wherein "retrieval agents" are given the "corpses of children" and workspace to harvest their organs

  • "Pelosi, Dems demand investigation of investigators"

  • "Liberal media defend Planned Parenthood" by Katie Yoder and Andrew Miller, in which defenders concede that "Abortion is gross … but so is heart surgery. We don't deny people who need help because the help is gross"

  • "Crush Planned Parenthood, says Powers," in which the liberal Fox News commentator eviscerates the abortion giant's defense of its "stomach-turning videos"

  • "Pull the plug" by Phyllis Schlafly, who notes that beleaguered taxpayers are shelling out half-a-billion dollars every year for the controversial abortion franchise

  • "'Shocking' decline" – Planned Parenthood clinics are at a 40-year low as state lawmakers defund and restrict the abortion giant

  • "'Counselor' to underage teen: Let boyfriend beat you with a horsewhip" by Steven Ertelt, who reveals how the Planned Parenthood staffer also recommended two local sex shops where the girl being "counseled" could get "sex toys" and "sex props"

  • "Report: PP boosting profit by overbilling customers" by Kelsey Harkness, documenting "improper practices" that have "resulted in the loss to taxpayers of more than $115 million"

  • "'A New Dark Age'" by Patrick Buchanan, who says: "Watching these tapes, one name comes to mind: Mengele"

  • "Surprise! Guess what Josef Mengele did for a living in South America"

  • "13 things you probably don’t know about Planned Parenthood founder Margaret Sanger" by Kate Scanlon

  • "Ben Carson: Hillary's 'awe' of Sanger a 'ticking bomb'"

  • "Margaret Sanger's nation of 'morons'" by Jack Cashill, on how the Nazis' eugenics horrors caused Planned Parenthood's founder to reinvent her movement

  • "Planned Parenthood lobbies for 'post-birth abortion'" by Bob Unruh, describing how a Planned Parenthood lobbyist left lawmakers speechless after testifying that it's a mother's "choice'" if she wants to let her born-alive baby die on the surgical table

  • "Legal and evil" by Laura Hollis, on how it is possible that human beings in modern American "can quaff wine while discussing less crunchy ways of dismembering babies"

  • "Planned Parenthood, Adolf Eichmann and the banality of evil" by Wallace Henley, on the disturbing parallel between operatives in the killing machines of the Third Reich and those of Planned Parenthood.

"As a journalist, I've been covering this issue closely for 30 years," says Whistleblower Editor David Kupelian. "I have interviewed Planned Parenthood officials, viewed the most explicit abortion photos and videos, and heard and investigated the most horrifying stories imaginable. I've seen it all.

"But the recent Planned Parenthood undercover videos are unique in revealing, for all to see, the soulless disconnect between these utterly desensitized abortion personnel and the terrible evil they are perpetrating – scenes that evoke, more than anything else, the desensitized death-camp operatives in Nazi Germany. To say Planned Parenthood should not receive tax funding is more than obvious; it's akin to saying hardcore pornographers and child molesters shouldn't be rewarded with taxpayers' hard-earned money."

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