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Whistleblower Digital Version - March 2020

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March 2020 – THE DAY THE EARTH STOOD STILL: National and spiritual revival in the midst of a pandemic

America is currently engaged in mortal combat with a three-headed monster.

The first two “heads” are discussed all day, every day, by politicians and the news media: namely, the coronavirus pandemic and the unprecedented mass economic shutdown it has led to.

But the third “head” of the monster threatening America right now goes almost unmentioned. It is what some call the Democrat-Media Complex, the de facto alliance between an increasingly far-left Democratic Party and establishment news media both pathologically obsessed with destroying the elected president of the United States by any means possible – including weaponizing a genuine mega-crisis.

Thus it is that America has arrived at a critical moment when the greatest nation in history is poised either to recover – and to do so with new knowledge, experience and wisdom – or to plunge into unthinkable and unprecedented chaos with no end in sight.

Which way America goes is the entire focus of the March 2020 Whistleblower issue, “THE DAY THE EARTH STOOD STILL: National and spiritual revival in the midst of a pandemic.”

America is in totally uncharted territory. Leaders are attempting to balance radical measures intended to avoid overwhelming the healthcare system and minimize COVID-19 deaths with the absolute need to re-open the economy as soon as possible. This urgency is highlighted by the gargantuan secondary consequences of Depression-era unemployment levels and the forced shuttering of businesses, many never to re-open. From suicide to drug-and-alcohol addiction to crime and child abuse, the historically unprecedented stress of long-term social distancing, isolation, loneliness, joblessness, poverty, fear and extreme anxiety are exacting a heavy toll on Americans.

Unfortunately, all this is made vastly more difficult, not only by political leaders like Nancy Pelosi who callously play with the welfare of pandemic victims for political advantage, but by leftwing governors and mayors who, having experienced the intoxicating rush of exercising totalitarian power, don’t want it to end: You can’t leave your home. You can’t work. You can’t play T-ball with your 6-year-old in an empty park. You can’t go to church. Oh wait, abortion clinics must stay open, and so on. This unprecedented and often irrational denial of citizens’ most basic rights as Americans is predictably giving rise to mass protests across the nation.

So seriously afflicted with Trump Derangement Syndrome is the Democrat-Media Complex that many of its key players are willing – though few will admit it publicly – to see the country plunge into economic depression and all the suffering that comes with it, if it will enable them to defeat Donald Trump this November.

That is what America is dealing with right now – and the physical, mental, emotional, financial and spiritual wellbeing of Americans, not to mention their cherished constitutional freedoms, all hang in the balance.

And yet, as the saying attributed to everyone from Sun Tzu to Albert Einstein goes: “In the midst of every crisis lies great opportunity.”

Thus, says Whistleblower Editor David Kupelian, “many wise voices are pointing to the very real and tangible opportunities, in the midst of today’s crisis, for national renewal and spiritual revival, both individually and for America as a nation.”

He adds: “A society crippled with fear, anxiety, frustration and anger, not to mention massive levels of addiction, depression and suicide, cannot endure very long. Therefore, Whistleblower is dedicating this issue exclusively to voices pointing the way toward the genuine renewal that – with God’s help – could very well be birthed in the cauldron of the mega-crises America is now enduring.”

Highlights of “THE DAY THE EARTH STOOD STILL” include:

  • “Winning the war” by David Kupelian
  • “Let's take a break from politicizing everything” by Neil Patel
  • “The day the earth stood still” by Michael L. Brown Ph.D. Despite massive disruption, today’s pandemic may be “the divine setup for the church to arise and shine and make a difference”
  • “Poll: Americans think God is sending a serious message with coronavirus”
  • “The legacy of Americans in a time of crisis” by Lee Edwards, in which the historian shows how Americans “are at their very best” during times of trouble
  • “What you, Isaac Newton and self-quarantine have in common” by Rebecca Hagelin, on a new online resource inspired by the legendary scientist’s discoveries while isolated for two years due to the bubonic plague
  • “The word that gets us through national crises: 'TOGETHER.'” Recollections of rationing, politics and great resilience during World War II by Barry Farber
  • “Lepers and ‘social distancing’ in the Bible”
  • “God and coronavirus: Where is the Almighty when a plague is killing hundreds of thousands?” by David Kupelian
  • “30 daily scriptural truths to get you through the pandemic” by Jerry Newcombe, who says “Focus on God to stay positive in a negative world”
  • “Billy Graham’s 9/11 message from the National Cathedral. “How do we understand something like this? Why does God allow evil like this to take place?”
  • “The post-pandemic Christian church: Pop-cultural or genuinely biblical?” by Larry Tomczak
  • “Wisdom from a U.S. hostage about COVID-19 isolation survival: 3 key tips from a man who survived 444 days in captivity” by Chuck Norris
  • “Why all the suffering?” by Greg Laurie, on the reason God allows hard times in the lives of good people
  • “14 things to be grateful for” by Laura Hollis, on the many ways Americans are stepping up during the pandemic shutdown
  • “The soldier’s psalm” – Psalm 91 – which assures the faithful: “There shall no evil befall thee, neither shall any plague come nigh thy dwelling.”



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