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Whistleblower Digital Version - February 2023

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The Christian religion has been unquestionably the most powerful, consequential and benevolent force in all of human history. Nothing else even comes close.

Yet today, in America, long the most Christian nation on earth, a new religion has somehow become the country’s de facto official church.

Mind you, this new faith is not like a religion, nor is it cult-like. It is a complete and total life religion, influencing every aspect of the believer’s existence. And it is, right now, being forcibly imposed on the entire American populace by virtually every major societal institution, from government, media and big tech; to academia (from preschool to grad school); to entertainment and sports; and perhaps most surprisingly of all, by most of the nation’s biggest and wealthiest businesses.

This new state religion overtaking the United States of America – and, increasingly, much of the Western (and formerly Christian) world – is Wokeism.

To most outsiders, the expression “being woke,” or “going woke,” conjures up visions of a person or entity that claims to be acutely sensitive (“awake”) to “systemic social and political injustice” in every form. Of course, the “injustice” being condemned by Wokeism is not simply the alleged "systemic" bigotry against "black and brown people," but against every other “minority,” “underrepresented group” and “underserved community” in the American family. That means everything LGBT, including child-grooming “trans” school teachers and TikTok stars, drag queens and “nonbinary” folk, as well as all other “marginalized” groups, from “homeless people” to “undocumented immigrants” – all of them, being victims, intrinsically more virtuous than the shameful oppressor class: primarily, heterosexual white males.

And this new “woke” consciousness is manifesting in very dramatic ways – from the nationwide Antifa and Black Lives Matter race riots that decimated countless major U.S. cities during the summer of 2020, to the tearing down of historic monuments, not just of George Washington and Thomas Jefferson because they owned slaves, but of Abraham Lincoln, who freed the slaves. From insisting on multi-million-dollar reparation payments to every black person in America, to appointing men who claim they’re actually women as top officials in the U.S. government. From rampant reverse discrimination in employment, college admissions and every other area of life, to Disney producers gleefully boasting on camera how they’re secretly “injecting queerness” into children’s programming, to the U.S. military imposing mandatory “diversity training” and transgender pronoun use on all personnel, causing recruitment to disastrously plummet. From top college and professional athletic organizations permitting and encouraging biological men to compete in women’s athletics, essentially destroying women’s sports, to incarcerating men (who claim they’re women) in women’s prisons, resulting unsurprisingly in a rape epidemic in those correctional facilities.

Unlike in Christianity, according to Wokeist theology the original sin was not the first man and woman’s disobedience to God in the Garden of Eden. It was white, male, heterosexual, Christian supremacists abusing and exploiting black people. This ongoing sinfulness comprises not just actual racism, as manifested in slavery, and later, segregation, which America long ago repented of and outlawed, but also “systemic racism,” which mysteriously no one can actually see, as well as “white privilege,” which condemns even people who are not the least bit racist as still guilty – for being white.

Yet there is hope. Being “saved” – which in Wokeism is called being “woke” – is largely a matter of worshipping victimhood by becoming an “ally” and “defender” of all the many victim classes, and of course a determined enemy of the straight while male oppressor class. Thus, “joining the righteous” as an ally – even if one is cursed to be a straight white male – opens the door mercifully for salvation, even to the most wretched.

That is the power of the religion of Wokeism. And it’s explored as perhaps never before in the February 2023 issue of WND’s critically acclaimed monthly Whistleblower magazine. If you’ve ever wondered, for example, exactly how the most radical elements in American society are successfully pressuring the biggest corporations into adopting the most outrageous and immoral policies imaginable, even when doing so permanently damages and devalues the company, the stunning answers are in this issue of Whistleblower, titled “WOKEISM: AMERICA’S OFFICIAL STATE RELIGION.”


* “WOKEISM: America’s new, official – and totally insane – state religion” by David Kupelian

* “The military went woke. Now it can’t find recruits: The transgender pronouns, diversity training, and lesbian wedding ads aren't working” by Daniel Greenfield

* “Hospital system tells non-'woke' patients to 'make other plans': 'Code of conduct' also could result in ban on treatments” by Bob Unruh

* “Who is really behind Disney’s in-your-face LGBT agenda? Vivek Ramaswamy reveals how stakeholders are 'quietly whispering' in the CEO’s ear” by Art Moore

* “‘Ecological equity!’ Top medical journal now insists humans are no more important than animals” by Peter LaBarbera

* “Why promoters of ‘ecological equity’ equate humans with rats, pigs and dogs” by David Kupelian

* “How the increasingly destructive LGBT revolution is mainstreamed into corporate America: Exposing the largest ‘queer’ organization’s relentless ‘Corporate Equality Index’ shakedown” by Peter LaBarbera

* “Woke gender theory embedded in 4,000 American schools: Rebranded Gay-Straight Alliance Network operating as 'clubs'” by Art Moore

* “In pro sports, players must bow at the LGBTQ+ altar … or else! Pro hockey player's refusal to celebrate gay pride leads to surprising consequences” by Michael Brown

* “Fans treating new 'woke' Superman agenda like Kryptonite! Sales plunge as 'Man of Steel' becomes a climate activist and romances another man” by Bob Unruh

* “Stanford University's anti-'American' wokeness: ‘Drop the phrase beating a dead horse because it normalizes violence against animals’” by Larry Elder

* “How leftists captured big business: ‘The culture wars are in reality a class war waged against the working class’” by Rupert Darwall

* “Trump aide launches new center to fight 'woke' discrimination based on skin color: 'Bigotry in the name of equity is bigotry'” by Harold Hutchison

* “The left's big pitch: Embrace a worse life in the name of equality: Going the way of more government intervention 'means more misery for everyone'” by Ben Shapiro

* “The warning signs are everywhere, we ignore them at our peril: 4 ways the powerful elite are destroying America” by Laura Hollis

* “Today's young American Marxists: Useful idiots to the global elite: A wake-up call regarding socialism's 'profound hatred of the Western order'” by Hanne Nabintu Herland.

“Here’s the big secret,” comments author and longtime Whistleblower Editor David Kupelian. “Although tens of millions of lives are currently being disrupted, sabotaged and in many cases destroyed by Wokeism, the truth is that America’s top-tier political leaders – those wielding the real power over Americans – don’t believe in any of this. It’s all just a big act for them.”

“They pretend to care about inner-city black families, equal rights for Pacific Islanders, and ‘trans’ men who believe they can get pregnant, but they do not care,” adds Kupelian. “Not a bit. They just play-act, while exploiting the ever-expanding wokeness craze for their personal benefit, to build and consolidate their own power, wealth and privilege. That’s their real religion.”



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