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Whistleblower (DIGITAL) - April 2016

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TRUMP'S WAR: Voter rebellion against the 'ruling class' dominates Election 2016

In classic bedtime stories about knights in shining armor, the citizens of a once great and happy kingdom find themselves terrorized by a seemingly insurmountable evil. They grow accustomed to living in total fear, even sacrificing many of the kingdom's youth to satisfy the beast's ravenous appetite. Hopelessness is everywhere.

Then one day a strong, courageous champion unexpectedly arrives on scene and boldly offers to fight and vanquish the great evil oppressing the kingdom. Though initially mocked and ridiculed, this man of extraordinary courage and abilities proceeds to engage the dragon in battle, and, wonder of wonders, in the end slays the monster. Freed from this great evil, the kingdom is restored to its former contentment and prosperity.

Right now, in 2016, tens of millions of American citizens feel exactly like this. They see their once great nation ravaged by terrible forces. Their leaders seem to have gone mad ÌÎ_Ì´åÌ´å intentionally leaving the nation's borders unguarded, allowing hordes of invaders to swarm into their country, plunder their wealth and commit heinous crimes. Their supreme ruler is widely seen as hating his own country, continually betraying longtime allies while aiding her mortal enemies. The nation's youth are corralled into ivy-covered brainwashing centers and indoctrinated into bizarre beliefs and destructive behaviors. The land's once-robust economy has been decimated, with onerous taxes and regulations strangling businesses, and the nation's major industries ÌÎ_Ì´åÌ´å along with the millions of jobs they provide ÌÎ_Ì´åÌ´å leaving their homeland for foreign shores. On top of all this, a genocidal, worldwide mind-control cult has declared war on their troubled nation, murdering and maiming people at will, yet their leader won't even utter the enemy's name, let alone fight it. Millions suspect he sides with the enemy.

Each day they numbly tune in the news to learn of the latest outrages: Undercover videos depicting "doctors" bragging about killing beautiful little preborn children and then selling their body parts for maximum profit; our armed forces being degraded and demoralized in myriad ways by a commander-in-chief who secretly loathes the military; and the government requiring teenage American schoolgirls to shower with boys who claim they "identify" as girls.

And yet, if they complain ÌÎ_Ì´åÌ´å if they dare raise a plaintive cry for decency and reason to prevail once again, before it's too late ÌÎ_Ì´åÌ´å they are viciously attacked and branded as hateful, ignorant, racist, bigoted, homophobic, anti-woman or anti-immigrant.

Thus it is that massive numbers of good Americans are desperately looking for a presidential champion ÌÎ_Ì´åÌ´å a rescuer ÌÎ_Ì´åÌ´å a brave, bold knight in shining armor who will fight and destroy the monster that has for too long been devouring their nation and its inhabitants.

To many, that man is Donald Trump. However, real life is not a bedtime story, and presidents and candidates are full of flaws, even great flaws. Worse, sometimes our would-be heroic figures are not at all what they appear to be.

Nevertheless, the Trump phenomenon is an astonishing and utterly unique development in American history. And April's Whistleblower issue ÌÎ_Ì´åÌ´å titled "TRUMP'S WAR: Voter rebellion against the 'ruling class' dominates Election 2016" ÌÎ_Ì´åÌ´å takes a fresh and powerful look at it.

Highlights of "TRUMP'S WAR" include:


  • "Understanding the Trump phenomenon: How voter rebellion against the 'ruling class' is dominating Election 2016" by David Kupelian


  • "Buchanan to GOP: I told you so! 'What we warned against in the 1990s has come to pass in the 21st century'"


  • "Trump can't beat Hillary? Really?" by Joseph Farah, who deflates the media argument that Clinton will crush the GOP frontrunner


  • "It takes a bully" by Laura Hollis, who observes that, whatever his faults, Trump is 'willing to do what elected Republicans have not done'"


  • "Donald Trump: Warrior male extraordinaire" by Kent G. Bailey, Ph.D., in which the psychology pioneer says men like Trump have long "sustained the human race"


  • "Springtime for pundits" by Ann Coulter, who hilariously drafts a Hitler-comparison column for use by "hate Trump" media pundits


  • "Media compare Donald Trump to Hitler"


  • "Will GOP bosses 'steal' the election from Trump?" by Art Moore, on the current delegate mantra that "political parties, not voters, choose their presidential nominees"


  • "The audacity of Trump" by Jesse Lee Peterson, who argues that the GOP frontrunner's "boldness is setting people free"


  • "Blacklisting conservatives who support Trump smacks of the Left's thought police" by Don Feder, who, though a Trump critic, says those intent on blacklisting Trump supporters have lost their minds


  • "Another video pushes Trump assassination: 'F--- Donald' anthem brags of AK-47 ready to kill billionaire" by Douglas Ernst


  • "GOP convention is 'gonna be 1968 on steroids'" by Greg Corombos, in which Democrat pollster Pat Caddell tells Whistleblower America's political landscape is taking a permanent lurch


  • "Huckabee: Trump leading 'peaceful overthrow' of government"


  • "Voters: U.S. government corrupt, and elites serve only themselves" by Curtis Ellis, in which Sen. Jeff Sessions discusses a new survey showing "growing hostility" to international trade deals that hurt Americans


  • "Trump, Cruz awakening sleeping giant of evangelicals" by Cheryl K. Chumley, who says: "Christians care about more than abortion ÌÎ_Ì´åÌ´å and like a sleeping giant have awoken from a years-long slumber"


  • "2016 presidential race is nation's last breath for liberty" by Gina Loudon, Ph.D., who warns that America faces a feudal future of lords and serfs under continued leftist rule


  • "Suicide of the GOP ÌÎ_Ì´åÌ´å or its rebirth?" by Patrick J. Buchanan, on how 2016 may well result in a 1964-like renewal of the Republican Party ÌÎ_Ì´åÌ´å without the hysterical elites


  • "GOP elite: Get your heads out!" by Ted Nugent, in which the legendary rock star excoriates Republicans for trying to derail Trump and Cruz


Whistleblower Editor David Kupelian sums up the April issue this way: "A 'tsunami none of us saw coming' ÌÎ_Ì´åÌ´å that's how Sen. Marco Rubio, in announcing he was suspending his campaign, characterized the powerful and mysterious movement that swept him and so many others out of the 2016 presidential race.

"Yet even tsunamis, like earthquakes and other seemingly unpredictable and unstoppable 'acts of God,' have causes. And though unrecognized by most, the massive tectonic plate shifts in the American electorate are rapidly and permanently reshaping America. That's what this issue of Whistleblower is ultimately all about."

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