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Whistleblower (DIGITAL) - April 2005

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Despite decades of relentless attacks on its moral and spiritual foundations, America is still overwhelmingly a Christian nation. Or is it?

With 80 percent of Americans describing themselves as Christians, 45 percent of the population attending church on any given weekend, tens of millions buying Rick Warren's "The Purpose-Driven Life" and believers making Mel Gibson's "The Passion of the Christ" one of the top-grossing movies of all time, America appears to be bursting its seams with vibrant Christianity.

There's just one problem.

Although Christians comprise the vast majority of the nation's citizens and voters, America is becoming increasingly un-Christian and even anti-Christian with every passing year, from its culture, to its laws, its public education system, its news media and most other major institutions. Whether the battlefield is abortion or "gay rights," public prayer or euthanasia, most of the fights are being won by the bad guys. Why?

Now, a groundbreaking new edition of WND's acclaimed monthly Whistleblower magazine, titled "WHY ARE CHRISTIANS LOSING AMERICA?", reveals exactly what has gone wrong within Christianity, and why believers have been on the losing side of virtually every cultural and public policy battle for the past 40 years.

An outgrowth of Managing Editor David Kupelian's widely read column of the same name, "WHY ARE CHRISTIANS LOSING AMERICA?" visits the key battlegrounds within Christianity that have made headlines over the past few years, from "mainline" Protestants' ordination of homosexual clergy and condemnations of Israel to the National Council of Churches' hardcore leftist activities to the Roman Catholic Church's devastating clergy sex scandals. But this issue also focuses a laser beam on the lesser known problems, the IRS's gagging of churches in the realm of political speech, the proliferation of inane and dangerous fads like "gross-out games" among church youth groups, and the insidious dangers Francis Schaeffer described in his final book, "The Great Evangelical Disaster."

This issue will take readers on a guided tour through modern Christianity, from the highs (selfless service, redeeming the lost, fighting courageously for America's culture) to the lows (pedophile priests, communist infiltration, rampant moral compromise).

"Prepare to be shocked by this issue of Whistleblower," said WND founder Joseph Farah. "But prepare also to be challenged by some rarely reported information and profound insight that could just help save the nation."


  • "Time for church leadership" by Joseph Farah.


  • "How religion lost the culture war," in which Farah reveals the church's scandalous abdication of its former influential role in the creation of American entertainment. "Hollywood didn't abandon the church," says Farah. "The church abandoned Hollywood."


  • "Mainline churches marching leftward" by Art Moore, showing how some of America's biggest Protestant denominations support a hardcore leftist agenda.


  • "Mainline churches bash Bush budget", how Presbyterians, Lutherans, Methodists and Episcopalians attacked the administration for not spending more on the poor.


  • "A tale of 2 Christians" by Joseph Farah, revealing a radical contrast between the judge in the Terri Schiavo case and that judge's pastor.


  • "The marketing of false Christianity," a comprehensive, disturbing and enlightening exploration of how the world's greatest religion became the No. 1 target for subversion, by David Kupelian.


  • "Poll: U.S. teens see God as 'Divine Butler,' 'Cosmic Therapist'", which shows that despite the interest American teenagers have in religion, in most cases their understanding of their faith is remarkably shallow.


  • "Stupid church tricks" by Gene Edward Veith, a shocking expose of one of the most shameful trends in youth ministries today: "gross-out games."


  • "Restore the rights of clergy in America," in which Patrick Buchanan reveals how Congress and the IRS have muzzled U.S. churches.


  • "Poll: Christians think and behave 'like everyone else,'" by Ron Strom. "It often seems that their faith makes very little difference in their life," says Christian pollster George Barna.


  • "Survey: Only 9% of Christians have biblical worldview", another disturbing poll showing that most "believers" in today's America think and act much the same as everyone else.


  • "No fear: Overcoming Bible trauma" by Bob Just, who offers "Encouraging words to those who believe it's God's Word, but who rarely read it."

"The religion that underpins Western Civilization is under merciless attack," said Kupelian. "It's about time we realized what is happening and why, and what we can do to reverse course. It's definitely not too late. In fact, America may be ripe for a real national awakening."

"If the truth will set us free, as the Good Book promises," added Farah, "then this issue of Whistleblower should help in that department, because it's packed full of truth that's rarely heard in a world where truth is a commodity in very short supply."

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