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Whistleblower (DIGITAL) - April 2004

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An electrifying new edition of WND's popular monthly Whistleblower magazine tells the true, inside story of the "spontaneous" wildfire of same-sex marriages that has swept across America — how it was planned, how it spread, and how, despite appearances, same-sex marriage could easily become the law of the land in the near future.

Most importantly, it showcases in detail, for the first time, how people can and are fighting back against the sexual anarchy sweeping the land, in a last-ditch effort, they say, to save not only marriage, but the very soul of America.

As this Whistleblower edition, titled "SEXUAL ANARCHY," clearly documents, the legal underpinnings for same-sex marriage were put in place by the U.S. Supreme Court last June in the Lawrence v. Texas ("sodomy") case. Sure enough, five months later the issue leapt into life full-grown when the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court "discovered" in that state's constitution a previously unrecognized "right" to same-sex marriage.

But when President Bush in his January State of the Union address dared to voice support for a constitutional ban on same-sex marriage — decrying "activist judges" redefining marriage by court order, without regard for the will of the people and their elected representatives" — San Francisco's newly elected Mayor Gavin Newsom sprang into action.

Quietly, he planned an audacious end-run around the law, around California's voters, indeed around thousands of years of Western Judeo-Christian traditional values. Upstaging legal groups who had signaled their intent to file for a court injunction to block the blatantly illegal "marriages," San Francisco City Assessor Mabel Teng didn't wait for the court to rule, but rather, presided over the first officially sanctioned same-sex marriage in U.S. history. By the next day, scores of weddings already had been performed and opponents, who decried the move as anarchy, were told by a judge to come back next week. In the meantime, Newsom kept City Hall open over the weekend as same-sex couples poured in from all over the state and beyond.

But that was just the beginning. In this Whistleblower issue, the wildfire is expertly tracked across the nation, from New Mexico to Michigan to Chicago to New York to Oregon, as homosexual couples — many convinced they're part of the epic civil-rights struggle of the new millennium — giddily "tie the knot" in endless streams of couples, openly defying the law in city after city.

"SEXUAL ANARCHY" includes:

  • "Marriage is not discrimination" by Joseph Farah


  • "Matrimonial mayhem" by Art Moore, documenting how homosexual activists took America by surprise


  • "The new face of the lawless left," a brilliant look at modern anarchy by Michelle Malkin


  • "Battle for civilization?" by Art Moore, on how the struggle over marriage is keeping defenders of traditional values like James Dobson awake at night


  • "Lawlessness and civil disobedience" by Hugh Hewett, showing where today's anarchy is inevitably leading


  • "Taking marriage back," an in-depth prescription for total victory in the culture war, by Joseph Farah


  • "Homosexuals hijack civil rights bus" by Janet M. LaRue, demonstrating conclusively that the 'gay marriage' movement is demeaning the genuine struggle for liberty and equality


  • "College producing small army of conservative warriors," a profile of Virginia's Patrick Henry College, and how it is turning the homeschool dream of political engagement into reality


  • "Gay marriage quicksand" by U.S. Rep. Ron Paul, R-Texas, who reveals that Congress has the absolute but little-known power to stop activist judges in their tracks


  • "Why we need a federal marriage amendment, in which attorney Mathew D. Staver makes the case that, despite protests over states' rights, marriage has always been a national matter


  • "Urgent letter to church leaders," Richard D. Ackerman's disturbing wake-up call from the front lines of America's culture war


  • "It's the heart versus the Bible" by Dennis Prager, revealing the core flaw that has led America into profound moral confusion

"If you want to understand today's insidious but brilliant campaign to foist same-sex marriage on America — to overturn the will of Congress, the people and millennia of traditional wisdom and law, all with the aid of just a few renegade judges — you've got to read this issue, " said WorldNetDaily founder and Editor Joseph Farah. "It's a fantastic story. And best of all — if Americans follow the action plan it lays out — the story may yet have a happy ending, instead of a disastrous one."

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