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Whistleblower Single Issue - January 2023

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If Americans throughout their nation’s history have embraced any common values, at the top of the list would be the conviction that children are precious, innocent, a gift from God – and to be protected at all costs.

Why then, in today’s America, are so many adults destroying children in a dizzying variety of ways – from aborting them right up to the moment of birth, to killing them after they’re born, to sexualizing them virtually from birth (Harvard now teaches a course on infants who are “LGBTQIA+,” “queer” or “asexual”), to injecting them with an experimental “vaccine” proven to be both ineffective and dangerous, to transporting 2- and 3-year-olds to events glorifying mentally ill, demonically possessed men dressed as women (some with criminal histories of child sexual abuse) who regale America’s next generation with fantastical stories about heroic LGBT characters?

And this is just the abuse heaped daily on infants and toddlers.

As they grow older, America’s children are systematically sexualized in government (“public”) school classrooms and after-school LGBT “support clubs,” as well as by ubiquitous transgender recruiters on social media platforms like TikTok. As a direct result, many children are seduced into “identifying” as the opposite gender, or a brand-new imaginary gender, and although too young to drive or vote, are convinced – and permitted – to take powerful drugs and hormones, and to have their healthy breasts amputated or to undergo chemical or surgical castration.

Make no mistake: Today’s rampant transgender grooming craze amounts to widespread child sexual abuse of the most serious and irreversible kind. America is literally normalizing pedophilia.

As if the rampant sexual abuse were not enough, alongside it are many other daily educational assaults on America’s youth: They are indoctrinated with toxic and corrupting Marxist ideologies like “critical race theory,” intended to condition them to hate and reject their own country, their parents, their faith, their race, their gender and themselves. At the same time, they’re being intentionally frightened of the future by being fed lurid, terrifying – and utterly groundless – apocalyptic tales of the imminent destruction of the world due to catastrophic, man-caused global warming. During the COVID hysteria, they were forced to wear useless and ineffective masks even outside, while engaged in sporting activities, causing some to collapse from oxygen deprivation.

And of course, things just get worse once the kids go off to college, probably the most deranged and toxic environment in the country, where young people are indoctrinated assembly-line style with Marxist ideology, intimidated into adopting perverse woke sensibilities and loyalties, and effortlessly drawn into immoral, self-destructive and hopeless lifestyles.

As a result of these and still other assaults on America’s young people, youth suicides have skyrocketed, as have depression, anxiety and other mental and emotional disorders. Even violent crime at an early age, something virtually unheard-of in previous eras, is becoming an increasing reality, as reflected in recent headlines, including “6-year-old student in custody after allegedly shooting his elementary school teacher in Virginia” and “12-year-old Oklahoma girl accused of stabbing her 9-year-old brother to death.”

Meanwhile, the synthetic opioid fentanyl, the No. 1 cause of death of younger Americans 18 to 45, destroys thousands of children annually. In fact, recently – making its first appearance just prior to Halloween – it has been disguised as candy (so-called “rainbow fentanyl”) so as to destroy as many kids as possible. The fentanyl crisis is largely a result of the Biden administration’s intentional and catastrophic demolition of border enforcement, essentially handing over the U.S.-Mexico border region to the terroristic Mexican drug cartels, who in turn profit massively from trafficking China-sourced fentanyl and other illicit drugs into America.

Moreover, the same cartels reap huge profits from facilitating (for a price) the trek of millions of aliens intending to cross the border illegally, a key feature of which is the rampant sexual abuse and/or sex trafficking of countless girls and young women attempting to make the dangerous trek into the U.S.

This multi-front war is intended ultimately to convert America’s next generation into a frightened, corrupted, ideologically brainwashed and therefore obedient version of the bright and moral people they were created to be. Make no mistake, the harm being done to children in this war is neither accidental nor collateral: Children are the primary target.

How can all this be happening in the greatest nation on earth? Who and what is behind it? And how can it be stopped?

That is the explosive topic of the entire January issue of WND’s critically acclaimed Whistleblower magazine, titled “WINNING THE WAR AGAINST AMERICA’S CHILDREN.”

Issue highlights include:

* “Winning the war against America’s children” by David Kupelian

* “Teens buying deadly fentanyl on social media, and sales are soaring!” by Chuck Norris, who demands government do more to stop the deadly drug from entering the U.S.

* “'Mass poisoning': Fentanyl disguised as candy the latest snare for children. 'We're seeing an unprecedented amount of kids dying as young as 13 years old'”

* “American culture's sick obsession with children and sexuality: Perverse news media consistently defend abusers, rather than victim kids and their parents” by Laura Hollis

* “8th-graders get assigned to list their favorite sex acts like pizza toppings: When caught, school claimed it was all a mistake – ‘incorrect version’ was sent out” by Kendall Tietz

* “Top 10 ways America is being groomed to normalize pedophilia” by Linda Harvey

* “Global elite' like pedophilia,' top researcher charges”

* “How the left hurts kids: While Democrats feign concern, their actual policies harm, corrupt and kill countless children” by David Kupelian

* “Huge number of Democrats tell pollsters the unvaccinated should lose custody of their children” by Laurel Duggan

* “How 'woke' schools and unions 'turned America’s education system on its head': 'When parents speak against this, they are targeted as extremists'” by Reagan Reese

* “‘Unlawful grooming and abuse’: Parents sue school after teen daughter’s shockingly 'pornographic' assignment” by Reagan Reese

* “Parental authority is the basis of civilization – and it has disappeared: How a culture's foundation hinges on the 5th Commandment” by Dennis Prager

* “What's behind the attacks on crisis pregnancy centers? Explaining the violence and rhetoric of 'pro-choicers' who can't tolerate others' choices” by Laura Hollis

* “Unsafe spaces: How college is making young Americans angry, confused and mentally ill” by David Kupelian

* “Homeschooling in the U.S. has tripled since 2020: Hundreds of thousands of students forced to learn from home during COVID haven’t returned to public schools” by Bob Unruh

* “Harvard study: Homeschoolers have better character, fewer problems later in life”

* “Will the ‘Quiet Right’ save America?”

* “The church's silence on the LGBT issue is hurting young people: 'How can we be compassionate without compromise?'” by Michael Brown.

Comments author and longtime Whistleblower Editor David Kupelian: “Bottom line, the far left exists in a state of mass delusion rooted in all-out rebellion against God and His laws. Indeed, the left literally violates all of the Ten Commandments every single day – not incidentally, but purposefully, since the core dynamic of the left’s operating system depends upon violating them: Therefore, they create false gods to worship while vainly pretending to venerate the true God, they teach children not to honor their parents, and kill innocent babies, and steal citizens’ wealth, and encourage and revel in sexual immorality, and continually ‘bear false witness’ against good people – and underlying it all, they covet all that is not rightfully theirs. Winston Churchill insightfully characterized this false religion by dubbing socialism ‘the gospel of envy.’”

Thus, adds Kupelian, “Because of this moral inversion, the left’s worst nightmare is a nation of kids raised learning about God and Jesus, and the Ten Commandments and the Sermon on the Mount, about the Golden Rule and about sexual morality and about righteousness. The radical left hates all of that with a blinding hatred, since Christian virtue represents an existential threat to the Marxist left, and always has.”

“This issue of Whistleblower explores the reality of the left’s all-out war on children – and some of the best, most inspired and effective solutions.”

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