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Whistleblower Single Issue - August 2023

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THE NEW AMERICAN SLAVE TRADE: How the Biden regime enables and promotes child sex trafficking in the U.S.A

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It’s shocking, though in no way overstated, to conclude that Americans today are living through a time of total spiritual warfare, when virtually all of the most contentious and consequential issues are neither political, ideological nor psychological. They are flat-out spiritual – good versus evil.

There’s the early sexualization of innocent children in the nation’s public schools. And the mass-hysteria transgender craze that seduces mentally fragile teenagers into undergoing mutilating and irreversible surgeries. And the love affair with killing human babies in their mother’s womb. And the massive foreign invasion of America, purposefully engineered by a senile, forever-lying and epically corrupt president. And the ever-growing persecution of law-abiding, God-fearing Americans branded as “violent extremists” and “domestic terrorists.” And the pretend existential “climate change” crisis, and the pretend “white supremacy” crisis, and so much more.

Truly, today’s ruling elites champion policies that every previous generation of Americans would have regarded as immoral, insane and outright evil. And of course, these same sociopathic “leaders” are in turn – knowingly or unknowingly – in the service of very dark spiritual “powers and principalities in high places,” as the Bible puts it.

Honest, insightful journalist-pundits from Tucker Carlson to Jason Whitlock to James O’Keefe are all openly affirming this reality: In today’s excruciatingly conflicted America, virtually everything is spiritual, not political.

That brings to center stage the supremely radioactive issue – illuminated by the hit summer film “Sound of Freedom” – of the widespread trafficking and sexual slavery of children, as well as the shocking prevalence of pedophiles in the United States of America. Indeed, the U.S. is the largest market for child sexual abuse in the world.

Although much can be said about the who, what, when, where and how of such a loathsome and unspeakable criminal enterprise, the first and most important question is why? Obviously, there’s big money in the trafficking of children, just as there is in the trafficking of illicit drugs, but what explains the huge market for child sex in the first place? To put a fine point on the question: What is it about little children that is in any way sexually attractive to some people? Innocent prepubescent children are the opposite of sexually appealing, as they represent pure, unspoiled, uncorrupted spiritual sweetness and innocence.

And that’s exactly the point. Actor Jim Caviezel, who portrays child-rescuer Tim Ballard in “Sound of Freedom,” zoomed in on the answer in a recent interview.

Question: “When you talk about the evil in the human trafficking, the slavery of children, it’s the kind of thing that beggars the imagination – you know, you can barely understand how people could do something like that …”

Caviezel: “No, I understand it. … I had guys who helped me to understand the psychology: [The perpetrators are] starting older, with pornography, and you just keep going younger and younger and younger. And I said, ‘Well, why would a man be interested in an unformed woman?’ And he said, ‘The innocence, [it’s] the demonic thing that [wants] this innocent child,’ and it becomes more attractive to them.”

In other words, to an extremely corrupt person at war with God, a child’s innocence and purity causes great discomfort – agony, in fact – just as sunlight does to the proverbial vampire. It burns. The child’s innocence constitutes a deep and unwelcome reminder of everything the perpetrator has lost, and some incorrigibly corrupt souls simply cannot stand it – and thus feel compelled to put out the light. That is why they experience a perverse, demonic pleasure, far beyond any sexual release, when they invade that child’s unspoiled, precious innocence by sexually violating and “initiating” him or her into their dark realm.

In light of this, it’s doubly shocking to realize – as Tim Ballard, who has led many missions rescuing sex-trafficked children around the world, points out – that the Biden administration is actually enabling and promoting the trafficking and sexual slavery of children.

To illustrate his point, Ballard describes what he found during a recent rescue mission in Ukraine, in which his team saved many sex-trafficked children in that war-torn nation.

“We locked into this pedophile ring,” he told one interviewer. “Now, it’s a frightening ring, because it’s a political party that was out of Holland, called the PNVD … They’re trying to legalize sex with children – they thought a 3-year-old could consent to sex. … I had to study their literature, this was a political platform

“I called [their agenda] the ‘Pedophile Network Doctrines,’ and they include things like: Separate children from parents because parents are a bad influence – the state knows best; two, sexualize kids, let them see pornography; three, take God out of education, because that just gets in their way; and kids – consent, consent, consent – children can consent to anything. At 12 years old they should be able to vote, they should be able to do anything.”

Ballard continues, incredulously: “Now, what am I seeing here? My stomach is getting sick as I’m reading this. I read this every day – it’s the woke left’s agenda! I’m not saying they’re colluding or talking; it doesn’t matter. It’s the same dark source. Pedophiles are sitting back right now and going, ‘We’ve been pushing this agenda for decades, and now we don’t have to push any more, because the left is taking care of it for us’ – in America. In America!”

Ballard’s concerns are confirmed by Tara Lee Rodas, a Health and Human Services whistleblower who testified in April before the House Judiciary Subcommittee on Immigration Integrity, Security and Enforcement. Because of the Biden administration's border policies, she said, a staggering 85,000 migrant children are missing in America.

“Today,” in the United States of America, the whistleblower testified, “children will work overnight shifts at slaughterhouses, factories, restaurants to pay their debts to smugglers and traffickers. Today, children will be sold for sex. Today, children will call a hotline to report they are being abused, neglected, and trafficked.”

Under Biden, she pleaded, “the U.S. government has become the middleman in a large-scale, multi-billion-dollar child trafficking operation.”

But all this is just the beginning. The whole, secret criminal mega-enterprise of child sex trafficking is exposed as never before in the August issue of WND’s critically acclaimed monthly Whistleblower magazine, in an issue titled “THE NEW AMERICAN SLAVE TRADE: How the Biden regime enables and promotes child sex trafficking in the U.S.A.”

Issue highlights include:

* “The Biden administration’s pro-pedophile agenda: ‘The U.S. government has become the middleman in a large-scale, multi-billion-dollar child trafficking operation’” by David Kupelian

* “Movie attacks child sex trafficking, so news organizations attack movie! Worldwide slavery problem is written off as a 'QAnon fantasy’” by Bob Unruh

* 'Creepy': 'Sound of Freedom' critic tied to group rebranding pedophiles: 'Every person protesting this film should have a warrant served to search their computers'” by Peter LaBarbera

* “Federal whistleblower: Biden administration is putting thousands of children ‘into modern-day slavery with wicked overlords’”

* “‘85,000 children’: Biden 'has created largest child-trafficking ring in U.S. history': ‘Many of those children are raped, used for forced labor, and forced to undertake brutal jobs’

* “Global elite 'like pedophilia,' top researcher charges: 'There is no other way to describe it'”

* “Once-acclaimed ABC News reporter facing minimum 5 years in prison in horrific child-porn case: 'Depraved intentions to sexually harm children'” by Jim Baker

* “Journalists, doctors, lawyers, policemen, sports stars, entertainers, even pastors – all charged with child-sex offenses”

* “How a famous scientist who was secretly a sexual psychopath normalized adult-child sex: The shocking, scandalous truth about pedophile-friendly Alfred Kinsey” by David Kupelian

* “'Was I molested?' Video from Biden's daughter Ashley proves diary is hers: First daughter remembers 'showers [with] my dad (probably not appropriate)'” by Peter LaBarbera

* “'Sound of Freedom' star Jim Caviezel shares what he would've done if Biden put mouth on his kid” by Michael Schwarz

* “Media outlets actively helping the campaign to normalize pedophilia: Publication said 'experts' believe behavior is just a 'misunderstood' condition” by Laurel Duggan

* “Why Judaism rejected homosexuality: A deep dive into the pagan world reveals an all-consuming obsession with adult-child sex” by Dennis Prager

* “What is the true extent of pedophilia and evil in Hollywood?” by Lorri Wickenhauser

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