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Whistleblower (DIGITAL) - October 2012

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THE TIPPING POINT: Life in America under 4 more years of Barack Obama's leadership

Gun and ammo sales are through the roof, as is the popularity of post-apocalyptic TV shows like "The Walking Dead" and "Revolution." Foreclosures, debt, the "misery index," and suicide rates are also way up, while employment, consumer confidence, median family income and optimism about the kind of country today's children will inherit are way, way down.

Against this turbulent backdrop, America—her people more polarized than at any time since the Civil War—faces the most staggeringly consequential election in generations.

In a very special pre-election issue, October's Whistleblower magazine provides a stunning "crystal ball" look at the future of America should Obama win reelection. It is titled "THE TIPPING POINT: Life in America under 4 more years of Barack Obama's leadership."

Do you wonder what Obama will actually do when he has "more flexibility" after his "last election," as he confided to the Russian president, not realizing his microphone was live? Are you concerned about what will happen to America's already crippled free-enterprise system and to the U.S. and world economies in the next four years under Obama? Are you concerned about the nation's already-porous borders, or whether it will ever again have truly free elections? Are you anxious over the future of the Supreme Court, considering that the next president may appoint up to three new justices—which in turn will determine the future of abortion, gun control, same-sex marriage and other crucial issues? Are you concerned over what will become of Israel, and alarmed over the increasing radicalization of the entire Arab-Muslim Middle East, not to mention the Islamic juggernaut sweeping Europe and the U.S.? Do you worry about Obama gutting the military and leaving America vulnerable not only to terrorism, but to nuclear attack?

Beyond all of this, do you wonder how Americans will react should Obama be reelected and all these concerns become undeniable realities?

Will there be massive civil disobedience? Will there be violence? Will states attempt to secede from the union? Will America be able to survive Obama?

All these issues are addressed forthrightly in "THE TIPPING POINT." You will learn—from experts ranging from Aaron Klein and Dinesh D'Souza to Patrick Buchanan and Lord Monckton—how Obama is already making America vulnerable to both financial collapse and nuclear attack, and exactly how a second term will allow him to finish the job.

Highlights of "THE TIPPING POINT" include:


  • "Don't get fooled again!" by Joseph Farah, who focuses on Obama's plans for America when he has "more flexibility" after the election


  • "My crystal ball" by David Kupelian, providing an eye-opening look at how Americans will react if Obama is reelected


  • "Obama's 2nd-term dream is America's nightmare" by Aaron Klein, who takes readers on a tour of Obama's upcoming policies, as revealed by the think tanks that created his first-term agenda


  • 2nd-term plan: "Disarm border agents" (Protect illegal aliens in multitude of ways, grant amnesty, convert into voters)


  • 2nd-term plan: "Take control of 'every industry'" (Government's 'success' with automaker bailouts to be replicated throughout economy)


  • 2nd-term plan: "Institute 'Marxist' jobs plan" (Government-mandated 'living wage' could 'crash and burn' entire economy)


  • 2nd-term plan: "Morph Obamacare into hardcore socialized medicine" (Single-payer system is waiting in the wings)


  • 2nd-term plan: "Gut military and transform soldiers into social workers" (New focus on 'global warming,' 'injustice,' poverty, bolstering the U.N.)


  • "Burn down the suburbs?" by Stanley Kurtz, who documents the shocking truth that Obama is actually trying abolish America's suburbs


  • "Obama is bringing about 'nightmare scenario'" by Troy Anderson, in which Dinesh D'Souza, the author and filmmaker who made "2016," says America is becoming vulnerable to both financial collapse and nuclear attack


  • "'Life or death choice' in 2012" by Michael F. Haverluck, on the dire warning issued by a coalition of top pro-family, pro-life groups


  • "Top 10 reasons not to re-elect Obama" by Chuck Norris, on how the current administration has devastated America over the last 4 years


  • "Obama to Palestinians: Don't declare statehood until my election's over"


  • "Obama lunges toward global government" by Phyllis Schlafly, on how just one executive order is giving away "a huge slice of U.S. economic and environmental sovereignty"


  • "Romney-Ryan: Can they really cut the budget?" by Pat Buchanan, on what the GOP ticket will do if elected in November


  • "Freedom hangs by a 'gossamer thread'" by Chuck Norris, who says the next president could nominate 3 new Supreme Court justices—and that the resulting high court will rule on Americans' Second Amendment rights and many others


  • "Can America survive Obama?" by Christopher Monckton of Brenchley, in which this modern-day de Tocqueville views America with great love—and great alarm.

"November's election is the tipping point," said WND Managing Editor David Kupelian, "perhaps the most existentially important election in our history. This issue of Whistleblower clearly reveals the specific consequences for all of us should Barack Obama be given the control levers of the most magnificent and divinely blessed nation in history for another four long years."

And as WND Editor and CEO Joseph Farah writes in October's Whistleblower: "What you hold in your hands right now is nothing less than political dynamite—the kind that if spread far and wide in the next few weeks can ensure Obama is not re-elected in November, so that he does not have the chance to institute an agenda even more radical than what he has already done."

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