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Whistleblower Digital Version - May 2022

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About this month's issue: WHISTLEBLOWER – MAY 2022

LIFE AND DEATH DECISION: After almost 50 years, the movement to save America's unborn faces its greatest challenge

Anticipating that the Supreme Court might imminently repeal Roe v. Wade, its most controversial and society-transforming decision in a century, America – already a war zone because of the destructive and intentionally divisive policies of today’s radicalized Democratic Party – is descending into full-blown meltdown.

Hysterically shrieking mobs waving coat hangers and promising violence are everywhere, firebombing pro-life headquarters and threatening the lives of its staffers, others swarming the private homes of Supreme Court justices and their families in brazen violation of federal law. A new Department of Homeland Security report reveals law enforcement agencies are investigating “threats to burn down or storm the Supreme Court building and murder justices and their clerks” and to attack “places of worship.” All just the beginning of their widely proclaimed “summer of rage.”

Meanwhile, congressional Democrats fan the flames of mob violence while insisting the “vital constitutional protections” of Roe must be codified into federal law, as establishment news organizations cheerlead their attempts to implement the most radical and barbaric abortion laws in the Western world.

How extreme and evil has the pro-abortion movement become? The Satanic Temple is now issuing statements demanding "religious abortion access" for its members since it considers abortion both a religious right and a religious “rite” for its satanic faith. Pro-abortion activists are seen carrying signs with phrases like “Fetus = good snack.” Even taking a child’s life after being born – once considered unthinkable, since it literally constitutes the heinous crime of infanticide – is increasingly considered an option by many in the “pro-choice” movement.

Yet, amidst all of today’s “end-of-the-world” rhetoric, criminal violence, openly satanic demonstrations, on-air meltdowns and public hysteria, there is virtually no discussion of what the abortion issue is actually all about.

After all, truthfully exploring the core issue would destroy their “pro-choice” fantasy world like a nuclear bomb.

And that is the focus of the powerfully moving May issue of WND’s critically acclaimed Whistleblower magazine, titled “LIFE AND DEATH DECISION: After almost 50 years, the movement to save America’s unborn faces its greatest challenge.”

What the “choice” issue is really about – of course – is babies. Beautiful, heart-beating, thumb-sucking, hearing, kicking, hiccupping, growing, pain-feeling, learning, very much alive, made-in-the-image-of-God human babies.

No wonder the left avoids it. After all, the left is, at heart, in rebellion against the Creator and His laws of life, and in fact is dominated at the highest levels mostly by sociopaths who care nothing about anyone or anything other than their own personal power, privilege, wealth and glory. They reject God and all that is sacred in a vain and inglorious attempt to become little gods themselves.

So, it’s no surprise that this miracle of new, sacred human life – Imago Dei – would go to the very bottom of the list of what is important to them.

Incredibly, in an age when those on the left, on issues ranging from COVID to climate change, insist “the science” justifies their ever-increasing control over the behavior and even the thought life of Americans, somehow have almost given up citing science when it comes to abortion. Embryology, after all, is highly advanced today and the characteristics of the developing human being in utero are stunningly documented and far beyond rational dispute.

So even though abortion's target is a beautiful, miraculous, vibrant human baby, they seldom even try to claim otherwise as they once did (“it’s just a mass of cells”). Instead, they angrily attack you for “hating women,” opposing “reproductive justice” and denying them “their right to choose” – all meaningless noises designed to distract others, and themselves, from the reality of millions of infinitely valuable human lives being snuffed out.

Highlights of “LIFE AND DEATH DECISION” include:

* "Protecting ‘the least of these’" by David Kupelian

* "Warriors fighting for life since Roe v. Wade: Courageous champions saved innocent lives, turned tide of public opinion on abortion" by Chelsea Haggard

* "A mom's open letter to 'pro-choice' women: Poignant lessons learned from author’s unintended teen pregnancy" by Chelsea Haggard

* "Freedom is rooted in sanctity of life" by Star Parker, who says, "We'll never know the gifts of the 63 million children obliterated since the 1973 Roe v. Wade decision"

* "These 26 states will ban or restrict abortions after Roe repeal" by Art Moore

* "How the pro-abortion movement’s co-founder was transformed into a tireless pro-life champion," David Kupelian’s revealing, in-depth interview with Bernard Nathanson, M.D.

* "Beyond the abortion debate, there are hurting men and women. We must not forget them" by Dr. Michael Brown

* "America's founders' views on life in the womb" by Chuck Norris, dispelling false claims about the nation’s forefathers, including that Benjamin Franklin had no problem with abortion

* "Why abortion was illegal in most states before Roe v. Wade" by Joseph Farah, on why the landmark Supreme Court decision has always been a house of cards

* "For the left, children are either obstacles or tools" by Ben Shapiro

* "Lila Rose: People change their minds simply ‘by learning about what abortion actually does’" by Bettina di Fiore.

As author and Whistleblower Editor David Kupelian notes, “More than 63 million children already have been killed since 1973’s Roe decision, including close to half of the black population of the United States, exterminated by abortion. In response, millions upon millions of good and decent Americans are now rising up and crying out, ‘For God’s sake, this has to stop!’”

Kupelian adds: “This powerfully uplifting Whistleblower issue documents how the half-century-old pro-life movement, which has saved so many lives, now faces perhaps its greatest challenge and opportunity ever. Because if Roe v. Wade is indeed overturned and the issue of abortion is returned to the 50 states, it will be a time of tremendous national focus, discussion and persuasion, and thus a golden opportunity for the expression of desperately needed truth, along with genuine Christian love. Indeed, regardless of what the high court does, now is a golden opportunity – while the entire nation is obsessed with abortion – to let the truth shine as never before.”

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