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Whistleblower (DIGITAL) - March 2011

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KNOW THINE ENEMY: The Muslim Brotherhood's secret plan to 'destroy Western Civilization from within.'

"Allah is our objective; the Prophet is our leader; the Quran is our law; Jihad is our way; dying in the way of Allah is our highest hope."

Does that sound like the motto of a nice, peaceful, nonviolent, secular organization? President Obama and his national intelligence director James Clapper think so.

But contrary to the perversely rosy assessment of America's top leadership, the Muslim Brotherhood, the shadowy, transnational Islamist parent organization of al-Qaida and Hamas, is committed not only to filling the growing leadership vacuum in the Arab world, but also, through its many proxies within the U.S., to impose the Quran and Shariah law right here in America.

If that sounds too fantastic or improbable to take seriously, you will harbor no such doubts after reading the March issue of Whistleblower, "KNOW THINE ENEMY: The Muslim Brotherhood's secret plan to 'destroy Western Civilization from within.'"

Incredibly, the Muslim Brotherhood is attacking America using the exact same strategy and tactics employed so successfully by the left.

That's right. For decades, while America was furiously fighting communism overseas and struggling to neutralize the threat of nuclear war, the very same Marxist enemy was busily infiltrating America and eating away at its moral foundation like termites, subverting core institutions such as education, the news and entertainment media and even churches. As a direct result, America today increasingly resembles a European-style socialist welfare state, exactly what the Marxists had in mind all along.

Today, while America is focused on the threat of terrorist hijackers, underwear bombers and jihadist "martyrs," it is simultaneously being infiltrated and subverted by jihadists wearing coats and ties, "peacefully" insinuating themselves into our major institutions for the ultimate purpose of imposing Shariah law here. Shariah, Islam's "sacred" seventh-century legal system, is best known for chopping off the limbs of shoplifters, publicly flogging people for drinking a beer, executing those who leave Islam, stoning women to death for adultery and even, believe it or not, lashing and imprisoning women and girls who were victims of rape.

In "KNOW THINE ENEMY," Whistleblower has brought together many of the world's most knowledgeable and courageous experts on this expansionist, utopian, violent, Nazi-like threat to not only the troubled Arab world, but to the entire world, including Europe, the UK and America.

"This issue of Whistleblower is a compelling wake-up call to a preoccupied and beleaguered American citizenry," says David Kupelian, WND managing editor and Whistleblower editor. "Shariah law is already making inroads in America, from our courts to our financial establishments. We are also seeing 'honor killings' in our suburbs, jihad recruitment in our colleges and our prisons, a proliferation of mosques and Islamic schools funded with Saudi money, and dozens of subversive and dangerous Muslim groups with nice-sounding names masquerading as 'moderate, charitable and cultural' organizations. But their goal is precisely the same as that of the terrorists', the ultimate submission of Americans to Islam."

Highlights of "KNOW THINE ENEMY" include:


  • "The global Islamist revolt is here" by Joseph Farah, who pulls the veil off what we are witnessing throughout the Arab world:


  • "The Muslim Brotherhood's sneak attack on America" by David Kupelian, on expansionist Islam's two-front war on America and why "moderate" Shariah supremacists are more dangerous than terrorists


  • Key U.S. Muslim Brotherhood front organizations, compiled by "Muslim Mafia" co-author Paul Sperry


  • "Muslim straightens out U.S. intel director on Brotherhood," in which the courageous Muslim Dr. Zuhdi Jasser refutes the clueless pronouncements of America's top intelligence official regarding the Islamist threat


  • "The Muslim Brotherhood 'Project' for North America" by Brigitte Gabriel, on the secret 100-year plan to "establish an Islamic government on earth"


  • "Don't fear the Brotherhood, says long-time member," highlighting the argument that "the West and the Muslim Brotherhood are not enemies," made by Abdel Moneim Abou el-Fotouh, part of the organization's guidance council for 25 years


  • "Muslim groups accuse Congress of 'McCarthyism'" by Bob Unruh, on attacks against New York Congressman Peter King for promising to hold hearings on the threat of militant Islam in the U.S.


  • "The Muslim Brotherhood is our enemy" by Frank J. Gaffney, Jr., in which the former Reagan defense official shows how the shadowy group plans to "destroy Western civilization from within"


  • "The goal: Rule the world, and destroy Israel" by Itamar Marcus and Nan Jacques Zilberdik of Palestinian Media Watch, who showcase a Brotherhood leader who warns Muslims that failure to perform jihad will lead them to "spiritual death"


  • "Barack and the Brotherhood" by Pamela Geller, who shows that Obama's appointments, statements, lawsuits reveal a strong and troubling affinity for Islam


  • "Obama quietly builds ties with Muslim Brotherhood" by Aaron Klein, on the administration's back-door talks with a movement vowing the end of the West and the future rule of Islam


  • "Soros' fingerprints on Mideast chaos" by Aaron Klein, about the billionaire leftist funding groups opposing America's allies


  • "Inside the mind of the Muslim Brotherhood" by Walid Shoebat, whose Arabic translation reveals the true goals of Islamic conspiracy


  • "'Moderate civil-rights group' or sinister terror front?", an eye-opening look at why one FBI agent calls the Council on American-Islamic Relations "a turnstile for terrorists and their supporters"


  • "CAIR sues Oklahoma for banning Islamic law" by Drew Zahn, on how the controversial group got a judge to strike down an anti-Shariah measure approved by 70 percent of the state's voters in November


  • "The Muslim Brotherhood at CPAC" by Diana West, on "conservative Republican Muslim" Suhail Khan, who asks: "What are our oppressors going to do with a people like us?"


  • "'Terror Television' in the USA" by Cliff Kincaid, on why Al-Jazeera is being called "the Muslim Brotherhood channel"


  • "Obama's Muslim Brotherhood romance" by Jamie Glazov, on why leftists like Obama are mysteriously attracted to tyranny and terror

    "Most people didn't take Hitler seriously until it was too late," says Kupelian. "In the same way, most underestimated the ability of the radical left to subvert America, after all, Reagan won the Cold War. Today, the Islamist threat, right here in America, is real and more advanced than most people comprehend. Terrorism is just the visible tip of the iceberg. 'KNOW THINE ENEMY' shows you to the rest of the iceberg."

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