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Whistleblower Digital Version - July 2020

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"It's my greatest concern, my single greatest concern,” warns Joe Biden: “This president is going to try to steal this election."


Biden isn’t alone among Democrats and their media allies suddenly warning with great excitement that Republicans are going to lie, cheat, steal and collude with foreign powers to win in November. They’re all saying it.


"How Trump Will Try to Steal the Election” headlines a Washington Monthly story, saying “If voter suppression and foreign influence don’t work, he’ll contest the results." The Atlantic’s “How Donald Trump Could Steal the Election” contends “The president can’t simply cancel the fall balloting, but his state-level allies could still deliver him a second term.” Then there’s the Guardian, with "'It's all rigged': Trump foreshadows how he could undermine presidential election," and Salon, with “Here's how Trump will steal the 2020 election,” alleging “the Republican Party has refined its strategy of voter suppression, voter intimidation and vote theft in elections across the country.” But the grand prize goes to the Daily Beast for this headline: "This Is How Republicans Steal an Election, and Maybe Kill Some Dems in the Process."


As usual with the left, it’s all shameless straight-up projection – accusing conservatives of the precise sins and crimes they themselves commit. Remember, it was the Democrats who bitterly complained in 2016 that Trump would not accept that election’s results – and then, when they lost, spent the next four years hysterically and illegally attempting to overturn that election, ripping the country apart in the process.


But now it’s 2020, and the left is in total war mode, deploying its entire arsenal of weapons, from vote fraud of every sort, to blaming every societal problem – especially those they themselves created – on Trump, to Big Tech censorship of conservative media and purposeful manipulation of millions of “undecided” votes, to brazenly portraying Donald Trump as another Hitler.


The Democrats’ whole outrageous game plan is laid out in the latest issue of WND’s acclaimed monthly Whistleblower magazine, titled "HOW DEMOCRATS PLAN TO STEAL THE 2020 ELECTION."


During every election cycle, Democrats reflexively accuse Republicans of racism-motivated "voter suppression," simply because the GOP believes voters should identify themselves before voting, to prove they are actually eligible to cast a ballot.


In truth, however, it is the Democratic Party whose entire growth strategy relies on various forms of voter fraud and abuse – from encouraging non-citizens to vote (the reason they fiercely oppose the most sensible voter ID laws), to wanting to lower the voting age to 16, to insisting that incarcerated criminals including mass-murdering terrorists be allowed to vote, to demanding universal vote-by-mail, to ballot harvesting, to eliminating the Electoral College, to same-day registration and much more.


The left’s ultimate get-out-the-vote strategy, of course, is to import into the United States an entirely new population of voters, one not loyal to either America's Constitution or cultural values, to support Democrats' unconstitutional, un-American and increasingly deranged socialist agenda. Statistically, the vast majority of recent immigrants, both legal and illegal, favor Democrats.


“Just consider this,” says Whistleblower Editor and bestselling author David Kupelian: “If the Democrats and their Deep State and media allies were willing to illegally spy on Donald Trump, charge him with colluding with America’s enemies – essentially treason – while knowing full well it was all a lie; if they were perfectly willing to pervert and corrupt the most powerful and revered institutions of the federal government from the FBI to the DOJ; if they were willing to conduct transparently farcical impeachment hearings over a phone call they didn’t like; if they are now fine with politicizing the coronavirus pandemic to cause as much panic, fear, anxiety, suffering, financial stress, joblessness and general misery as possible for political gain; and if they are willing to flat-out lie their heads off day after day to the American public – what would they not do now, to defeat Trump in the home stretch of 2020’s do-or-die election?”


Highlights of "HOW DEMOCRATS PLAN TO STEAL THE 2020 ELECTION" include:


  • “Welcome to Opposite Land … where Democrats accuse Trump of stealing the 2020 election” by David Kupelian
  • “Gingrich: Here’s how Democrats intend to steal the election: I’ve spent a lifetime in politics and don’t remember anything this bad”
  • “Twitter labels Trump tweet warning mail-in voting would lead to a ‘rigged election’ as ‘misinformation’”
  • “Why all-mail elections are too risky and unwarranted” by Hans von Spakovsky, who writes: “In 2016, more mail ballots – 6.5 million – were misdirected or unaccounted for than the margin of votes separating Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton”
  • “Tucker Carlson: Democrats are exploiting coronavirus to push mail-in voting”
  • “How 'ballot harvesting' turned conservative Orange County blue in one election” by Art Moore, on how Democrats will use the same means to manipulate the results of the 2020 elections
  • “Democrats charged with mail-in voter fraud” – yet the party continues to dismiss Trump's concerns about expansion of mail-in balloting, by Art Moore
  • “Democrat election judge pleads guilty to stuffing ballot box”
  • “How Silicon Valley billionaires plan on making Biden president” by David Kupelian on “Sweeping, secret plans” galvanizing the progressive tech sector in its “4-year quest to oust Donald Trump”
  • “Top researcher, a Democrat, warns Big Tech is stealing election from Trump: 'We either turn over democracy to the tech companies or we fight them'” by Art Moore
  • “New Jersey's all-mail vote disaster provides warning for November election” by Jason Snead, on how a staggering 1 in every 5 votes was rejected in the state’s third-largest city
  • “2 out of 3 voters agree mail-in voting would increase fraud”
  • “Polling companies still purposely making the same ‘mistakes’ as in 2016” by Rachel Alexander, on how oversampling of Democrats and unlikely voters has become a mainstay of most pollsters
  • “Journalists once took voter fraud seriously” by Jack Cashill, on how the Obama presidency radically changed the culture of the press – and how it’s even worse now
  • “The only way to stop socialism is to decentralize the internet” by Daniel Greenfield, on why “Big Tech is indivisible from big government. Our government is as democratic as our internet”
  • “28 million absentee ballots missing or misdirected in past decade” by Laura Hollis, on why mail-in voting is a grave threat to election integrity in America
  • “We must decide whether we want to save America” by David Limbaugh, who asks: “Do we support policies that improve the lives of all people including minorities, or would we prefer to remain mired in hate and bitterness?”


Comments Kupelian: “Although of course we don’t yet know who will win November’s election, one thing is for sure: If the integrity of America’s elections is destroyed because of the left’s insatiable quest for power at all costs, then the great ‘American experiment’ will finally be at an end. For if no one believes their vote really counts any more, the United States of America will have ceased to exist as a functioning, powerful and uniquely free society.”


He adds: “This issue of Whistleblower exposes, while there is still time to fight back, the many ways the maniacal left is planning on stealing the 2020 election – not from Donald Trump, but from the American people.”



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