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Whistleblower Digital Version - December 2021

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About this month's issue: WHISTLEBLOWER – December 2021


Record-setting inflation that is rapidly making all Americans poorer. A full-scale invasion by millions of illegal aliens across the nation’s southern border. Tyrannical COVID policies decimating America’s economy. Solitary confinement and brutal treatment of Jan. 6 political prisoners in the bowels of Washington, D.C. The outrages of the Biden administration seem endless.

Indeed, hiding behind a weak and shockingly senile puppet president, today’s radicalized Democratic Party and its media propagandists are audaciously attempting a full-scale Marxist “reset” of America, one aimed at overturning capitalism, upending the U.S. Constitution with its limited government and individual rights, and “re-imagining” America’s key institutions of liberty. Everything from “stacking” the Supreme Court to repealing the Senate’s filibuster rule to “defunding” the nation’s police to eliminating the fossil fuel sector to eradicating suburbs.

All terrible, devastating and destructive to a great country under mortal attack from within.

And yet – all of this is not the REAL war being waged against the freest and most successful nation in history.

The more fundamental and ultimately consequential war being fought within the U.S. today is the one being waged against the American mind, with a never-ending wave of assaults literally targeting Americans’ core values, religious faith, historical memory, love of country, equanimity and happiness – indeed, their very sanity.

The weapons being deployed against the American heart, mind and soul are many. They include relentless daily accusations that America – hands-down the least racist nation on earth – is somehow irredeemably racist and predatory, even genocidal. White people must feel guilty and beg for forgiveness for crimes they never committed, while blacks are encouraged to identify as angry, aggrieved victims who can’t succeed in racist America. The nation’s police are maligned as white supremacists who routinely “hunt” and kill black people for sport.

Another devastating weapon being unleashed against Americans’ sanity and happiness is the ever-increasing promotion of debilitating fear. The COVID-19 pandemic, which could easily have been treated as a common foe uniting all Americans, as during World War II when virtually all citizens patriotically participated in the war effort, instead has enabled power-obsessed politicians – virtually all of them Democrats – to weaponize the pandemic via lockdowns and vaccine and mask mandates so as to maximize their authoritarian control over Americans.

Still another weapon used against Americans’ sanity, faith and peace of mind is the normalization and forced acceptance of transgenderism, the bizarre ideology that men are women if they think they are, or feel they are, and vice versa – a form of mass psychosis causing much more harm than merely destroying women’s athletics worldwide. It is actually driving many people to madness and suicide, with the attempted suicide rate among transgenders being a staggering 41%. Yet America’s children are being targeted with gender-fluidity indoctrination in school and are encouraged to “transition” to the opposite gender via puberty blockers, cross-sex hormones and even amputation.

Meanwhile, the Biden administration maniacally portrays all of its political opponents – from conservatives and Trump supporters to parents upset over the Marxist brainwashing of their children – as terrorists and violent extremists. This is exactly the kind of hardcore psychological warfare against a nation’s population one might expect from communist revolutionaries.

The casualties in this war on the American mind have been extremely high. Violent crime has exploded across the nation, while rates of suicide, alcohol and drug abuse, various forms of addiction, depression and other “mental health” issues have all skyrocketed. Drug overdose deaths in the U.S. now exceed 100,000 per year. And in early December, U.S. Surgeon General Vivek H. Murthy reported in a rare and alarming “public health advisory” that rates of depression and anxiety among America’s youth have doubled during the COVID pandemic, with 1 in 4 American kids experiencing depression, and emergency room visits for suicide attempts an astonishing 51% higher for teen girls than just two years ago.

Sadly, large numbers of Americans, young and old, are finding life hopeless and not worth living.

And yet, America – more than any other nation on earth – has always been a land of opportunity and freedom, and most of all, HOPE. Millions of immigrants fleeing genocide and tyranny have regarded America as nothing less than their “promised land.”

What is the basis of this mysterious and wonderful hope? And more urgently, can that hope on which the nation was founded, and which fueled its phenomenal success, be rekindled and restored?

The stark and otherworldly truth – unlikely to be uttered except in a Christian publication – is that the Christian faith is, and has been from the very beginning of the American experience, the true basis of Americans’ hope. And it is the progressive abandonment of that faith that has led directly to the madness, hopelessness and increasing tyranny Americans are now suffering.

"Everything good about America," said bestselling author and longtime Whistleblower Editor David Kupelian, "its Judeo-Christian culture, its Constitution, its exceptional level of personal liberty, Americans’ unique magnanimity and generosity, even their willingness to sacrifice their own lives and substance for the sake of others – are direct emanations of the Christian faith of its founding generation and the largely Christian citizenry and culture that have prevailed up until the current era."

That is the focus of the December issue of WND’s critically acclaimed Whistleblower magazine, headlined “FINDING REAL HOPE IN A WORLD GONE MAD.”

Highlights of “FINDING REAL HOPE IN A WORLD GONE MAD” include:

* “Hope in a hopeless world” by David Kupelian

* “It’s been a rough year” by Joseph Farah, who says, “Let's face it, we live in an age of deception unparalleled since the Tower of Babel”

* “Billy Graham on 9/11: Finding hope in the midst of great evil”

* “My Christmas heart attack” by David Kupelian, a very personal example of how God makes “all things work together for good”

* “The reality of Heaven and hell” by Pastor Greg Laurie, who asks: “What do you spend most of your time thinking about? You are the air traffic controller of your mind”

* “’The Case for Christ': Realistic and moving” by David Limbaugh, about the formerly atheist Chicago Tribune journalist who spent two years trying to debunk Christianity, but ended up convicted by a “sea of evidence”

* “Is this the face of Jesus Christ?” by Chelsea Haggard, in which the figure of a crucified man on the famed Shroud of Turin amazingly comes to life

* “The atheist's great awakening” by David Kupelian, on how ultimate denial sometimes yields to ultimate Reality

* “I refuse to accept the current state of the church: Just as in the Third World, God can grow us numerically and spiritually in the West” by Dr. Michael Brown

* “Rise and shine! Wake up to renewed hope in a disintegrating world” by Joe Kovacs, on the art of discerning amazing and life-changing truths hidden in plain sight

* “Hope for the holidays: Welcome signs that pro-American, Judeo-Christian values are on the upswing” by Robert Knight.

“The Christian faith,” notes Kupelian, “is what allowed America to fight off and ultimately purge itself of the sin of slavery, and yet to remain one unified country. It was at the heart of the Civil Rights movement, led by Rev. Martin Luther King Jr., a Baptist minister. It was the Christian sentiment that lived large in America that impelled it to rescue Jews from the Nazi death camps during WWII, sacrificing over 400,000 American lives in the process. And today, the Christian faith is the force behind the pro-life movement, which labors tirelessly to save the approximately one million American children targeted for execution every year via abortion.”

This powerfully insightful and uplifting issue of Whistleblower focuses on the faith and worldview that has always been the true source of hope, not just for this life, but for the next.

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