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Whistleblower (DIGITAL) - August 2008

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August 2008 — ENERGY FREEDOM: The Next American Revolution

America has huge oil reserves — more oil, say some experts, than in all of the Middle East. Yet this nation is currently in the vise grip of a paralyzing energy crisis, economic recession and price inflation caused by sky-high oil — all while exporting incomprehensibly large sums of Americans' cash to terror-supporting countries in exchange for their oil. Why?

The answer to that question — and the stunningly clear solution to America's "energy problem" — is laid out in the August edition of WND's elite monthly Whistleblower magazine, titled "ENERGY FREEDOM: The Next American Revolution."

Much of America's vast oil reserves are located underwater offshore, or locked up in the nation's vast Western shale deposits, or far away in northern Alaska. Yet U.S. energy companies possess the technology and know-how to get it out of the ground and into citizens' gas tanks.

So why the crisis?

Whistleblower goes right to the core of the problem, with former '60s radical leftist David Horowitz revealing:

"For more than 30 years, the American left — the Democratic Party, the environmental zealots, and their media fellow travelers — have been at war with energy producers in America. They have taken for granted the freedom that energy provides, and they have waged a war on those who make it possible.

"The left has agitated and the Democrats have regulated and with the aid of the media they have spread environmental panic — and won. They have ensured that for 20 years no large petroleum refineries have been built in America. They have launched alarmist attacks on the nuclear power industry and virtually throttled it at birth. They have encouraged unwarranted fears about magnetic fields and made construction of new power lines almost impossible. They have inspired junk-science hysterics and limited the building of pipelines that deliver natural gas. In the name of a slip of arctic wasteland the size of the Dallas airport (in a state that is twice the size of Texas) they have blocked the development of Alaskan oil, which would provide consumers with the equivalent of 20 years of imports from Saudi Arabia. For 30 years, the Democrats and the American left have choked off America's energy, and with it a significant slice of Americans' freedom."

Fortunately, "ENERGY FREEDOM" provides the blueprint for ending all this madness. It makes crystal clear how the genius of American invention, ingenuity and industry can once again rise up, and solve the nation's energy problem, in the great American tradition of free enterprise unleashed.

Highlights of this special Whistleblower issue include:

  • "The one and only solution to America's energy problem" by Arthur B. Robinson, Ph.D., in which the veteran scientist reveals just how easily the current crisis can be overcome


  • "The case for terrestrial (a.k.a. nuclear) energy" by William Tucker, documenting how and why clean, unlimited power has been hostage to myth and fear-mongering


  • "Congresswoman threatens to nationalize oil industry" — Rep. Maxine Waters up to her old tricks


  • "Dems want control over U.S. oil flow" — Rep. Maurice Hinchey insists, "We (the government) should own the refineries"


  • "Will feds finally set free American ingenuity?" by Ben Lieberman, demonstrating that more energy supplies, not more taxes and regulations, are what the nation needs


  • "Uranium important for America's energy future" by Jack Spencer and Nick Loris, who show how bureaucrats oppose even studying the viability of mining it


  • "Gulf of Mexico as oil-rich as Mideast?" — revealing a massive new petroleum find


  • "Discovery backs theory oil not a 'fossil fuel'" by Jerome R. Corsi, on new evidence that the earth produces an endless supply of oil


  • "Billions of gallons of oil in North Dakota, Montana" by Jerome R. Corsi, on what the U.S. Geological Survey calls the largest reserves outside Alaska


  • "Greens' stranglehold on Congress" by Walter Williams, in which the economist calls government a "major player in oil supply restriction"


  • "Gasoline ignites political firestorm" by Ernest Istook, in which the former congressman insists Congress must act responsibly now or be toast in November

"This issue of Whistleblower will eliminate the confusion, disinformation, scapegoating and outright lies that dominate today's energy debate," said WND managing editor David Kupelian. "After you have read 'ENERGY FREEDOM: The Next American Revolution' you'll truly understand not only America's energy problem, but its one and only solution."

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