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Whistleblower (DIGITAL) - August 2002

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August 2002 — THE NEW PAGANISM: How Christianity is being replaced by 'green' religion, goddess worship, globalism

Relentless attacks on America's Christian churches, not just from without, but from within, which are steadily remolding institutionalized Christianity to serve a new, non-Christian, globalist agenda, are the focus of August's eye-opening edition of Whistleblower.

For years, Christians have stood by helplessly as their once-dominant religion has been increasingly scoffed at, marginalized and demonized. They have watched a dizzying succession of outrageous court decisions, outlawing the 10 Commandments in schools and courtrooms, forbidding acknowledgement of God in graduation speeches, and most recently, declaring public recitation of the Pledge of Allegiance unconstitutional.

And they have reeled at prosecutions that criminalize conscientious Christians, such as that of the Canadian printer fined $5,000 for refusing to print materials for a "gay rights" group. Or the shocking revelation that the Swedish parliament is pushing to amend that country's constitution to ban speech or writing opposing homosexuality, even within churches themselves, violations of which could result in prison sentences.

But while these are the conflict's familiar flashpoints, the real fight lies elsewhere. Indeed, the biggest war of all is that raging within the churches themselves.

The Catholic Church's devastating clergy sex scandal — with its seemingly endless revelations of predatory homosexual priests molesting boys, and the stunning failure of their superiors to put a stop to it, is the tip of the iceberg. As August's Whistleblower shows, the fierce battle for control, not only of the Catholic Church, but of many of the mainline Protestant denominations as well, is the real story. The combatants range from the familiar front-line storm troopers, homosexual activists, ACLU lawyers, atheists, to the exotic, environmentalists, the United Nations, globalists, New Agers, witches and occultists and many others almost too strange to believe. But all are engaged in an ultimate fight, a battle to the death, winner takes all — for control of the major institutions of the Christian religion.

"America is rapidly changing from the jewel of Judeo-Christian Western Civilization to a screaming babel of wild religious movements, each more wacky than the next, and all animated by rebellion against the religion and values upon which America was founded, and which made it the greatest nation in world history," said WND Editor and CEO Joseph Farah.

And just what, exactly, is attempting to replace Christianity as the dominant religion in America?

Superficially, it appears to be just a freak show, ranging from the seemingly harmless "Entertainment Paganism" ("Dungeons and Dragons," "white witchcraft," "Buffy the Vampire Slayer," "Witchblade") to "Teen Cult Paganism" (teens in Gothic drag, freaky hair colors, tattoos, body piercing, "body art," black garb, studs and chains) to "Ecology Theology" (free-form sexual morality, "gaia" worship, native spirituality rituals) to the wide-ranging "New Age Movement" (believes humankind is on the cusp of a new dawn, beginning new phase in evolutionary history) to "Dark Paganism" (believes there's no such thing as "evil," and for whom destruction and death are forms of beauty) to "Wicca" (witchcraft is reportedly the fastest growing religion in Australia) and "Satanism" (consciously acknowledges Satan as master, and seeks power to corrupt all things, especially Christianity).

But that's only the surface. As WND reveals in this issue of Whistleblower, the paganization of America's churches — already well under way, is consciously intended to usher in a "new age" of global government, with the United Nations as the global "brain" of a new world order.

And no, this is not conspiracy stuff. It's real — and it's happening now.

This "new" religious worldview is sugar-coated with high-minded and universal ideals of environmental protection and species preservation, but the ultimate agenda behind the movement is much darker.

The ultimate purpose of "green religion" is to convince the people of the world to embrace world governance — which for a free nation like America represents a massive loss of national sovereignty and personal freedom, for the supposed sake of Mother Earth ("gaia") and the environment. After all, it is a lot easier to administer world government if all people believe it represents their salvation, rather than tyranny.

How is this to be accomplished? To begin with, assign new names to old demons. What once was called "paganism" has been renamed and assigned a new respectability as the "gaia hypothesis." The once-hated idea of world government has been renamed "global governance." The concept of national sovereignty is eroding and transmuting into the concept of "sovereign equality.

"The vanguard of this movement," explains Henry Lamb in "The rise of global green religion," "people like James Parks Morton, James Lovelock, Robert Muller, Al Gore, Timothy Wirth and many, many others, have been 'enlightened' through their biocentric belief in gaia" — the belief that the earth itself is a conscious, living organism — "and therefore they know what is best for the planet. They also know that the only way to protect the sacred gaia is to control the people who are degrading her. The only way to control the people is through an omnipotent government that is, at this moment, consolidating its power into an ever-growing bureaucracy, now stretching around the globe, extending its tentacles into every corner of human life, creating de facto global governance."

And guess what? Not only has this new "enlightened" worldview permeated Western schools and governments, but America's Christian churches themselves also are rapidly being converted to this new religious paradigm.

Most Americans have no idea this is happening. Many don't want to know. And yet, Americans are the only power on earth strong enough to prevent global governance from taking control of the entire planet. The August Whistleblower shows the way back.

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