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Whistleblower (DIGITAL) - September 2002

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One year after the bloodiest and most audacious terror attack in U.S. history, and the simultaneous realization that America is locked in mortal combat with a mysterious and savage enemy — are we safer? Are we defeating the enemy? Are we winning the war on terror?

The September 2002 edition of WND's popular Whistleblower magazine, titled "WINNING THE WAR ON TERROR," answers these questions definitively. What's more, this unique edition of Whistleblower provides a clear blueprint of how America can be victorious in its most difficult — and many believe, most dangerous — war ever.

Featuring an exclusive and stunning excerpt from Sean Hannity's brand-new best-selling book, "Let Freedom Ring," the September issue's contents include:


  • "Remember 9-11" by Joseph Farah


  • "Civilization in the balance" by Sean Hannity, exploring "how Sept. 11, 2001 changed America and the world forever"


  • The cover story, "How to fight and win the war on terror" by Joseph Farah, showing how "courage and common sense must prevail over political correctness"


  • "Spirit of 9-11 stops mass murder in New York" by Richard Poe, on why New York gun laws forced unarmed waitresses to fight a madman armed with guns, a sword, kerosene and a barbeque lighter


  • "Agents to Mineta: Rethink airport-security plan" by Paul Sperry, subtitled "Inspectors say they have cheap, simple fixes — if only Washington would listen"


  • A jaw-dropping look at present-day airport security screening, including: "'GI Joe' disarmed at Los Angeles airport," "Air checkers make mom drink breast milk" and "Sikh airport workers allowed to carry daggers." The last item documents how, although pilots at London's Heathrow Airport are required to check their nail clippers and tweezers along with other passengers, Sikh airport ground workers with easy access to airplanes are allowed to carry daggers with 3-inch blades. No joke.


  • "INS hasn't closed terrorist loopholes" by Paul Sperry, a stunning expose on "everything the agency doesn't want you to know about airport immigration inspections"


  • "Increasing alarm over border security" by Jon Dougherty, on why the congressman most involved in border-security issues confides to us, "'We're no safer today than we were on Sept. 12"


  • "U.S. Iraq attack and WWIII" by Joseph Farah, on the fact that intelligence experts expect war against Saddam to unleash a new, apocalyptic wave of mass terror and destruction


  • "Saddam plans biological weapons for Palestinians" on the Iraqi leader's latest terror strategy


  • "Saudi Arabia: 'the kernel of evil'" by Joseph Farah, exposing the Saudi kingdom as the world's No. 1 state sponsor of terrorism


  • "Will 'Department of Homeland Security' work?" by the editors of Human Events, revealingly demonstrates how the proposed$37 billion agency is poised to be given lots of power, but focus totally on the wrong things


  • "The one weapon essential for victory" by Bob Just, a dramatic look at the future of terrorism and asking the chilling question: Does the American public have the stomach for what lies ahead?


  • "How to defeat militant Islam" by veteran Mideast analyst Daniel Pipes. This extended excerpt from his new book "Militant Islam Reaches America" brilliantly reveals "the only way to neutralize the 'gravest threat' to Western civilization."

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