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Whistleblower (DIGITAL) - October 2004

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October 2004: POISON PRESS: How the Big Media's death throes are heralding a revolution in journalism

The scandalous pre-election hucksterism of CBS News and other organizations — their usual facade of objectivity worn thin by their zeal to elect John Kerry — doesn't even begin to reveal their monumentally destructive influence on America, according to the newest edition of WND's acclaimed Whistleblower magazine, titled "POISON PRESS."

"This amazing issue on the news media literally begins where other exposes of the press leave off," said Joseph Farah, founder and editor of WorldNetDaily and Whistleblower.

That starting point, of course, is that the "mainstream press" is very far out of the mainstream. In fact, a poll of 153 national journalists at the Democratic convention showed three times as many supporting Kerry for president as Bush, while the 50 or so Washington-based journalists surveyed favored Kerry over Bush 12 to one.

"However," said David Kupelian, managing editor of WND and Whistleblower, "this issue of Whistleblower is not about how the press is too 'biased' or 'liberal' or 'left-wing.' That's old news — very old.

"What this Whistleblower issue does is document how the 'old media' are literally the creators and sustainers of what many Americans perceive as reality, very much like the malevolent computer program in 'The Matrix' film trilogy."

That is, the issue reveals dramatically how, in issue after issue — the presidential race, the Middle East conflict, abortion, "gay rights," the terror war and others — the "virtual reality" created in the public's mind by the establishment media is profoundly and provably at odds with reality.

Much has been made of the CBS News scandal in which Dan Rather and that network's executives stonewalled the entire world — even the rest of the press — defending the obviously bogus documents Rather and "60 Minutes" had featured for the intended purpose of bringing down a U.S. president.

"But that was just the time they got caught," said Kupelian. "What about the other thousands of news stories that form the fabric of confusion, cover-up and deceit that passes for 'political analysis' in the establishment press?"

"POISON PRESS" unplugs the media matrix program and helps readers view the world through fresh eyes, and not those of agenda-driven manipulators in the major media.

But that's only part of what's contained in this special Whistleblower edition dedicated to the news media.

Fortunately, "POISON PRESS" also documents conclusively that the "Old Media's" decades-long monopoly on the news is slowly but inexorably coming to an end. At the same time, the inspiring present and awesome future of the Internet-based New Media is laid out as never before.

Contents of "POISON PRESS" include:

    • "The way back to a free press" by Joseph Farah, a fascinating and prescient look at the future of American journalism, and proof that "the old days" of lockstep print and TV news are gone forever.
      • "The collapse of America's media elite" by Hugh Hewitt, an upbeat, inspiring and fact-based piece on how the Internet is causing a true journalism revolution.
        • "The media matrix" by David Kupelian, a groundbreaking look at how the press creates a virtual-reality world most people think of as real.
          • "Castro, good. Reagan, bad" — how a classic and in-depth poll of students at America's premier journalism school showed their preference of Cuban dictator Fidel Castro over President Ronald Reagan.
            • "'Impartial' editor blasts pro-lifers" — about how a Reuters editor lashed out at National Right to Life after receiving a routine press release from the pro-life organization.
              • "The poll was wrong" — showing how when U.S.A. Today's post-Democratic convention poll didn't show the desired "bounce" for John Kerry, the pollsters extended the polling period until the poll came closer to reflecting the newspaper's intended outcome.
                • "They're terrorists — not activists," by Daniel Pipes, who asks, "How many ways can the media avoid using the word 'terrorist'?" See the long list of almost two dozen preferred terms — including "perpetrators" (New York Times), "gunmen" (Reuters) and "radicals" (the BBC) — used by the biggest news organizations, all to avoid using the "T-word."
                  • "Hillary's enemy list" by best-selling author Richard Poe, a revealing, behind-the-scenes look at how Hillary Clinton led a "secret war" against Internet journalists, one of the central and most persecuted figures being WND's own Joseph Farah.
                    • and much more.

"I guarantee, no matter what you've read about the news media, you've never read anything like what's in this issue of Whistleblower," said Farah. "This is Whistleblower at its best — so insightful and thought-provoking that it literally changes the way you see the world."

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