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Whistleblower (DIGITAL) - June 2002

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June 2002 edition — Shattering the myths of the Middle East: How propaganda has become 'reality' and crucial facts concealed

Ever since WorldNetDaily Editor and CEO Joseph Farah created an international firestorm with his "Myths of the Middle East" and "More myths of the Middle East" columns in late 2000, WND's editors have talked about producing an issue of Whistleblower that would dramatically expand the focus and scope of WorldNetDaily's Mideast "myth-busting."

The June edition of Whistleblower does exactly that.

In addition to Farah's expansive cover story, which conclusively debunks the propaganda claims which most people -- including much of the international press -- have come to accept uncritically, this special issue also includes:


  • "Why Arafat said no at Camp David," in which former U.S. Mideast envoy Dennis Ross, an eyewitness and participant in the negotiations, explains how and why the Nobel Peace Prize-winning Yasser Arafat intentionally chose war, despite being offered everything he had claimed he wanted — an independent Palestinian state in the West Bank and Gaza with East Jerusalem as its capital


  • "Media frightened into self-censorship," by Judy Lash Balint, in which the Jerusalem-based journalist demonstrates, via many exclusive interviews with "mainstream" international reporters, how a pro-Palestinian slant is literally the unspoken price of access and safety in covering the Mideast conflict


  • "What does Arafat really stand for?" The Palestinian National Charter — in black and white -- calls for the annihilation of the nation of Israel


  • "The root cause of terrorism," a powerfully insightful analysis by former Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu


  • "Jews called 'accursed forever and ever" -- a shocking look at the ferocious state of Arab anti-Semitism today


  • "The flight from fact," by Joan Peters. The author of the celebrated Middle East exposé, "From time immemorial" -- widely acclaimed as the most thoroughly researched and solidly documented work on the origins of the Arab-Jewish conflict -- explains the real "heart of the matter."


  • "Why Arafat lives on," by Joseph Farah, in which he explores Arafat's all-important Saudi Arabian backers


  • "What if there was no Israel?" — a look at what would happen if the persistent Arab dream of eliminating the Jewish state actually came true


  • "The tumultuous rebirth of a nation," a comprehensive timeline detailing the most important events from the creation of the modern Jewish state, through the intervening wars and intifadas, right up to today


  • "Is it 1938 again for the Jews?" by Dennis Prager, in which he shows that, with anti-Semitism on the rise worldwide, Israel's only friend is America


  • "Pity the poor Palestinians," by David Kupelian, explaining that the Palestinians are indeed victims, but not of the Jews


  • "There is no substitute for victory," in which Mideast expert Daniel Pipes analyzes today's most highly touted schemes for peace -- new Palestinian leadership, Israeli withdrawal, territorial swaps, U.S. or international peacekeeping troops, protective fences and walls, buffer zones -- and shows the only sure way to bring true peace and stability to the Middle East.

    "This issue," said Farah, "is even more powerful than WND's November 2001 issue, 'JIHAD: The radical Islamic threat to America,' which was praised by top opinion leaders as the best journalistic look at Islamic terrorism. If this new offering were a movie instead of a magazine, we might have called it, "JIHAD II: The Holy Land."

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