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Whistleblower (DIGITAL) - January 2006

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January 2006 - 'MOST DANGEROUS NATION ON EARTH: Why America must wake up now and deal with Iran's imminent threat'

Iran. Most Americans see it as a far-off, oppressive Islamic dictatorship - but probably too distant to be a real threat to the United States of America.

Surprise. America may soon be forced by circumstances to deal decisively with the Islamic republic - or face dire consequences.

Incredibly, after four years of the "war on terror," there has been very little national debate on the need to confront Iran. And yet, as revealed in this disturbing issue of Whistleblower, titled "MOST DANGEROUS NATION ON EARTH":

  • Prior to the attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, Iran was responsible for the deaths of over 1,500 Americans - more than any other state sponsor of terror or terrorist organization in history.


  • The U.S. Department of State has designated the government of Iran as the "the most active state sponsor of terrorism."


  • According to press accounts, a report by the Israeli secret service estimates that Iran has "invested more than $10 million to encourage terrorist activity against Israel."

  • Iran is responsible for developing Hezbollah in Lebanon, contributing training, equipment, funds and political support. Hezbollah is by far the best organized and best developed terrorist organization in the world and the only such organization that exercises physical control over an international border (between Lebanon and Israel). Hezbollah has, moreover, followed in the footsteps of its Iranian patrons in developing strategic ties with Hugo Chavez of Venezuela and others in Latin America.

  • There are many indicators that Iran is connected to al-Qaida, both ideologically - despite their religious differences, they share a commitment to radicalized political Islam - and operationally.


  • In recent weeks, the country's president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, has repeatedly and publicly called for the destruction of a democratic country that is an important American ally, Israel, and spoken of the achievability of "a world without America."

  • Finally - and most important and dire of all - Iran is intent on possessing both nuclear weapons and the ballistic missiles to deliver them, as well as electromagnetic pulse weapons, which experts say pose a direct and major threat directly to the American homeland.


"This Whistleblower issue will shock many readers with the imminence and severity of the threat from Iran," said Managing Editor David Kupelian. "And it provides cutting-edge information on the very real prospects of a pre-emptive attack on Iran, by the U.S. or Israel or both, to prevent Iran from having operational nuclear weapons. This is a must-read."

Highlights of the January issue include:

  • "Iran's imminent threat" by Joseph Farah.


  • "Iran: threat and opportunity" by Frank J. Gaffney, revealing how American can defeat the world's most active - and dangerous - terror sponsor.


  • "Iran's super-radical new president" by Jerome R. Corsi, on the nation's leader who says "the occupying regime in Jerusalem must be wiped off the face of the earth."


  • "Palestinians agree: Wipe Israel off map."


  • "How Iran can beat the U.S." by Joseph Farah, revealing that U.S. defense experts say electromagnetic pulse weapons used by Iran could cripple America.


  • "First strike on Iran 'gaining traction'" by Aaron Klein, on important report urging the U.S. and Israel to consider a pre-emptive attack against Tehran.


  • "Why Iran must not be allowed nuclear weapons" by Louis Rene Beres, showing how the results of an atomic attack on Israel would be beyond imagination.


  • "The Samson Option" by Jerome Corsi, on why Israel may launch a preemptive strike on Iran - really.


  • "How will Bush play the Middle East's gravest chess game?" by Jerome Corsi, on how and why the scary predictions the author made in "Atomic Iran" are coming true.


  • "Sucker's game" by Michael A. Ledeen, on why the push for freedom must move beyond Iraq's borders if it is to succeed.

"It's time to empower Americans in the fight against our enemies," says Whistleblower Editor Joseph Farah, about this issue of Whistleblower. "It's time to enlist them in this fight. It's time to give them some leadership and marching orders. It's time to be honest with them. It's time to explain the vulnerabilities and correct them. It's time to recruit Americans to prepare for the inevitable battle here at home."

"Iran is a terror-sponsoring power," concludes Farah. "It is the place from which the radical Islamist revolution was birthed. And it is now developing nuclear weapons. This special issue of Whistleblower is about that threat - and what it means to each and every American."

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