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Whistleblower (DIGITAL) - January 2002

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January 2002 edition — 'AMERICA DEFENSELESS'

The January 2002 issue of Whistleblower, WND's popular monthly print magazine, is a groundbreaking and shocking look at America's homeland security.

"On Sept. 11, our nation's enemies attacked us using hijacked airliners," begins the lead article. "Next time, the vehicles of death and destruction might well be ballistic missiles armed with nuclear, chemical or biological warheads. And let us be clear: The United States is defenseless against this mortal danger."

Titled "AMERICA DEFENSELESS," January's Whistleblower documents the disturbing story of how the U.S. government abandoned its former program of national defense of American citizens, and why both missile defenses and a comprehensive civil defense shelter system are needed now more than ever before.

"Here's the problem," states WND and Whistleblower editor Joseph Farah. "Our country is defenseless against the kinds of attacks we witnessed Sept. 11. But it is also defenseless against attacks that could prove to be far more lethal and far more devastating."

How can America spend hundreds of billions of dollars a year on defense, and still remain defenseless?

"The answer, as we show in vivid detail in the January issue of Whistleblower," says Farah, "is that we as a nation have forgotten the meaning of defense."

For example: President Bush clearly believed America needs a missile-defense system to protect civilians from intercontinental ballistic missiles launched by hostile foreign powers or terrorist organizations, which is why he took the historic step of announcing his intention of breaking with the ABM (Anti-Ballistic Missile) Treaty that outlaws missile defenses.

But experts agree that missile defenses — even if and when America has them — will never be 100 percent effective at stopping all deadly missiles. And they would be totally ineffective, of course, against the threat of terrorists detonating weapons of mass destruction here on our homeland. Therefore, the only true defense against that last eventuality, and the one vital missing component in any plan for missile defense, is a comprehensive civil defense system — such as Russia, China, Switzerland and other countries already possess.

The truth is: 1) There are currently thousands of nuclear weapons in the world; 2) They are coveted by dictators, jihad madmen and would-be superpowers; and 3) They are constantly under development (or their acquisition is being negotiated) by unstable regimes run by megalomaniacal leaders.

If Americans are going to face the fact that evil people are striving mightily to obtain, and use on this country, the most devastating weapons possible — and after Sept. 11, who could doubt their willingness to do so — we must also understand that their favorite, and ultimate, weapon is the nuclear bomb. Nothing else will do.

The desire for nuclear weapons is irresistible to the Saddam Husseins and Osama bin Ladens of the world. They won't rest until they have them, and there are plenty of suppliers willing to accommodate that desire.

In this explosive issue of Whistleblower, WND's editors and contributors take the position that if America is going to prepare to fight the last war — hijackings, anthrax spores — it better also prepare to fight and win the next war.

Actually, the government believes in, and has prepared for, civil defense — but only for itself. Whistleblower magazine shows — through an interview with the nation's top whistleblower in the civil defense field — how the government is protecting itself against attacks with its own shelter system to protect government officials. But it is leaving you, the taxpayer, completely defenseless.

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