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The Price by Junkyard Prophet (Audio CD)""

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By Junkyard Prophet (voted second-best unsigned band by HM Magazine) "The Price" features 13 rockin' tunes. This two-disc set also contains new and updated messages geared to honor the veterans and challenge you to make a difference in your country.

What people are saying

"I love the music, powerful tracks ..." - Nick Menza, formerly drummer for Megadeth.

"This track ['Remember Me'] smokes ... Junkyard Prophet has the ferocity and musical chops of 'Dragon Force' and the crunch, melody and pop sensibility of 'Linkin Park.' This fits every rock play list." - Rive Video Promotion.

"Great songs, great performance, great drums sound ..." - Iki Levy, president of D.C. California and Soultone Cymbals.

"Massive grooves and killer tunes!!!!!!!" - Todd Duane, guitar guru on Shrapnel Records.

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