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Born Liberal, Raised Right (e-Book)

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By Reb Bradley

WND Digital Edition

Also available in hardcover.

Product Description

How to Rescue America From Moral Decline One Family at a Time

America has a problem conservative parents are raising liberal kids!

In this controversial new book author Reb Bradley reveals that our nation's moral decline has been caused not by failed education, poverty or weak gun laws, but by inadequate parenting. He points out that any society that is out of control is comprised of citizens who lack self-control - the key ingredient of maturity. In the last 50 years, as parents have softened their approach, children have failed to develop the self-restraint necessary to maintain a civilized society. As parents have mistaken indulgence for love, children have grown up self-absorbed and entitled. As moms and dads have paid for their children's broken windows and parking tickets the children have grown up with the idea that they should not have to live with the consequences of their actions. Hence, our nation is full of those who demand to be taken care of and those who feel compelled to rescue them. The more liberal in outlook we become the further our nation will fall. The proof is all around us.

Inside "Born Liberal, Raised Right" parents and the politically minded will learn:

  • How every generation of adults reflects the parenting approach of those who raised them.
  • Why America has suffered such moral decline in the last 50 years.
  • Why so many children raised in good homes grow up with values so different from their parents.
  • Why so many young conservatives voted for Obama in this last election.
  • Why the crime rate began to grow when parents began applying the wisdom of Dr. Spock.
  • What can be done to help our nation to return to its roots and be restored to its former greatness.


America is obviously in great trouble. We have wasted billions of dollars and countless years trying to fix our moral problems through education, legislation and self-esteem affirmation. Yet like Dorothy with her ruby slippers, parents have had the power to make the changes all along. This must be understood - parents have the power to shape our nation! In this timely book, Reb Bradley shows why our nation's future depends on parents and politicians waking up.