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The Truth About Liberty: How the Tea Party Can Save America (Paperback)

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By Manny Edwards

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Product Description

The rise of the Tea Party provides the best opportunity in modern times to reverse the course of overbearing, out-of-control government, but to be effective we must relearn the principles of liberty on which our nation was founded. "The Truth About Liberty: How the Tea Party Can Save America" explains these principles clearly and concisely.

Unless we do something immediately, America's children might never know freedom. In fact, they're taught to fear liberty; in public schools and virtually all media, they're told that liberty is an obstacle to security, education and the basics of life. Without the FDA, their food will be poisoned. Without the Department of Education, they won't learn. Without the EPA, they won't be able to breathe. The government is their best friend. "The Truth About Liberty" shows that the vast, corrupt government of today is definitely not the limited constitutional government established by the founders of the United States.

Attorney and movie producer Manny Edwards illustrates with stunning clarity just how far America has fallen from the great scope of freedom intended by the founders. He identifies precisely the political mechanisms by which these liberties have been lost - and how to get them back. With the Tea Party poised to take over the Republican Party and implement more conservative governance, "The Truth About Liberty" proposes a radical return to the founding principles of strictly limited government and minimal taxation. Virtually every product or service now provided by the government can be provided instead in an unregulated market - even roads, utilities and national security. The staggering implications are examined with humor and keen insight into human nature.

The Tea Party has rejected the statist leadership of the Republican Party, but has not yet embraced a completely consistent set of principles that will ensure lasting liberty when it takes control. The strict liberty-oriented principles of the founders are now found primarily in the modern Libertarian Party, but its stance on abortion has until now been a major obstacle for conservatives in search of an alternative. In perhaps the most important chapter of "The Truth About Liberty," the author demonstrates that the property rights basis of the Libertarian ethic does not sustain a right to abortion and unites the powerful Tea Party movement with the firm principles of liberty it desperately needs to grasp. In its final chapters, "The Truth About Liberty" proposes specific ways Americans can peacefully seize freedom in business, legal and community affairs and provides a realistic roadmap to actually achieving lasting liberty in America ... while there's still time.

Customer Reviews


"I've never read a book that discusses these issues with such a clear and persuasive focus on the principles of liberty that founded the United States, and I can't recommend this book enough." - Jill S.

"This book is the best I have read on Liberty and how far America has fallen from it. But it is NOT a complainer's book where you get a lot of "how bad things are" without solutions. The author provides solutions." - Bynum Family

"This is really a well-written book and taught me so much I did not know about our nation's politics, economy, weath-systems, etc. including where we are headed as a nation in the future. I don't usually follow this stuff, I find it dry and dull - but this book made it interesting and easy to understand and I actually sat up nights reading it!" - TexasTea

About the Author

Manny Edwards is a lawyer, chemist and filmmaker, but most of all, a man who loves freedom. Now he works to show others how to live free and independent lives, especially in times of emergency. Edwards is author of "The Truth About Liberty: How the Tea Party Can Save America" and co-writer/director of the acclaimed family films "Hero", "Come What May" and "Mysterious Ways".

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  • Paperback: 258 pages
  • Publisher: TAL Press (September 1, 2011)
  • Language: English
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  • ISBN-13: 978-0983642008
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