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Whistleblower Digital Version - November 2023

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ISRAEL VS. GLOBAL JIHAD: How Jew-hatred, radical Islam and Leftism are pushing us toward World War III

“In every generation they rise up to destroy us …” – from the Passover Haggadah

Shortly after Hamas terrorists fired over 5,000 rockets from Gaza into Israel on Oct. 7 and then proceeded to attack the Jewish state by land, sea and air – torturing, burning, beheading and murdering well over a thousand people, including women, children and infants, and wounding and abducting hundreds more – world reaction was, in its own way, almost equally shocking.

For after the biggest one-day mass slaughter of Jews since the Nazi Holocaust, what followed was an outpouring of celebratory demonstrations, unbridled Jew-hatred, deliriously gleeful support for Hamas and bitter condemnation of the nation of Israel. And not just in the Arab-Muslim world, but throughout the Western world as well, including all across America.

How could this possibly be?

After all, it’s one thing to comprehend the evil motivations and actions of an Islamic death cult – people brainwashed from birth to regard butchering Jews as a glorious religious duty and enthusiastically anticipating their own eventual “martyrdom” in that cause.

But how does one explain the wildly pro-terrorist, anti-Jewish reaction of Western, non-Muslim people raised in traditionally Judeo-Christian societies like the United States, Great Britain and Western Europe?

Consider that shortly after Hamas’ appalling mass torture-murder spree:

* At New York’s Cornell University, 21-year-old Patrick Dai, posting on social media using the pseudonym "jew jenocide," threatened to "stab" and "slit the throat" of Jewish males on campus, to rape and throw off a cliff Jewish females, and behead Jewish babies in front of their parents, according to court papers. He also threatened to "bring an assault rifle to campus and shoot all you pig jews." Also at Cornell, Professor Russell Rickford praised the mass terror attack at a pro-Hamas rally. “It was exhilarating, it was exhilarating, it was energizing," he insisted, as the crowd chanted “From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free,” a popular phrase meaning the total annihilation of Israel.

* Jewish students at New York City's Cooper Union, a private college, had to lock themselves inside a library to protect themselves from pro-Hamas protesters beating their fists on the doors, screaming and attempting to enter the library. Meanwhile, at Philadelphia’s Drexel University, police had to investigate a fire set on a Jewish student’s dorm room door a few days after the Hamas terror orgy.

* At Florida State University, the group Students for a Democratic Society hosted a protest calling for “Palestinian resistance” and for Israel to be “wiped off the map.”

* On the other side of the country, at UC Davis, a "radical transgender professor" of American studies named Jemma Decristo attacked “Zionist journalists” on social media. “[One] group of ppl we have easy access to in the US is all these Zionist journalists who spread propaganda & misinformation,” the professor wrote. “They have houses w addresses, kids in school. They can fear their bosses, but they should fear us more,” Decristo posted. To make the blatantly threatening – and almost certainly illegal – message even more clear, Decristo added emojis of a knife, axe and blood droplets.

* Similarly, Mika Tosca, an associate professor with the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and self-proclaimed "radically optimistic transsexual climate scientist," posted on social media: “Israelis are pigs. Savages. Very very bad people. Irredeemable excrement. May they rot in hell.”

However, it’s not just at schools and universities across America that feverish pro-Hamas, anti-Israel, anti-Jewish fervor has exploded. How about the United States government?

* Nejwa Ali, a pro-Hamas radical working for the Biden Department of Homeland Security, posted a series of anti-Israel social media posts, including a "paragliding" Free Palestine graphic celebrating Hamas's unthinkably savage surprise terror attack on Israeli young people at an outdoor concert Oct. 7. After DHS put Ali on leave, she posted in response on social media, “F--- Israel.”

And then there’s “the Squad”:

* Rep. Ilhan Omar, D.-Minn., responded to the Hamas mega-massacre by posting an image of many dead children, each wrapped in white, lying on the floor, and captioned "CHILD GENOCIDE IN PALESTINE" and "614 Palestinian children murdered by the Israeli IDF Forces." Except they weren’t. The image was indeed of children who had been killed, but not by the Israel Defense Forces. They were killed in a 2013 sarin nerve gas attack perpetrated by Bashar al-Assad, the Muslim dictator of Syria.

* Rep. Rashida Tlaib, D-Mich., posted on Instagram about her determination “to fight for a just future” for the Palestinians, beginning with “lifting the blockade, ending the occupation and dismantling the apartheid system that creates the suffocating, dehumanizing conditions that can lead to resistance.” The daughter of Palestinian immigrants, Tlaib, who displays a Palestinian flag in front of her congressional office, refused to answer when Fox News correspondent Hillary Vaughn asked her to condemn the Hamas slaughter and beheading of Israeli babies.

* Shortly after Israel started to fight back following Hamas’ mass terror attack, yet another “Squad” member, Rep. Cori Bush, D.-Mo., accused Israel of committing mass murder, claiming "millions of people with nowhere to go" are "being slaughtered" in Gaza. "We can’t be silent about Israel’s ethnic cleansing campaign," she wrote on X. "Babies, dead. Pregnant women, dead. Elderly, dead. Generations of families, dead."

* Even some media companies – including the BBC and the Associated Press, the world's largest news organization – have instructed their reporters worldwide not to describe Hamas terrorists as "terrorists." In fact, one AP reporter based in Gaza, named Issam Adwan, has a social media history of blasting Israel as an oppressive apartheid regime, insisting it would be a triumph if Israel were "overthrown," and comparing the Jewish state to Nazis.

* And predictably, just days after what many called "Israel's 9-11," a Black Lives Matter-affiliated organization called Black Lives Matter at School published a pro-Palestinian toolkit for schoolkids, to teach American children about the virtues of Hamas terrorists and the evils of Israel, the Middle East’s only democracy.

What is behind the widespread outpouring of anti-Israel, anti-Jewish, pro-terror sentiment – even in the United States, where Israel has long been one of America’s closest friends and allies?

Investigative journalist Christopher Rufo sheds some light on jihad’s appeal to the left, tracing the history of Black Lives Matter’s wildly anti-Israel positions, including how the group’s Marxist-lesbian leader says BLM actually modeled its mission after the Palestinians’ cause. Writes Rufo:

In 2015, BLM co-founder Patrisse Cullors led a delegation to the Palestinian territories, so that the group’s activists could learn from the “Palestinian struggle.” She condemned Israel as an “apartheid state,” and the running theme of the trip was revolution, “from Ferguson to Palestine.” The same year, Cullors signed a statement drawing parallels between the Palestinian fight against Israel and the black one against America. During a speech at Harvard Law School, Cullors went further, telling the audience: “If we don’t step up boldly and courageously to end the imperialist project called Israel, we’re doomed.”

‘The enemy of your enemy is your friend’

Still, what is the bottom-line reason for today’s “woke,” entitled, diversity-obsessed, leftwing love affair with murderous jihadists?

Remember that what occurred in Israel was so singularly evil, grisly, unthinkable and ISIS-like that even young male Hamas terrorists – raised from birth to lust after their own eventual “martyrdom” in the service of murdering Jews – still had to be fortified with an illicit drug that could extinguish whatever small part of their God-given conscience might still remain in them. As the Jerusalem Post reported, "Hamas terrorists who carried out a surprise attack on October 7 were found to be under the influence of Captagon, a synthetic amphetamine-type stimulant” which Hamas members took "to help them slaughter Israelis." Indeed, ISIS members have been known to take the same drug, the report explained, enabling terrorists "to commit heinous acts with a sense of calmness and indifference."

Yet the hard left’s response to all this demonic depravity, both worldwide and specifically in America, is to blame Israel and all Jews, while praising Hamas.

Why, exactly, are Muslim radicals and young leftists marching arm in arm on college campuses all over America?

After all, pretty much everything Islamists believe – such as that homosexuals should be executed by being thrown off a tall building, that women should be virtual slaves of men, that children should be taught to hate Jews and look forward to being “martyrs,” and so on – is diametrically opposed to everything leftists believe.

Well, almost everything.

There’s one area of agreement that is so powerful, deep-seated and all-consuming that the rest of the two populations’ vast differences melt away into Kumbaya harmony.

Both camps – demonically possessed jihadists and angry, deranged far-left radicals – HATE the “people of the book,” that is, Christians and Jews. Both Islamic and Marxist “true believers” are possessed by a deep, intense, abiding and all-consuming spiritual loathing of Almighty God and His sacred laws of life.

“The enemy of your enemy is your friend,” goes the saying. And thus are radical terroristic Muslims and smug, entitled, narcissistic, perpetually enraged and thoroughly brainwashed leftists, the kind that populate America’s elite university campuses, of one mind with regard to the current war on Israel and hatred of Jews.

This is just a tiny taste of what is found in the November issue of Whistleblower, titled ISRAEL VS. GLOBAL JIHAD: How Jew-hatred, radical Islam and Leftism are pushing us toward World War III. Beyond a deeply insightful dive into why the left is exploding in vicious antisemitism, Israel-hated and enthusiastic support for the equivalent of Nazi mass-murderers, this Whistleblower issue includes fantastic articles by everyone from Israeli analyst (and former Israel Defense Forces officer) Caroline Glick to Harvest Christian Fellowship’s Pastor Greg Laurie on the current war in Israel and biblical prophecies regarding the End Times – which he believes are now upon us.

“I believe, without a doubt,” writes Laurie in Whistleblower, “that we are living in the last days. All around us we see the signs that Jesus and the Hebrew prophets told us to look for, indications that His coming is near, even at the door. Interestingly,” Laurie adds, “it always comes back to Jerusalem. It's the focal point of end times events. The Bible predicted thousands of years ago that end times events would revolve around Jerusalem – not Los Angeles, Moscow or Paris, but Jerusalem.”

Highlights of “ISRAEL VS. GLOBAL JIHAD” include:

* “Why so many ‘woke’ leftwing Americans are siding with baby-murdering Islamic terrorists” by David Kupelian

* “The Middle East conflict in a nutshell: ‘One side wants the other side dead’” by Dennis Prager

* “Understanding the roots of Jew-hatred in the Middle East: From al-Husseini to Arafat to Abbas – Palestinian leaders always turn out to be stone cold killers” by Joseph Farah

* “3 outrageous lies used to push 'neutrality' in the endless Arab-Israeli war: Exposing today’s ubiquitous attempts to 'place the blame on Israel for terrorism against Israel'” by Ben Shapiro

* “Israel hatred a big part of the Biden administration from Day One: Antisemitic and anti-Israel sentiment clearly evident in backgrounds of 'dozens' of key appointees” by Bob Unruh

* “Biden’s impossible demand: ‘If Israel obeys Biden … it will be unable to win the war’” by Caroline Glick

* “Biden has reportedly let in thousands of potential terrorists: Newcomers are from Iran, Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan” by Bob Unruh

* “German Nazism's successor: Islamic Nazism: 'Primary aim of tens of millions of radical Muslims is to kill the 7 million Jews in Israel and eradicate the Jewish state'” by Dennis Prager

* “‘There is no such thing as a Palestinian people’: Even Arab leaders have agreed with Golda Meir's provocative statement” by Joseph Farah

* “Why giving up the 'occupied territories' is not the solution: According to too many Palestinians, 'there are no innocent Israelis'” by Michael Brown

* “‘Muhammad’ is taking over the world: The alarming implications of Muslims' overwhelming birthrates in the West” by Raymond Ibrahim

* “Why so many on the left demonize Israel and glorify Hamas: 'Hatred can bring unity, too – a unity that destroys'” by Michael Brown

* “Israel at 75 – 'a miracle of God': And a warning of the rise in 'exterminationist' views in America” by Jerry Newcombe

* “Why Israel is prosperous and Gaza's a pit” by Star Parker

* “Those who promote antisemitism will destroy America too: Much of today’s hatred, insanity and violence is being bred in U.S. colleges and universities” by Laura Hollis

* “A warning for last days believers: ‘The Bible teaches that the last days will be satanically energized times’” by Greg Laurie.

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