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Whistleblower Digital Version - June 2019

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BIG TECH'S STEALTH COUP: How the leftwing lords of the internet intend to swing the 2020 election

It's one of the great paradoxes of our time.

Even though by all appearances the Democratic Party has gone mad, embracing wildly radical policies out of sync with most Americans – from mass gun confiscation to socialism to late-term abortion to allowing convicted terrorists to vote – the party could well see its candidate elected president in 2020.

How is that possible?

Consider, after all, the degree of lunacy now championed by Democrat presidential candidates: America is being negatively transformed by a full-scale, never-ending invasion across its southern border, but all the Democrat candidates love, enable and encourage it. Their party's "Green New Deal" schemes would cost untold trillions of taxpayer dollars while destroying America's fossil fuel industries, thereby putting millions out of work. They celebrate late-term abortion and infanticide, and cheer the epidemic of delusional men invading women's locker rooms and showers and dominating the world of women's sports.

Add to this the never-ending calls to impeach President Donald Trump, all part of a rolling coup attempt that has severely traumatized America with the most outrageous political hoax in U.S. history – the allegation, utterly without evidence, that the president of the United States is secretly a traitorous Russian double agent.

Of course, the fake news media serve as the grand enablers of all this, modern alchemists magically transmuting leftwing insanity into fools' gold, forever portraying Democrats as moral and caring, and Republicans as selfish and evil.

However, all of this intense daily drama also serves as camouflage – the perfect smokescreen for concealing another and even more daunting attempted coup d'etat, one taking place largely out of view.

Indeed, the breathtaking answer to how a wildly unhinged political party like the Democrats of 2019 could actually retake the White House next year is documented in the June issue of WND's acclaimed monthly Whistleblower magazine – titled "BIG TECH'S STEALTH COUP: How the leftwing lords of the internet intend to swing the 2020 election."

"Imagine, just for a minute," writes Whistleblower Editor David Kupelian in his introduction to "BIG TECH'S STEALTH COUP," "that some unseen yet immensely powerful entity existed, one capable of influencing the minds of hundreds of millions of people, shaping their perceptions in such a profound way as to steer them toward voting for a certain candidate and party. Suppose, further, that this influence was virtually imperceptible, indeed that the entity was one we had come to admire and depend on, consulting it on a daily basis, tapping freely into its vast knowledge of all things. Suppose further that this great, everpresent and all-knowing something had a secret plan for our lives and our society, an overriding will to guide and shape us and our world in its image."

As Whistleblower reveals, this is essentially what America – indeed the whole world – is dealing with in the Age of Big Tech.

The June issue documents, citing hard evidence including multiple peer-reviewed studies, that Google is already determining the results of elections around the world. And, contends Google researcher Robert Epstein, Ph.D., former editor-in-chief of Psychology Today, Google likely swung as many as 3 million votes toward Hillary Clinton in the 2016 presidential contest.

It just turned out not to be quite enough.

“I’m guessing that these companies held back in 2016, because they were overconfident,” Epstein now says. But with 2020 just around the corner, rest assured Big Tech doesn't intend to make the same mistake again.

Highlights of "BIG TECH'S STEALTH COUP" include:

  • "Big Tech's big secret: It wants to defeat Trump – and then reshape America and the world" by David Kupelian

  • "Democrat researcher proves Google's massive anti-Trump bias: Search results favoring Hillary Clinton likely shifted as many as 3 million votes to her" by Art Moore 
  • "Google: We must stop 'fake news' as 'that's how Trump won'" 
  • "The unprecedented power of digital platforms to control opinions and votes: How Google is already determining the outcome of 1 in 4 elections worldwide" by Robert Epstein, Ph.D.
  • "Trump: Tech giants colluding with Democrats: 'Actually, it's incredible that I won the election'"
  • "Silicon Valley Shariah: A shocking double standard, where an honest conservative is banned for life while a wildly hateful lefty tweets away" by Michelle Malkin 
  • "The Big List of Big Tech's censorship of conservatives: Despite their denials, social media giants continually suppress center-right voices 
  • "Big Tech crosses 'The Creepy Line' every day" by John Stossel, in which the libertarian journalist argues against government intervention as the answer
  • "There's life after Google: Big Tech's Achilles' heel: Reagan guru, predictor of iPhone, foresees new web revolution" by Art Moore
  • "'Reagan Revolution' architect opposes Big Tech antitrust: 'The powers of government can be devastating'" by Art Moore 
  • "Facebook to launch 'Libra' cryptocurrency: Critic warns of 'dangerous' power grab granting 'direct access to your wealth'"
  • "The media/Democrat complex strikes Big Tech: Lords of the internet 'are eager to please and frightened of blowback'" by Ben Shapiro
  • "Fight back against Big Tech censorship" by Dr. Michael Brown, who asks: "Why should we concede defeat when we have hardly begun to stand?" 
  • "4 steps to protect your kids from Google predators: Warning to parents about Big Tech's dangerous tentacles in local schools" by Michelle Malkin.

"Let's say it straight," says Whistleblower Editor David Kupelian. "Big Tech, first and foremost Google, which accounts for 90 percent of all search inquiries worldwide, has become almost like a god to billions of people. And that leftist-progressive god is attempting to reshape errant and wayward humanity in its image. Its most urgent task right now? Defeat Trump in the 2020 election."

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