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Whistleblower Digital Version - January 2020

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IN LOVE WITH LYING: For today’s enraged, power-obsessed Democrats, deception is a creative force

Normal Americans of sound mind and morals are being forced to confront a bizarre but inescapable truth about their nation’s leadership: The Democratic Party has become essentially a gargantuan web of lies and liars – and little else.

There’s no need to prove this. It’s utterly self-evident – from the Democrats’ pretend “prayerful” impeachment of President Trump, to their earlier pretend “Trump-Russia collusion” crisis, to their pretend distress over “rampant racism and white supremacism” in the world’s least racist nation, to their pretend terror that global warming will soon render the world uninhabitable, to their dozens of pretend new “gender identities,” to their pretend concern for “women’s reproductive rights” when abortion is based entirely on lying to women and killing their babies.

It’s difficult for normal people, restrained by a functioning conscience, to comprehend how politicians like Adam Schiff and Elizabeth Warren and Nancy Pelosi can look into a TV camera – which is to say, look right into the eyes of millions of people – and flat-out lie continually.

This total divorce from honesty and truth, which has captured today’s Democratic Party, is explored in a powerfully eye-opening and original way in the latest issue (January 2020) of WND’s acclaimed Whistleblower magazine – headlined “IN LOVE WITH LYING: For today’s enraged, power-obsessed Democrats, deception is a creative force.”

When conservatives attempt to explain the left’s shockingly wanton disregard for truth, they often say things like, “These people are captive to a toxic ideology” or “They’re obsessed with power” or “They’re playing to their radical leftwing base” or “They suffer from Trump Derangement Syndrome.”

All true, says Whistleblower Editor David Kupelian, “but the ultimate reason the left is so comfortable with lying – as with so many truly big issues in life – has to do with God. Do we honor and submit to the Creator of the Universe and His laws of life, or do we rebel against Him so that we can be, in effect, our own gods?”

At core, explains “IN LOVE WITH LYING,” today’s radical left is at war. At war with God, with the Judeo-Christian values and principles underlying Western civilization, with biblical sexual morality, with the Ten Commandments, indeed with most everything that has allowed America to become so uniquely successful in terms of both prosperity and freedom.

“Consider what happens when you’re at war with God,” says Kupelian. “You play god. You become – in your mind – the sole arbiter of truth, of right and wrong, of justice and injustice. Thus, lying becomes, quite literally, a creative force for the left, a tool for the fundamental transformation of society. For lying politicians, lies are magic words, the invocation of which represents the exercise of real power – power to impress voters, raise money, demonize critics, win elections, pass legislation, excuse failures, and transform a nation.”

Highlights of “IN LOVE WITH LYING” include:

  • “The Democrats’ magical thinking” by David Kupelian, on understanding the ultimate reason for the left’s wanton disregard for truth
  • “Why the left is in love with falsehood” by Laura Hollis, who shows that for Clinton, Comey, Clapper, Brennan and others, there are no real consequences for serial lying, corruption and criminality
  • “The magical language of leftist lies” by David Kupelian, on how words are weaponized to redefine reality, deceive millions and conquer societies
  • “Franklin Graham: The Bible tells us, 'The Lord detests lying lips'”
  • “The awful lies the left tells young Americans” by Dennis Prager, on how our children are continually taught their nation is shameful and their future bleak
  • “What infuriates the swamp most about Trump: It's not lying, but the president's truth-telling, that the ruling class can't stand” by Tucker Carlson and Neil Patel
  • “How the left is killing our common language” by Ben Shapiro, on why skewing definitions of words is key to tearing America apart
  • “Elizabeth Warren anoints herself God: A few major differences between the Almighty and the Democratic candidate impersonating Him” by Star Parker
  • “Why we elect liars as leaders: The strange psychology behind Big Lies being more believable than little white lies” by David Kupelian
  • “The Charlottesville Lie must die!” by Michael Brown, Ph.D., on how Joe Biden continues to repeat one of the biggest, nastiest lies of the Trump era
  • “Masters of manipulation: How the left uses language to control us” by Don Feder
  • “Is it the Democrats' policies – or Satan's?” by Craige McMillan, who notes that “Lies, murder and tyranny are the common denominator”
  • “The religion of feelings” by Hanne Nabintu Herland, on how the nihilistic left’s “freedom” actually is slavery
  • “Pelosi's Democrats unite and energize the GOP” by David Limbaugh, exposing their “Orwellian strategy to disenfranchise us while pretending to safeguard our system”
  • “Take a stand in 2020” by Laura Hollis, on three powerful New Years' resolutions for freedom lovers.

“Lying is not something power-mad politicians do just for the usual reasons people sometimes lie,” says Kupelian, “like evading guilt or impressing others. For deranged politicians addicted to power, lying is a form of creation, the magical conjuring of an entirely new reality that has never before existed. Through lying, they are speaking into existence a new and, as they suppose, far superior reality.”

“IN LOVE WITH LYING” features some of today’s best and brightest minds, from Tucker Carlson and Ben Shapiro to Franklin Graham and Dennis Prager, and showcases like never before the Democratic Party’s passionate love affair with lies and liars.

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