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Whistleblower (DIGITAL) - December 2016

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DELIVER US FROM EVIL: Spiritual warfare in today's America

Hundreds of millions of Christians worldwide celebrate the birth of Jesus. Pastors passionately recount every aspect of his life -- from his virgin birth, ministry, parables and miracles to his confrontations with authorities, crucifixion, resurrection and prophesied second coming.

Yet, one major part of Jesus' ministry is often downplayed -- and even when it is mentioned, there seems to be little or no relevance to today's world.

Everywhere he went, Jesus cast out demons -- evil spirits -- and so did his disciples and followers. In fact, based on the large number of Bible verses documenting this, in Christianity's early years it was not uncommon for mature, faithful Christians to exercise God's power and authority over demonic influences.

What about today's chaotic, troubled and increasingly godless world?

With millions of Americans conflicted and addicted, burdened by depression, anxiety, obsessions, phobias, violent or suicidal feelings, destructive compulsions and inner voices -- and psychiatry offering little beyond powerful, poorly understood drugs -- it may be time to consider the possible spiritual origins, and solutions, to some of our most vexing problems.

Thus, December's issue of Whistleblower offers a riveting and highly insightful look at this subject, titled "DELIVER US FROM EVIL: Spiritual warfare in today's America."

Issue highlights include:

  • "Delivering us from evil" by David Kupelian, on real-life spiritual warfare in modern America 
  • "Psychiatrist goes demon hunting with exorcists" by Garth Kant, in which a board-certified psychiatrist and professor of clinical psychiatry confides that it's "hard to deal" with the supernatural cases he frequently sees "without believing pretty strongly in a world of evil spirits"
  • "Meet a modern-day pastor who casts out demons" by Garth Kant, revealing a proven, biblical method for freeing people from dark forces that have plagued them for decades
  • "Billy Graham talks about demons"
  • "You gotta serve somebody" by Joseph Farah, who asks: "Time is running out. Are you going to be among the scoffers, mockers, proud, unholy, worldly?"
  • "Rejoice always? Really?" by popular pastor Greg Laurie, on maintaining personal peace even when your world is spinning out of control
  • "Messiahs false and true" by David Kupelian, who takes readers on a wild ride through outer and inner space in search of the Savior of mankind.

"The Bible repeatedly describes Jesus Christ as boldly but calmly casting out demons," said Whistleblower Editor David Kupelian, "a practice his followers also carried out at his direction. But a great deal of today's 'exorcism' scene takes on the appearance of a three-ring circus and freak show. Most of the exorcism videos posted online and in news stories today, some featuring intensely emotional 'exorcists' engaged in dramatic shouting matches with their 'possessed' patients, are widely missing the mark."

Kupelian added: "Genuine deliverance from demonic oppression and influence is very real, but it is not a bizarre, circus-like event. It is something entirely different -- dignified, honest, sincere, beautiful, cleansing and quietly life-changing. That's what this issue of Whistleblower is all about."