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Whistleblower (DIGITAL) - November 2006

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In one of its most anticipated investigations ever, WND's monthly Whistleblower magazine is taking on America's entertainment industry in a sensational November 2006 edition titled "WHY HOLLYWOOD IS INSANE."

"In just a few short decades, Hollywood has gone from producing classics like 'The Ten Commandments' and family-friendly TV shows like 'Bonanza' to today's toxic fare like 'The Da Vinci Code' and 'Queer Eye for the Straight Guy,'" says WND managing editor David Kupelian. "This Whistleblower edition reveals why."

It's often been said that if Washington, D.C., is America's seat of power, Hollywood is its seat of influence. Indeed, the southern California venue is the epicenter of an ultrapowerful values-broadcasting machine that fascinates, influences — and in many ways, shapes — Americans' lives, values and direction.

And yet, Hollywood's "beautiful people" — the celebrities as well as the movers and shakers behind the scenes — share (with few exceptions) a worldview both alien and poisonous to traditional America.

"Did you know that nine out of 10 Hollywood films lose money?" asks Emmy-Award-winning producer-director-cameraman Jody Eldred in this issue of Whistleblower. "Did you know that the vast majority of new television shows are cancelled because no one is watching them? Do you wonder why?"

The obvious answer, says Eldred, is "because they're mostly awful." But why are they awful? "Because," notes Eldred, "the people creating them are completely out of touch with the people they are creating them for! Their worldview is vastly different from the worldview of most Americans. We have a largely Christian nation, but Hollywood is largely un-Christian, and in many if not most cases, anti-Christian. They're not just out of touch. They're against you!"

Highlights of 'WHY HOLLYWOOD IS INSANE" include:

  • "My Hollywood days" by Joseph Farah


  • "What Hollywood celebrities really believe," a fascinating and comprehensive look at what America's top actors and actresses believe about good and evil, God and religion, heaven and hell.


  • "Hollywood: The dark side of the moon," in which veteran comedy scriptwriter ("MASH," "Mary Tyler Moore," "Diagnosis Murder") Bert Prelutsky reveals exactly why Tinseltown is so liberal.


  • "Living and working in a spiritual ghetto," in which Emmy-winning media insider Jody Eldred describes Hollywood's war on Christianity


  • "Movie gets 'PG' warning due to Christian content" — what happens when Hollywood film raters decide too much Christianity may be harmful to children's health


  • "How the church abandoned Hollywood" by Joseph Farah. Believe it or not, Hollywood didn't abandon the churches; the churches abandoned Hollywood!


  • "Brokeback Mountain: Rape of the Marlboro Man" by David Kupelian. An amazing tour through the mind of a propagandist intent on selling America same-sex marriage through film


  • "Moral movies make more money," in which a 10-year study proves the obvious, that family-friendly films are far more profitable than R-rated, sex-and-profanity-ridden fare


  • "Judge's decision kills family-friendly flicks," on how the court system now says it's illegal for third parties to delete f-words and other objectionable content from films


  • "On-screen pedophilia destroying our young" by MovieGuide founder Dr. Ted Baehr, who shows why Hollywood allows a 12-year-old actress to be 'raped' on camera


  • "Sneaking pedophilia into the movies" in which David Kupelian demonstrates specific techniques being used to interject child molestation into America's movies


  • "The secret curse of Hollywood 'stars'" by David Kupelian, a revealing look inside the minds and lives of celebrities, showing why so many have conflict-ridden lives and dysfunctional families


  • And much more.

"This issue of Whistleblower is real dynamite," says Kupelian. "If you've ever wondered why Hollywood and the entertainment is the way it is, you'll find out when you read 'WHY HOLLYWOOD IS INSANE.'"

Yet despite all the insanity in America's entertainment industry, there is a silver lining, notes WND editor Joseph Farah. "There are some definite positive trends — including the fact that there are fewer R-rated films being made, since the industry is acknowledging they simply make less money in comparison with G-rated and PG-rated movies."

This issue of Whistleblower reports on the positive, hopeful trends, including some bold new initiatives to give Americans more worthy and uplifting entertainment choices.

"Are you ready for the good news, the bad news and the ugly news about Hollywood?" asks Farah. "You're going to get it right here."

"Lights. Camera. Action."

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