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Whistleblower (DIGITAL) - November 2002

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November 2002 edition -- THE FLIGHT FROM PUBLIC SCHOOLS

A devastating look at the current state of America's government school system -- and the spectacular growth in homeschooling -- is the focus of the November 2002 Whistleblower.

Titled "THE FLIGHT FROM PUBLIC SCHOOLS," the issue documents the increasingly bizarre curricula (from "jihad games" to "celebrating the dead"), notorious "zero-tolerance" discipline (suspending children for playing cops-and-robbers on the playground or giving a cough drop to a friend) and increasingly overt sexual indoctrination (homosexual propaganda now taught beginning in kindergarten). It shows how and why the government's education system has become so corrupt that former U.S. Secretary of Education William Bennett now goes on national television to exhort parents to take their children out of the learning institutions over which he once presided -- and to homeschool them instead.

Documenting the explosion of interest in private schools and home education, November's Whistleblower then zeroes in on the fascinating world of homeschooling — showing how and why home-taught children consistently outperform their public- and private-schooled peers on standardized tests, and are now being actively sought out by Ivy League colleges.

Contents include:


  • "Breaking the government education monopoly" by Joseph Farah;


  • "Take your kids out of public schools," by Art Moore, on why America's most famous U.S. secretary of education, joined by leading family advocates like Dr. James Dobson and Dr. Laura Schlessinger, say its time to jump ship;


  • "Tune in, turn around, drop out," a powerful and inspiring essay by Joseph Farah — adapted from his forthcoming book "Taking America Back" — on why pulling kids out of "government indoctrination centers" is critical to reclaiming America;


  • "Why Christians don't belong in government schools," a guided tour of education hell, and how to find your way out — with particular focus on Christians with school-age children, by David Kupelian;


  • "Pulling kids out of government schools" by Elizabeth Farah, a brilliant analysis of "why a state-run education system is disastrous for your children;"


  • "Homeschoolers outscore peers" by David Kupelian, showing that home-taught students consistently score higher than their public/private school counterparts;


  • "The joy of homeschooling" by Rebecca Hagelin, on what it's like to learn without anxiety, pressure and confusion;


  • "Homeschool legal fight continues" by Art Moore, showing how parents nationwide are forced to battle officials and bureaucrats in order to teach their own children. (In California, education authorities currently claim homeschooling is illegal);


  • "Homeschoolers arrive on campus" by Claire McCusker, in which Stanford and other Ivy League college admissions officers praise homeschoolers for their "intellectual vitality;"


  • "New college seeks homeschooled talent" by Art Moore, on Virginia's Patrick Henry College — where 95 percent of the students are homeschoolers; and much more.

    "The information and insight in November's education issue are crucial to our freedom as individuals and as a nation," said WorldNetDaily's editor and CEO Joseph Farah. "I urge all WND readers to subscribe to Whistleblower -- especially if you have school-aged children. I truly believe this special report may change the course of your life and your children's lives."

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