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Whistleblower (DIGITAL) - May 2004

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The sensational May 2004 edition of Whistleblower magazine, "THE PARTY OF TREASON," rips the veneer of civility and compassion off the Democratic Party and reveals how the party of Truman and Kennedy has been transformed into "the enemy within."

From an insider look at exactly how Democrats have committed fraud in election after election, to current candidates' self-serving and scandalous communications with enemy and terrorist nations, to a stunning expose of how the Democrat Party has progressively embraced corruption in almost every form, the title of the May issue, "THE PARTY OF TREASON," says it all.

The issue includes:

  • "The party of my past" by Joseph Farah


  • "Fascism, corruption and my Democratic Party" by Bob Just, who chronicles the utter transformation of an honorable institution into "the enemy within"


  • "Dems embrace gangsta culture" by Joseph Farah


  • "What about Hillary?", a shocking look at just how this summer's Democratic Convention could end up with Hillary Clinton as the presidential nominee


  • "How Democrats steal elections" by David Kupelian and Jon E. Dougherty, a revealing and scandalous insider look at the specific techniques Democrats have used for decades to change the outcome of elections


  • "Terrorists cheer Kerry's rhetoric" by J. Michael Waller, documenting U.S. officials' concerns that al-Qaida is planning attacks within the U.S. to force Bush out of office


  • "Giving aid and comfort to the enemy", a true "smoking gun", in which a former North Vietnamese colonel reveals how Hanoi won the war, and the essential role people like John Kerry played in America's defeat.


  • "John Kerry and me" by Joseph Farah, a jarring, fact-filled analysis showing that, just as with Bill Clinton, John Kerry holds only one thing sacred, himself


  • "I dare call it treason" by Ann Coulter, in which the author and columnist justifies the name of her best-selling book, "Treason"


  • "Israel betrayed: The new cold war" by Bob Just, in which the lifetime Democrat explains why his party is about to turn its back on the Jewish state.


  • ... and much more.

For fair play, next month's edition (June) will examine the Republican Party, which, while not embracing evil and corruption as completely as the Democrat Party, nevertheless has largely forsaken its core principles of freedom, personal responsibility and limited government. June's issue will also include an in-depth look at third parties, first from an historical viewpoint, and then by surveying the parties in the running for November 2004, their platforms, candidates, and how their candidacies are likely to affect the outcome of the general election.

The arguments for voting for the incumbent, despite his flaws, are powerful and compelling, and will be debated thoroughly in the June issue. Likewise, the case for abandoning the two parties, which many voters today regard as disturbingly similar, and voting for a third-party candidate in the strategic hope of reclaiming the nation in the long-term, will also be thoroughly debated. Whistleblower's journalistic exploration will be balanced and comprehensive, and will force readers to confront all the issues necessary to make informed, conscience-based voting decisions in what could be the most important election of this generation.

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