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Whistleblower (DIGITAL) - May 2002

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May 2002 edition — THE NEWS MAFIA: A groundbreaking look at media bias and the future of the free press

"Let's face it. The signs are everywhere," WorldNetDaily Editor Joseph Farah says in the May edition of Whistleblower magazine. "The Big Media are imploding."

For the first time, WND's acclaimed offline monthly publication focuses its investigative laser beam on the press itself, and the results are simultaneously outrageous and hopeful —even revolutionary.

It's titled THE NEWS MAFIA: A groundbreaking look at media bias and the future of the free press

While mercilessly documenting the decline in prestige and market share of the establishment press —the "Old Media" —Whistleblower simultaneously chronicles the "New Media" revolution that the Internet and talk radio have brought about, and how it has profoundly and permanently changed the way people get their news.

"The Internet is allowing people to get news they never would have seen when the Big Four (ABC, CBS, NBC and CNN) had a hammerlock on information," says Farah. Pointing to just one current indicator, he adds: "Bernard Goldberg's 'Bias' is tearing up the best-seller list and embarrassing the major networks, exposing them for what they are —shills for Big Government, political correctness and pop-culture fantasies."

(By special arrangement, this issue of Whistleblower includes an exclusive and lengthy excerpt —the entire first chapter —of "Bias." Warning: It's extremely funny.)

May's Whistleblower includes:

  • "WND's 5th anniversary" (started by Joseph and Elizabeth Farah in May 1997)


  • "Old Media vs. New Media" (How Internet and talk radio have revolutionized the news business)


  • "The News Mafia" (A CBS insider exposes how the media distort the news)


  • "The myth of the conservative Wall Street Journal" (Anti-business, pro-homosexual agenda characterizes the news operation)


  • "Netlore fools old media" (How the "mainstream press" keeps falling for Internet rumors)


  • "Will newspapers go extinct?" (Why Internet newssites are the future of journalism)


  • "God, man and talk radio" (The rise and fall of the secular media monopoly)


  • "The decline of American journalism" (How a once-prevalent Christian worldview disappeared from the U.S. media)


  • "The free press in a free society" (Why the news media are the key to the rebirth or demise of America)

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