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Whistleblower (DIGITAL) - December 2003

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December 2003: KILLER CULTURE

America's increasingly bizarre youth culture -- pierced, tattooed, and hyper-sexualized -- is the focus of the shocking December 2003 issue of Whistleblower.

If you've ever wondered why rap music and gangland clothing, extreme "body modification," every type of sexual experience, drug abuse and other harmful behaviors have taken such a powerful hold on today's young people -- and at progressively younger and younger ages— December's Whistleblower has some alarming answers.

A Whistleblower edition in the works for nearly a year, "KILLER CULTURE" sheds an unprecedented journalistic light on how and why, to many observers, today's youth culture increasingly resembles the wanton, pagan days of Sodom and Gomorrah.

Learn how:

  • Major corporations — Viacom, Disney, AOL/Time Warner and others -- study America's children like laboratory rats, in order to sell them billions of dollars in merchandise by tempting, degrading and corrupting them.


  • MTV and other "youth-oriented" corporations hold focus groups, send out "culture spies" (which they call "correspondents") to pretend to befriend and care about teens so they can "study" them, hire shills to interact with young people in Internet chat rooms, and employ other deceptive stratagems to help them orchestrate their next, and always weirder and more shocking, marketing campaign.


  • An explosion in body piercing -- from traditional earrings for females, to earrings for males, to multiple piercings for both males and females in literally every part of the body as well as a parallel explosion in tattooing -- is moving to even more extreme levels. Ritual scarification, 3D-art implants, transdermal implants, tooth art, facial sculpture, tongue splitting and even branding and worse -- are on the increase.


  • What about the parents? Many are involved in the same practices. And even religious Americans are in trouble with the culture, with an estimated one in every two churchgoers today being caught up with Internet pornography.

A few highlights from the December issue:

"Meet the killer culture" by Joseph Farah, documenting the explosion in middle-school sexual promiscuity during he Clinton administration.

"The marketing of evil," by David Kupelian, a shocking and insightful look at how and why America's youth culture has come to resemble that of Sodom and Gomorrah. This report lays bare the conscienceless corporate exploitation of the $150 billion youth market, and shows what's really behind MTV and other "youth-oriented" corporate giants.

"Joining the battle" by Dr. James Dobson, on why Christians must fight boldly for a moral culture

"Culture revival: A call to the churches," a detailed action plan for restoring America to its Judeo-Christian roots, by Bob Just

"This issue isn't just a freak show of horror stories," said David Kupelian, vice president and managing editor of WorldNetDaily and Whistleblower. "Beyond documenting America's sick culture — which it does dramatically — it also delivers, perhaps for the first time, a real, understandable and in-depth analysis of why all this is really happening — and what can be done about it."

"This may well be the most important Whistleblower issue we've ever done," said WND founder and Editor Joseph Farah. "What could be more important that our children? And this issue provides both terrifying information and real answers needed to deal with today's toxic youth culture."

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