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Whistleblower (DIGITAL) - December 2001

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December 2001 edition - "ONE NATION UNDER GOD?"

Something amazing happened to America on Sept. 11.

"Our nation has felt great sorrow," acknowledged President Bush, consoling the nation over the multiple terror attacks. "Yet," he added, "a great evil can be turned to greater good. The terrorists did not intend to create a new American spirit of unity and resolve, but they are powerless to stop it."

This special issue of WND's popular print magazine, Whistleblower, is an inspiring and in-depth exploration of the reemergence onto the American scene of God.

Titled "One nation under God?," it shows how, since America endured one of the most undeniably evil attacks in history, a transformation within the nation has occurred, and continues unabated, that goes far beyond flying the red, white and blue, singing "God Bless America" and attending church more often.

Indeed, America is being profoundly moved to re-examine its infatuation with multiculturalism and political correctness—and the near-abandonment of its founding values—to effectively confront the enemy that surfaced Sept. 11. In documenting this transformation, December 2001's Whistleblower presents overwhelming proof that, despite current attempts at historical revisionism, America was founded as a Christian nation. And moreover, that its laws, institutions and freedoms depend entirely on the nation maintaining—and in many cases returning to—its core, founding, Judeo-Christian values.

For this issue, Whistleblower's editors contacted a number of prominent religious and cultural leaders and asked them to participate in this special Christmas edition by offering their perspectives—during this Christmas "season of miracles"—on the subject of miracles in today's world.

Contributing to this special issue, in addition to Whistleblower's editors and writers, are Dr. James Dobson, Pat Robertson, Dr. Tim LaHaye, David A. Noebel, Rick Scarborough, Michael Medved, Dr. Laura Schlessinger, Hal Lindsey, Dr. Ted Baehr, Jerry Falwell, Robert Just, Rabbi Daniel Lapin, David Barton, Professor Carol Iannone and columnist Ann Coulter.

The issue's cover photo depicts a perfectly formed 20-foot-tall cross discovered amidst the rubble of the World Trade Center two days after the collapse of the twin towers. Construction worker Frank Silecchia happened upon it "while performing the soul-numbing work of pulling human bodies and body parts from the smoking wreckage," writes columnist Ann Coulter. Found in the midst of the wreckage, she adds, "it was standing straight, 20-feet high, surrounded by many smaller crosses."

"By its very nature, most news is 'bad,'" said Whistleblower and editor Joseph Farah. "Yet this issue of Whistleblower is full of hope, inspiration and, yes, miracles."

"It is simply the best issue of any magazine I've ever read," added Farah.

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