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The Snapping of the American Mind (E-book)

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by David Kupelian

"David Kupelian is one of the most thought-provoking and iconoclastic writers I know." - Sean Hannity

Product Description

AMERICA THE BEAUTIFUL HAS BECOME AMERICA THE BIZARRE. Government openly defies the law, Christians are prosecuted as criminals, children "transition" to the opposite sex, the president supports our enemies, and 130 million Americans depend on mind-altering substances just to get through life.

Turbocharged by the Obama presidency, long-coalescing forces of the political and cultural Left are bringing about their much-heralded "fundamental transformation of America." That much everyone knows.

But this revolution is also causing a fundamental transformation of Americans in profoundly negative ways. In "The Snapping of the American Mind," veteran journalist and bestselling author David Kupelian shows how the progressive Left - which today dominates America's key institutions, from the news and entertainment media, to education, to government itself - is accomplishing much more than just enlarging government, redistributing wealth, and de-Christianizing the culture. With the Left's wild celebration of sexual anarchy, its intimidating culture of political correctness, and its incomprehension of the fundamental sacredness of human life, it is also, whether intentionally or not, promoting widespread dependency, debauchery, family breakdown, crime, corruption, addiction, despair, and suicide.

Surveying this growing chaos in American society, Kupelian exposes both the utopian revolutionaries and their extraordinary methods that have turned America's most cherished values literally upside down - to the point that madness is celebrated and normality demonized. 

In "The Snapping of the American Mind", you'll discover:

  • How the Left has succeeded in redefining not just "marriage," but the rest of Americans' core values, from "equality" to "justice" to "freedom";
  • Why America, unquestionably the least racist nation on earth, is now being portrayed as a deeply racist pariah state;
  • Why the United States is intentionally being flooded with millions of needy, dependent, Third World immigrants;
  • How a group that amputates healthy body parts and has a 41 percent attempted suicide rate is officially declared "normal," yet new "research" suggests conservatives have malformed brains;
  • Which of the two major US political parties has a far higher incidence of mental illness;
  • Why Americans today are more stressed-out, confused, conflicted, and addicted than at any time in the nation's history - and where this ominous trend is leading.

Fortunately, "The Snapping of the American Mind" also explores how America truly can be restored to her former, and still underlying, goodness and greatness - and just as important, how individuals, despite living in an age of high anxiety, moral confusion, and growing chaos, can find genuine happiness and personal healing.

About the Author

David Kupelian is an award-winning American journalist, vice president and managing editor of online news giant WND, editor of Whistleblower magazine, and a widely read columnist. The author of two other influential books - "The Marketing of Evil" published in 2005 and its 2010 sequel "How Evil Works" - Kupelian has been featured on Fox News, MSNBC, C-SPAN, CBN, and many other TV and radio venues.


"David Kupelian's 'The Snapping of the American Mind' chronicles the decline and fall of America and shows that it is no accident, but rather a direct result of progressive misrule - an eye-opening, scary and galvanizing book." - Dinesh D'Sousa, author and filmmaker

"In 'The Snapping of the American Mind,' David Kupelian makes it crystal clear that the Left's first and ultimate target is none other than the American mind itself. In an era when our nation's Judeo-Christian foundation is coming under increasingly open and brutal attack, Kupelian's powerful and redemptive book couldn't have come at a better time." - David Barton, historian, author, and founder of WallBuilders

"David Kupelian is one of the very few must-read writers in the 21st Century. He has the insight and wisdom to perceive the true state of the culture and the world, and he has the incredible ability to tell the Truth in a readable manner that helps the reader not only understand the Truth, but to understand how to redeem America's culture as well."  - Dr. Ted Baehr, Chairman of the Christian Film and Television Commission, and publisher of MovieGuide

"'The Snapping of the American Mind' brilliantly switches on a very bright light in the reader's mind, illuminating all the lies, deceptions, and illusions with which the Left has successfully captured millions of Americans' hearts and minds." - Jamie Glazov, editor of and host of "The Glazov Gang"

"As every form of evil, unethical, ridiculous, bizarre behavior is normalized by the mainstream gatekeepers of America, we ask ourselves, 'Are we losing our minds as a society?' Kupelian answers that question with a resoundingly well-researched conclusion. Read it!" - Michele Bachmann, former congresswoman and Republican presidential candidate

"From his opening expose of 'Bizarro America' to his chronicles of the new 'Disinformation Age,' the 'Real Zombie Apocalypse,' what he suitably calls 'Gender Madness,' and, alas, his warnings of 'False Messiahs,' David Kupelian has once again given us a must-read in these times of political turbulence and cultural insanity." - Paul Kengor, author of "Takedown" and professor of political science at Grove City College

"With extraordinary insight from diverse perspectives author David Kupelian reveals the Far Left's America-hating assault on the foundations of societal sanity. This book is a stunning expose of all that is evil and delusional in the Liberal-Progressive plan to destroy the American miracle. A moral tour de force!" - Lyle Rossiter, M.D., forensic and general psychiatrist and author of "The Liberal Mind"

"As David Kupelian documents, this transformation, which includes de-Christianizing our culture, indoctrinating our children, and forcing acceptance of all sorts of bizarre sexual and social behavior, is taking a terrible toll on the American people's mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. Fortunately, Kupelian also points the way to national and personal renewal." - Phyllis Schlafly, author, lawyer and founder of Eagle Forum

"Maybe once in a generation are we so graced with a communicator like David Kupelian. His matchless ability to unpack the complicated issues of our day with absolute crystal clarity is nothing short of genius, a gift from God which he has shared once more. In 'The Snapping of the American Mind,' David explores the root cause of our age of lawlessness and moral anarchy, yet somehow leaves us filled with hope for American revival and renewal. It's just the book Americans need at such a time as this." - Matt Barber, columnist and associate dean at Liberty University School of Law

Product Details

  • E-book: 272 pages
  • Publisher: WND Books (October 13, 2015)
  • Language: English