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The Notetaker's Bible (Digital Download)

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A Bible student’s dream come true

The Notetaker's Bible is something Bible students have long dreamed about. Pastors, asked for their opinion of The Notetaker's Bible, have responded: "I wish I had this Bible years ago – especially when I was studying the Bible in seminary!"

What exactly does The Notetaker's Bible do to enhance your study of God’s Word?

To begin with, it provides virtually endless space for your own notes! One column of biblical text is surrounded by fine note lines on the right, left and below! There you can write in your cross-references, interpretations, application, commentary quotes, or notes on your Hebrew and Greek studies – all right next to the text itself.

No more need for separate notebooks which end up on a shelf gathering dust.

Your Bible becomes your notebook!


This ultimate Notetaker's Bible is a state-of-the-art digital book. Load it into your GoodNotes ap and you can carry your Bible with you AND have unlimited notes with you everywhere! Add pages of articles and commentary right into your file! Perfect for your phone or iPad!


If you are studying Romans, for example, print Romans, put it in a binder and study it side-by-side with your bound Bible. As you flip through your bound Bible comparing Scripture, your text remains in front of you, ready for underlining, marking and note-taking.

The notes are right next to the text where you underline, circle and jot notes and cross-references. Looking up a Hebrew or Greek word? You've got more space than your conventional Bible could ever give you.

As a bonus, your Notetaker's Bible comes with a multitude of extra note-taking pages formatted to fit your preference or specific needs.


- Lined full page

- Dotted full page

- Grid full page

- Two-columns page

- Three-columns page

- Narrow pages of 1/2 or 1/3 size

- Check-box list page

- Book-overview page for background, timeline, author, theme notes

- and more!

For passages or chapters of deep study, you can print those extra custom formats for expanded note-taking, charts, tables, lists – any application you can think of!


- One pastor spent two years teaching the book of Romans. Imagine the notes that come with his sermons. No problem for your Notetaker's. You can add a book-sized note section to Romans.

- Over the years, add new commentaries from your favorite podcast teachings or YouTube sermons. Read an interesting blog post, sermon, study? Print and add it to your Notetakers, or forward into your device's app!


Your Notetaker's Bible was designed with the notetaker in mind! The font is elegant and clear. The text is easy to read. The lines are spaced beautifully for readability and to give just the right amount of space for marking and notetaking.

The note sections are lightly lined so as not to overwhelm or distract from the text, yet dark enough to provide a solid guide.


Many people don't like to use pencils for note-taking – they want to use their favorite pens and highlighters! But bleed-through is always a reality. No more! With your Notetaker’s, virtually any pen type and color are safe.


Some students want to draw! They can't help themselves! But drawing takes space most Bibles don't have. Your Notetaker's solves that restriction. Remember, your pages are unlimited.


Because your Notetaker's is loose-leaf, you can add more material wherever you choose. If you have a printed or copied article from your favorite commentary, but it’s just too large to copy – print it and drop it right into the text, or at the end of the book with a cross-reference.


Do you want all of the Epistles in one binder, or do you prefer Paul's to be separate? Do you want all the Gospels in one binder, or will you put the Synoptics in one and John with his letters and Revelation in another? Perhaps you want Luke-Acts in a separate volume. Or maybe you are studying Hebrews with Leviticus – put them in the same binder.

Do whatever makes sense for your study.


Print the whole Bible or print one book at a time. If you don't need the whole book for a specific situation, just print what you need.

Is your church going through the book of Deuteronomy and this week is covering chapters 32-34? Bring those chapters on a clipboard, in a folder or 3-ring binder and you can bring your bound Bible too. As your teacher sends you to various books for cross-references in his sermon, your main text and notes remain open on your lap. Perfect!


Studies show that the majority of Christians who study the Bible, rather than just casually reading, use the King James translation. The King James doesn't paraphrase; it is a translation of the actual words, not the "sense" of God's meaning. So, if you use multiple translations, they can be used side-by-side with your Notetaker's!

Revolutionize your Bible study with The Notetaker’s Bible, King James Version. 

Binders and devices are not included.

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