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Socialism: A Clear and Present Danger - (DVD)

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Product Description

Is socialism biblical? Is life better when Washington runs Wall Street and Main Street? This stunning new documentary from Coral Ridge Ministries offers answers at a time when socialism is on the march in America with business bailouts and government-run health care. Featuring fascinating firsthand accounts of life under socialism, footage from Cuba and Venezuela and experts who once toed the socialist line, "Socialism: A Clear and Present Danger" gives you an illuminating look at the real-world results of Marx and his many followers - and why their failed idea violates God's Word.

Featured experts include Chuck Colson, Steve Forbes, Michele Bachmann, Joseph Farah, Marvin Olasky, David Noebel, Wendy Wright, Jay Richards, Kay Arthur, Joshua Muravchik and David Horowitz.

This broad-ranging DVD shows that socialism flunks the tests of both scripture and history. It demonstrates that socialism, in any form, is a failed and dangerous idea.