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Minimum Purchase:
1 unit

Product Description

E3TEK Industries, Inc. has introduced an all-hazard protection technology called SafE-Boxª(Safe Box), designed to protect sensitive electronics and network data designed against the destructive effects of:


  • Electromagnetic pulse (EMP)
  • Solar Corruption
  • Lightning
  • Electromagnetic Interference (EMI)
  • Static Electricity

SafE - Boxª is the Only Effective Way to Defend Against Ramsomware


The FBI has issued warning to the public to defend against hackers gaining access to business systems and all backup drives. Once in, they encrypt and take control of all data. Then, request from the company, a ÒransomÓ to get their data back. SafE - Boxª is the only true way to isolate while protecting your data from external corruption (when data is stored in the cloud).

SafE-Boxª is a must have for business sustainability for IT departments, hospitals and emergency responders, large and small business. SafE-Boxª affordable price provides extreme value to home owners and those better prepared for what life may throw at them.

The patent-pending SafE-Boxª is a ruggedized, highly durable and virtually non-destructible mitigation safe. It is made from heavy, multiple alloy materials that meets or exceeds military specifications. SafE-Boxª is completely manufactured in the U.S. using 100% U.S. materials and labor.Ê


In October 2016, a private third party testing laboratory certified E3TEKÕs SafE-Boxª design to surpass MIL-STD-188-125-1 for High-Altitude Electromagnetic Pulse (HEMP) testing protocol.Ê Tests showed the patent-pending SafE-Boxª design provides 58% (137db) safety protection factor over the required rigorous military standards.Ê This means E3TEKÕs military, federal, commercial and residential customers can be assured any of the sensitive electronics placed within a SafE-Boxª will be completely protected and ready for use following any solar or man-made EMP event. 

Product Details

  • Size: 12"" L x 8"" Wx 8"" D
  • Color: Textured Matt Black
  • Approx. Interior Volume (Cubic Feet): 0.44
  • Approx. Empty Weight: 38 lbs
  • Load Capacity: 70 lbs


About E3TEK Industries

E3TEK is a growing leader in the area of sustainability of key critical assets, with a primary focus on developing hardened enclosures and operational facilities. Their products are aimed at professionals in the most demanding market segments including, energy, defense/military, construction, industrial and consumer.