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Pomegranate Mysteries (DVD)

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by Michael Rood

Product Description

Hair uncombed and teeth unbrushed, I groggily added the grounds to my stovetop espresso pot to begin the morning after a long Shabbat of teaching and fellowship in our home in the Galilee. Rashel and Darlene had been stirring for a while, and Rashel had unexpectedly taken over the project that I had begun the night before counting the seeds of a giant pomegranate.

Watching over her shoulder for a few moments to ensure that the accuracy of the count was maintained, I noticed a little Sony pocket camera on the counter in front of her and a thought struck me. "Darlene! I need your help. Come down to the kitchen," I bellowed up the stairs. I set the pocket camera on "movie," and I directed the newly appointed camera person to focus in on the split pomegranate and then to back up to frame the shot of Rashel into which I would enter from the side.

As the smell of fresh espresso filled the room, I was awakened to the fact that an Internet program need not be a carefully scripted 28-minute, 30-second production in order to be a viable teaching platform. What resulted from that impromptu low-resolution video session is "Pomegranate Mysteries." With the fun stylings of "video magician," Chris Hanna, I am presenting this lightweight video on DVD for your enjoyment.

As you watch it, please remember that this is not a million-dollar-an-episode Hollywood reality series that is rehearsed and planned to the nth detail, but rather the result of less than 30 seconds of planning and no rehearsal.

Product Details

  • 30 minutes
  • DVD