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Home/Personal Defense Shotgun (DVD)

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Product Description

The shotgun is one of the most potent self-defense weapons available if you understand its role in personal and home defense and how to make the best use of its advantages. "Home/Personal Defense Shotgun" explores how to choose the right shotgun and ammunition, its proper use and applications, shooting techniques and range drills to maximize your defensive capabilities.

  • Role of the Shotgun in Home and Personal Defense
  • Maximizing the Useful Range of the Shotgun
  • Ammunition Options and How to Choose Them
  • Operation of Pumps, Semis & Over-Under/Side-by-Sides
  • Picking the Right Shotgun for You
  • Storage, Ready and Engagement Modes
  • Best Methods of Loading, Unloading and Reloading
  • Shooting Techniques for Fast and Accurate Hits
  • Managing Recoil
  • Range Drills for Increasing Shooting Skills
  • Much, Much More!

Product Details

    • 2hrs 44 mins

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